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The value of the name Vitalina — what fate the name predicts the girl

What fate predicts the girl name Vitalina

What is the name of Vitaly (Vitalina): “vital” (the name of Vitalin is of Latin origin).

Vitalina’s Angel Day: Vitalina’s name is not subject to a name-day, therefore she does not celebrate these church holidays. Nevertheless, there are names whose qualities of people are completely unaffected by such holidays, Vitalina is one of such interesting names.

The value of the name Vitalina - what fate the name predicts the girl

The nature of the name Vitalina

A rare name, it is understandable — if you give such a name to a girl, then you provide her with an excellent destiny, various creative resources that she can easily use in her life. The girl will be grateful to you, and you can always be under her support.

The girl, even in her adolescence, does not plan to work on herself, she only contemplates on her part and simply works on herself in terms of her strength, that is, she does not have various possibilities for “drastic” changes in her body and psychological motives.

Vitalina’s never elected will never be of the same age, as she is too clever for such an arrangement in a series of marriages. She needs a man who is superior to her, who will not allow to make mistakes and will also be able to match her mind.

After all, if girls always grow faster than boys, then such an independent Vitalina will grow even faster, so the husband should be at least 5 years older, and even 10, for complete supremacy and patronage.

Practical thinking, which dominates in Vitalin, allows her to do what she does not know, or what interests her a little — for example, using various female features only to keep his wife in the allowable field of vision, which is accessible only to him. However, she will not keep in sight any man.

Vitali is often a good housewife, who will not be exchanged for regular queues — most likely just send her husband to the store. And in general, she likes male professions more, for which a strong hand and practical thinking is needed, and in some places creative thinking, which is characterized by various applications of both strength and its approach.

After all, there are cases when the creative approach led the way between creative and ordinary people.

Rarely Vitali finds a common language with her mother-in-law and does not understand how to obey the same woman as she. Nor does it support the idea of ​​obeying another woman.

Often she is quite practical and does something that is unusual for her — for example, she carefully calculates money with a family budget with mercantilism.

The choice of professions for Vitalina is extremely large, but often they are associated precisely with work in society: a social worker, a writer, a dancer, a bartender, a hairdresser, a salesman, a business wizard, an entrepreneur, a realtor.

The number 1 is often tied to the name of Vitalin, which speaks about her character as a winner, which allows her to win without much effort. Vitalina will not interfere at the slightest provocation, but will only begin to demonstrate her skills in order to take root even more in her first place, because to win her gnawing her throats to anything, she always considered herself a real queen.

But even despite her royal wings, she will not use the “low” ways for her to achieve victory — only an honest victory, only in this way.

Vitalina is always used to winning, and if she fails to achieve this or that goal, then she never despairs and understands perfectly well that not all goals are reasonable to set for ourselves. However, she possesses enthusiasm for achieving any goal, and if she couldn’t achieve something once, she would definitely try to do it again when she came home.

She may even score on her own fatigue, but she will reach the goal.

Practical thinking helps this girl to come up with new ways to achieve her practical goal, which, perhaps, did not immediately come to her when using conventional means for this. She may even resort to extremely dangerous methods, and maybe a little bit to walk over their heads.

Nevertheless, it will not affect her karma. This girl has always been kind to people and did not deny it.

For it does not play the role of rivalry. She really wants to become the very woman who will be admired by absolutely all men.

But even for any of his goals, Vitalina does not resort to using methods that would have spent half his life on some Timur, not deprived of a belligerent disposition and desire to defeat absolutely all people, he, too, has the number 1 attached to his name. Unlike Timur, the figure 1 went to Vitalina not for her belligerent temper, but for the skills that allow her to achieve her goals and engage only in the first places in her activities, which constantly border on various creative activities.

Speaking of purity, then Vitalina’s name is extremely rare, she’s very unattractive to go out with that name and she often takes a pseudonym if, for example, she’s engaged in writing, directing or simply dancing to the public. Most likely she will have interesting pseudonyms associated with force and power.

The value of the name Vitalina - what fate the name predicts the girl

Vitalina in various areas of life

Since childhood, Vitalina strives for independence and does not understand how to obey anyone. Even her own parents do not have as much power over her as she does over herself and the bosses who are above her in terms of the hierarchy of some firm.

Often, in her dreams, Vitalina leads some great woman who, thanks to her own creative resources and an independent path, was able to achieve much more and wants to match her in all plans. As a rule, this practice provides nothing but bad self-esteem, which. underestimating, leads the girl to the inevitable zakompleksovannosti and frustration, which may not go away.

A girl can try her hand at pedagogy, however, she is more in love with creative professions, such as acting and writing.

From a young age, this girl is very independent, and may even withdraw into herself for a while, if you do not constantly support her and try to involve her in active joint activities in any way, she will not cooperate with you and simply become to work «on itself», at the same time it will acquire rigid complexes, a bunch of which may not even dissipate with time.

In her business, the girl behaves extremely confidently, always knows what she needs. She will not be wasted on trifles and trifles, will be able to put a man in place, even if he is already well established as the head of the family, he will know what to say and what to say in no case.

In a man, first of all, a young girl appreciates education, whose cultural value cannot be simply overestimated. She also understands that a man is very important to her, who can support the dialogue on any topic.

However, the physical development of a man is very important and, if it leaves you wanting better days, the girl will not even look at you.

The girl is very clever, yet trusting. She can trust you without different requirements, but if she ever finds out that you used her trust for your own selfish purposes, she will no longer trust you and will not even let you a few meters away from her person.

In this regard, she is very vindictive and cannot just start a new relationship with a person who literally used her psychological resources for her own purposes.

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