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The value of the name Zarin — good fortune, interesting character

The value of the name Zarin in shaping the character of a woman

Where did the name Zarin come from, there is still no consensus. There are several assumptions about its origin.

In many ways, the meaning of the name Zarin is associated with the claims of historians and myths of various nations. Today there are a number of them.

Here are the major versions.

  1. Scythian. Zarina — the ruler of the Scythians 6 BC. er The name means “golden.” First mentioned by Herodotus in his writings on history.
  2. Slavic. Girls were named after the dawn, its beauty and brightness.
  3. Tatar. Zarina, in this version, “decorated with gold”.

The value of the name Zarin - good fortune, interesting character

It is worth noting that the Ossetians consider their name and also associate it with the precious metal. Bulgarians are defined as «dawn girl».

The Arabs — «ray of sunshine.» For Iranians, to call a child like that is to give him militancy.

Armenian girl Zara is the “priestess of the temple of fire”.

Variants and forms of the name Zarin

Reduced and diminutive

  • Zarya
  • Zarinochka
  • Sarin
  • Zara
  • Rina
  • Zarko
  • Zarqa
  • Zaryan
  • Ina
  • Zarushka
  • Zarinushka

Writing in different languages

  • 扎林娜 — whale.
  • Zérach — fr.
  • [ザ リ ー ナ] — Japanese
  • زارينا –parab
  • Zarina — Greek, English

The value of the name Zarin - good fortune, interesting character

The character of a man named Zara

A little girl, Zarinochka, owner of a difficult character. It is distinguished by intelligence, sociability and kindness. With an abundance of friends the complete absence of real friends.

Perhaps because of the inherent vagaries. It is noted that the carrier of the name has treachery and is very vindictive.

Study proceeds successfully. Good abilities help to master the sciences in different directions. Difficult relations with teachers may appear.

Although it will in every possible way avoid conflicts with those on whom it depends. The owner of an excellent memory, easily absorbs any information that will help more than once in the future.

Physical indicators are average. Early tendency to corpulence, so sports activities are necessary since childhood. It is dangerous for her to self-medicate.

What is characteristic of Zaryany?

  • Stubbornness, arrogance.
  • Impulsiveness.
  • Responsiveness.
  • Straightness
  • Real look at things.
  • Lack of reverie.

Practicality helps pave the way for success. He looks down on dreamers, sometimes argues with them, conflicts.

It is difficult to come to an agreement with it, but with good arguments it is possible.

The mystery of the name Zarin

  • Zodiac sign — Sagittarius.
  • Planet — Jupiter.
  • Color — aquamarine, crimson, aqua.
  • Animal totem — bird zarynka (robin).
  • Plant — figs, poppy.
  • Stone — amethyst of red, bloody tones.
  • The number is 2.

Day Angel — a moot point. According to one version of the name are not marked. According to another:

The value of the name Zarin - good fortune, interesting character

This name is not very common, complexity, originality. Lady Zarya is very multifaceted.

It has an analytical mind. From childhood she will be different from the same age, always achieve the desired.

Sometimes blackmail and cunning are not alien to her.

For Zarina, the attractiveness of a man is in his experience in all fields. She loves impressive.

The first love dates require leadership from the girl, so the choice in this case falls on the shy young man.

She wants it or not, but Zara dominates her partner. It does not please her. Happily happens to the person characteristic, strong-willed.

To him she is ready to show all her tenderness and does not hesitate to be weak. In sexual games, it is usually conservative, it attracts ordinary things, although it is not alien to experiments.

Officially married closer to the third ten. It attaches great importance to marriage.

She strives for her husband to be always satisfied, and in the house was perfect cleanliness. That the family was strong, the imperious spouse possessing interesting qualities is necessary.

This will help prevent betrayal of his beloved.

Business, work, career ladder

For Zarina, getting up in service is easy. The leader by nature respects the chef, the employees are confidential.

With some strength to natural stubbornness, she is able to reach great heights in business. The indisputable component here is the diligence of women.

Success is sometimes able to make a dictator out of Zara. He does not accept criticism, does not pay attention to the correct comments of his colleagues, who are lower in rank.

Distinguishes her composure, ability to restrain herself in any cases. Labor is zealous, is a good example for others.

Famous carriers named

  • Zarina Nizomiddinova — film actress (Russia).
  • Zarina Tilidze — musician, singer (Georgia).
  • Zarina Kairova — actress serials (Russia).
  • Zara AnnaElizaveta Phillips is a member of the British royal family, the wife of M. Tinda, an English rugby player.
  • Zara Nelsova (Katsnelson) — cellist (Canada, USA).

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