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The value of the name Zlata: character, strengths and weaknesses, fate

Golden you are mine, golden: the meaning of the name Zlata, character and fate

All parents dream of a brilliant fate for their girls — maybe this explains the heightened attention of our contemporaries to this name. It is very feminine, from the first sound it shows to those around: its carrier is a very bright girl (it just cannot be this way!) But what energy does it carry, will it make its owner happy?

The value of the name Zlata: character, strengths and weaknesses, fate

What language is the name, what does it mean?

Argued that this name is Jewish. And at first it sounded like Golda (“golden” in Yiddish), and turned into Zlata, hitting the lands of modern Poland, Belarus, and Lithuania.

However, many also believe that this name is typically Slavic. Proof of this can serve as similar names that our great-great-grandmothers wore: Goldilocks, Golden Flowers, Golden Hair.

Perhaps the name Zlata could appear as a separate one, or as a smaller version of a longer name, which later became separate.

Friends can call her like that: Zlatka, Zlatochka, Lata, Latochka, Latka, Latuska, Zlatuska, Zlatusik, Zlatulchik.

What character is endowed with a bearer named?

Traits to be proud of: a girl loves to attract attention and like others, and she succeeds. It’s all about the charm, grace, femininity with which she is naturally gifted. She is very lucky in life.

She does not like monotony, loves to change jobs, hobbies, clothing style.

Features that require introspection and correction: for the sake of recognition and ocean glory Zlatka will not regret anything. The girl is extremely curious.

She can generously pour promises that are not going to fulfill. She is a little selfish, often thinks of others in the context of “what am I going to have with them”.

This is a person of mood, under which it can be difficult to adapt to relatives.

What fate awaits Zlata?

  • The first years of life. The baby grows calm and serious. She is a dreamer and a dreamer, but all her wishes are quite real and attainable. The girl is very honest. Her logic surprises even adults.
  • School. She is studying well. She is restless, so she often upsets teachers with inattention or talking to her neighbor. But if it is recorded in a drama club or dancing, aerobics, baby Zlata will become a school star.
  • The period of active maturation (high school, university). Girlfriends love to be friends with Latochka. She can build a hairstyle or a brilliant make-up from virtually nothing. She has great taste, and other girls often imitate her in clothes. She loves a party, friends she has a dime a dozen.
  • Adulthood. She loves to be among people, to visit. True, the girl is extremely disgusting: if the forks are dirty, she may refuse to sit at the table. She also does not like to lend money. This is a great companion, Lata will never ask a stupid or compromising question, will not brag or cheek.

Happy signs and name charms

The value of the name Zlata: character, strengths and weaknesses, fate

  • The ideal sign of the zodiac is Aquarius (birth period from January 20 to February 18) and Capricorn (from December 22 to January 22).
  • «Personal» planets: Uranus and Jupiter.
  • Name colors: purple and (expectedly) golden.
  • The stone, which is considered to be the talisman of Zlatka: rock crystal, and also diamond.
  • Patron of the animal world: electric ramp.
  • Talisman from the world of plants: mimosa.

Day Angel, that is, the name day falls on October. It is noteworthy that this is not one, but the whole four days of the month.

Namely: 13, 18, 26, 31 numbers.

What the carrier feels and how the carrier acts in different situations

  • Love. She may have a lot of guys, but she is not in a hurry to marry until the last. She believes that if you should “ring up” yourself, it is only because of a big and bright love. Yes, it is important to her how much a spouse brings to the house, but most importantly, what kind of person he is.
  • Friendship. The girl’s acquaintances are many, but real friends can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Their Latochka chooses throughout life and appreciates very much. If they start whispering bad things to friends about her, she would never believe it, unless she sees everything herself.
  • Family. The girl is considered an excellent hostess, always looks like a million, prepares delicious dishes, and at the same time costs a rather “human” salary. Cook porridge from an ax — it’s about her. She expects her husband to help her around the house, and of course, financially.
  • Children. Their Lata adores. She will always find time to take the kids to an amusement park, write to the development circle.
  • Job. She works responsibly, trying to earn a decent life, but to climb the career ladder and become a boss is not her dream. For women, it is important that she liked the work. If squabbles begin in a team, or she is assigned a boss-tyrant, Zlata can immediately resign and move to a new place (the main thing is to pay decently).
  • Health. In childhood, she goes to hospitals infrequently. The gastrointestinal tract can be considered the weakest point of the body. So that he doesn’t “come back” with gastritis or chronic pancreatitis, the girl needs to inculcate in her childhood the love of healthy and proper nutrition. If the problems have already begun, it is necessary to urgently go on a diet.

With which man to build a family (compatibility by name)

The ideal love relationship, which will be crowned with a happy marriage, in Zlata will develop with: Artem, Andrey, Igor, Mikhail, Edward. These partners will fully appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit, as well as the strong temper of their chosen one.

And it’s better not to get involved with these guys in order not to be disappointed: Anatoly, Stanislav, Marat, Peter are weaker internally, and this will not make them happy with the contrast with the bright Lato. Is a successful union possible with a man, from time to time feeling his inferiority?

Namesakes who achieved recognition in their country, and not only

The value of the name Zlata: character, strengths and weaknesses, fate

  1. Zlata Ognevych (1986) is the creative name of the popular Ukrainian singer Inna Bordyug. She performed at Eurovision, where she won the 3rd place. Interestingly, the girl was born in Murmansk, Russia.
  2. Zlata Bulycheva — opera singer (Mariinsky Theater).
  3. Zlata Razdolina (Rosenfeld) — performer of romances, composer. She put on the notes a lot of poems of Russian classics (Akhmatova, Yesenin, Tsvetaeva). Born in Russia, lives in Israel.
  4. Zlata Dzardanova (1973) is a pop singer from Kazakhstan. Also performs songs about the Second World War, romances.
  5. Zlata Ilchenko (2000) is a young actress from Russia who has acted in all seasons of the TV series “Secrets of Investigation” as the daughter of the main character, played by her own mother, actress Anna Kovalchuk. Even the birth of this girl was born. In order not to confuse the tiny actress who has been filming since the first day of her life, her heroine was also given the name Zlata.
  6. Zlata Filipovich (1980) — writer and translator from Bosnia.
  7. Zlata Tkach (1928-2006) — the first female composer from Moldavia. Real name — Zlote Beirichman.
  8. Zlata Chochieva (1985) — pianist from Russia, laureate of many competitions.
  9. Zlata Byzova (1927-2013) — artist, painter.

Do you want to give this particular name to your daughter? Or maybe you yourself Zlata?

We offer to listen to the wonderful song of Zlata Ognevich, which will prove to you that all the bearers of this name are infinitely talented.

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