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The value of the name Vita — the nature and fate of the owner

Vita — the meaning of the name, good fortune with a complex character

The name Vita is rarely found as an independent form, usually used as an abbreviation for words with the same root. At the heart of the Latin root «vita», which means «life», «life».

Some experts insist that it is formed from the male Vitali, others believe that even the ancient Slavs called them their daughters, and it sounded like Vidoslav (Vidan).

The value of the name Vita - the nature and fate of the owner

Variety of options

The little girl is called affectionately, showing her love and tenderness to her:

There are forms for which Vita is an abbreviation:

It is found in other countries, especially Christian:

  • Vita (Italy, Spain).
  • Víta (Czech Republic).
  • White (Ukraine).

international passport determines the shape of VITA.

Character Vitusi

Traits such as softness in the plus with determination will be inherent in all life. The girl has the attractiveness, charisma. Very sociable, always surrounded by girlfriends.

It is distinguished by activity, gaiety. Does not like to idle.

May be somewhat restrained in the manifestation of feelings. It requires constant attention from adults, as fidget and ready for rash actions.

The boiling energy of the baby should be sent to a useful course: sports, creativity. The disadvantages that create problems for all include the excessive gullibility of the child.

It is difficult to distinguish deception.

Study does not enjoy the popularity of Vitochka, is engaged in science if only adults would not bother once again. She is more practitioner, with theory always complexity. . In the future, this position will remain and even strengthen.

Baby preventive measures to promote health are helpful, it is weakened.

Becoming older than Vitka becomes cautious, but remains a very determined person. Begins to show himself as a leader, which was not observed for a girl as a child. Another positive quality — dedication comes to her over the years.

Credulity is supplanted by cynicism, skepticism appears.

The value of the name Vita - the nature and fate of the owner

Giving her child such an unusual name, her parents prepared for her an unusual life. The specified value attracts fortune.

The school program does not inspire a careless student, but astronomy can be very exciting. Ready to spend time not only with friends, but also alone, reading fairy tales, romantic stories.

If it enters the sports section, it can conquer many heights in this field.

At first glance, the nature of the girl is light, bright, but not so simple. Vitu becomes a reasonable lady, very restrained and thoughtful. Starts to understand people well.

Haste in making decisions is not her way. Natural charm allows a woman to wrap her spell any man, even the most pragmatic and greedy.

Able to deftly use this charisma for personal gain. Strive for reliability, fights actively for the warmest place in the sun. Appreciates the status.

Always the best housing, expensive car, solid earnings — what Vita is striving for and often achieves.

Various characteristics, mystery

  • Libra
  • Plant — aspen
  • Totem — sea eel electric
  • Planet Patron — Venus
  • Happy color — purple
  • Stone for good luck — rhinestone

A strong commitment to independence, selfishness, does not consider the needs of others — this is the secret of the Whip.

According to the Orthodox calendar there is no angel day. According to another version, 15.05.

Different sides of life

The first feeling will bring the girl only disappointment. All the fault will be excessive gullibility of the young person. Over the years, she will become wiser, more circumspect.

In relations with men, too straightforward. He always wants to believe his beloved. Negative attitude to random links.

He attaches great importance to legalized relations.

A young woman marries quite early, with rare exceptions. The choice falls on a solid, more adult than she, a man.

He respects him not only for material support, but also for promotion. As the mistress of the house is very caring.

Always strive to create comfort, beauty. Strict mother, infinitely loving her children.

Amateur save always carefully counts everything and plans. Given that she is a good housewife, she tends to distribute household duties among all family members evenly.

Sometimes straightforwardness brings it, because she does not let any ladies do in relations with her spouse. He may be caught by another, more sophisticated person.

As a result, such a marriage does not stand the test. With in-law is not friendly.

The value of the name Vita - the nature and fate of the owner

Professional activity

Business Vitula is aimed at the rapid achievement of results. From this quality depends on the choice of specialty. He always feels delight when there is an opportunity to see the result of his labors.

Work for the idea of ​​a lady is not going to. The material component is very important. Moving up the career ladder is not an end in itself.

Especially if not accompanied by a reward.

Never betray for the sake of a new position of their employees. Almost always acts in the open. Prefers the following occupation:

  • art critic,
  • teacher,
  • accountant,
  • bar manager
  • policeman,
  • lawyer,
  • scientist.

Men’s affairs she likes.

If preventive attention was paid to children from childhood, in mature years rarely complain about health. Without such support, the woman has weak immunity and almost always suffers from minor ailments.

It is strictly contraindicated smoking, in order to avoid complications. Be sure to give yourself a break from work in nature.

Male Name Compatibility


Personality in history

  • Vita Buivid — painter (Russia).
  • Vita Grebneva — movie actress Russian television series.
  • Vita Semerenko — titled biathlete (Ukraine).

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