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The value of the name Vsevolod — career, family, positive and negative characteristics

Name Vsevolod: character, health and love relationships

Old Slavonic name, literally — «owning everything.» It occurs infrequently, complex, beautiful Russian name.

Variants of pronunciation: Seva, Sevushka, Sevka, Volodya, Vova, Vsevolodushko.

Name feature

In childhood Sevushka is a kind, non-conflict child. Affectionate and flexible, in a relationship driven and gullible boy.

Well learns, time in all subjects, assiduous. Preference is given to exact sciences.

There are excellent data for physical education and sports. Strong, stable psyche.

Growing up, the young man is becoming more restrained. Gaining authority from friends, giving advice. Seva easily concentrates on resolving the issue.

Has the gift of persuasion.

The value of the name Vsevolod - career, family, positive and negative characteristics

There is no aspiration to be a leader, it is inactive, it is ready to obey exclusively to a respected and intelligent boss. Dislikes risk and unanticipated turns.

At the beginning of dating a man can make a dull and uninteresting impression. On closer examination, this is a well-read intellectual, erudite and pleasant conversationalist.

Vsevolod has a developed sense of self-preservation, avoiding dangerous situations in every way.

A man inclined to analyze. Diligently solves professional problems.

Success is achieved through hard work and help from the outside.

Seva is well brought up, knows how to apply themselves in society. A tested friend, will not refuse to help.

Advantages of the name: Vsevolod is morally stable, he is not prone to depression. Calm, prudent, inviting. Focused on the result.

Comfortable companion.

Disadvantages: It is difficult to find the motivation for success. Long wonders, often indifferent to what is happening.

Falls into a barren routine.

Profession, career, fate

Vsevolod does not pursue random success, but prefers to earn long and hard. With persistence, he will achieve a result.

A man of mental labor, he is not committed to doing business. It is not excluded that in business he was prepared for the role of the “gray cardinal”, on which all mental activity rests.

He is attracted to research and scientific work in the laboratory, away from prying eyes.

The recognition will receive in many fields — teaching, tutoring, intellectual activity, medicine.

Can professionally play sports, become a manager. Prone to practice meditation, it is possible that he will come to yoga and spiritual practices.

Great consultant.

The fate of Vsevolod — to work, he does not expect recognition. Need a job like.

Secretive, considers his plans and desires for the best to be silent.

Astrology name, angel day, horoscope

Seva celebrates birthday on February 24, May 5, December 10 in honor of the Holy Prince Vsevolod of Pskov.

  • Heavenly Protecting Body — Jupiter
  • Zodiac sign — Taurus, Pisces, Aquarius
  • Rock Formation — Pearls, Carnelian
  • Hue, paint — steel, gray
  • Plant, tree — white water lily, willow
  • Related animal is the whale

«Summer» Vsevolod (Gemini, Cancer, Leo) — long-suffering, but susceptible to insults. Grumpy, often grouse.

Seva (Virgo, Libra, Scorpio), born in the fall, is caring and kind. Humble, may not create a marriage.

He has a logical thinking, a good performer.

«Winter» (Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius) — independent, prudent and cautious. Persistent, versed in many issues.

Inclined to clarify the relationship.

Vsevolod born in the spring (Pisces, Aries, Taurus) is a good husband, although difficult to communicate. Provide financially family, love order.

Vsevolod often leads a healthy lifestyle, but sitting work can be harmful. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, intestines are often.

Behind the computer, in calculations and experiences, vision can be significantly impaired.

The value of the name Vsevolod - career, family, positive and negative characteristics

More often to be in the fresh air, to play game sports — play badminton, football. Martial arts are also interesting.

Do not ignore exercise, do exercises.

The tone is increased in the growing phase of the moon.

Indifferent to alcohol, rarely smokes.

Love, family, compatibility

Vsevolod expects to meet true love. Efforts to this does not apply, he is too immersed in the work.

Rarely published.

A single marriage usually creates either too early or too late. The family is looking for understanding, comfort.

He likes to make, he does a lot around the house.

The wife needs an active, thrifty, prudent — for housekeeping.

A good and loving father for his children, instilling in them a love of reading, encourages curiosity. Strictness is not different, the wife decides on organizational issues.

Family relationships are difficult, but the marriage can be preserved for many years.

The value of the name Vsevolod - career, family, positive and negative characteristics

Mystery Name Vsevolod

The hidden secret of the name is a rarely successful marriage. Paradox: finding a bright, self-sufficient woman — trying to redo her, subdue.

High probability of family disagreement; desperate, try to start a parallel relationship.

Famous carriers named

  1. Vsevolod the Big Nest, Prince
  2. Vsevolod Meyerhold, director, teacher
  3. Vsevolod Bobrov, football player, coach
  4. Vsevolod Vishnevsky, playwright
  5. Vsevolod Pudovkin, director
  6. Vsevolod Sanaev, actor
  7. Vsevolod Garshin, prose writer
  8. Vsevolod Ovchinnikov, journalist
  9. Vsevolod Krestovsky, writer
  10. Vsevolod Keldysh, scientist
  11. Vsevolod Kuznetsov, actor, dubbing director

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