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The value of the name Victoria — especially the fate and character

Victoria — what fate and character awaits her, the value of the name

The origin of the name is associated with the Orthodox, Catholic, faith and Greek culture. It means victory and is associated with the Roman goddess of victory — Victoria.

The short forms of the name include: Vita, Vika. Analogue of the Greek name — Nick.

General interpretation

  • Patroness of the planet — Uranus;
  • Tree, restoring strength and energy — Cedar;
  • Health-promoting flower — mimosa;
  • Totem Insect — Bumblebee;
  • Stone Charm — lapis lazuli;
  • The color that promotes good luck and well-being is purple.

The name Victoria is not included in the calendar of Orthodox holidays, so it has no angel day.

Victoria’s main personality traits and behavior from childhood through adulthood

Girl Vikulya already from childhood begins to show his firm, assertive character. She is stubborn and persistent in achieving her goals. It is governed by a heightened sense of justice.

This sometimes stops on the way to the realization of their own desires, if they contradict its principles.

Little Vika is still very indecisive, doubting her abilities and talents. But when he gets older, she begins to manifest stubbornness and excessive independence, bordering on willfulness.

Obsessed with an obsession, she can rush into trouble, in spite of the advice and persuasion of loved ones. He never blames anyone for his mistakes and deliberately takes the blame.

This does not mean that he repents of something.

In life, Victoria is an emancipated individual who constantly defends the rights of women before the male part of the population. From a young age, this is manifested in relationships with his father, grandfather, brother. She always seeks to prove something and challenge them.

In adult life, this behavior will be reflected in various areas: her professional activities and personal life.

The value of the name Victoria - especially the fate and character

Her growing up takes place in an atmosphere of confrontation with men, but when she reaches puberty, she realizes that living in peace with the male half of humanity is not so bad.

In her school years, Vika is a calm and balanced person. In communication with peers does not seek to occupy a leading position, to be the initiator of any activities.

Satisfied with the passive role, Vika enjoys her laziness and regularity.

Vita does not show much interest in learning, does not like to read, to talk a lot. Sometimes it is prone to mood swings, this can be accompanied by a closure in oneself and apathy to others. Her silence and pessimism can greatly alarm and excite loved ones.

But this behavior will change with age.

In her student years, Victoria begins to change for the better. She has an interest in fans, she looks after her appearance, dresses fashionably, shows herself as a cheerful and sociable person.

In trying to assert herself, Vita sometimes looks very ridiculous and bizarre. This can be expressed in a very bright, causing make-up, short skirt, in sharp statements.

Her behavior in this case may also correspond, she will become more daring and bold. Such demonstrativeness, desire to attract attention will have its manifestation in the future.

The value of the name Victoria - especially the fate and character

Profession, love or family — what will be the most important

Victoria is an outwardly bright and memorable girl. She can become a professional model or a presenter on central television. But often she chooses a profession that does not require frequent and direct communication with people.

She is pleased to be engaged in scientific activities, versed in medicine, can become an experienced teacher or tutor.

Victoria, born in the spring-summer period, is a creative and emotional nature. She often relies on inspiration and requires psychological relief.

So people like her need to become a musician, a theater and cinema artist, a writer or an artist in order to feel realized in a profession.

This also expresses her desire to independently achieve a specific result. Vita is not a person of the process, for high efficiency she needs to clearly understand what she is doing and why it is needed.

The desire to know that a lot depends on its result in the work, they can show her the way to medicine, the design office, the restaurant. Victoria has a wide field of choice of activities in which she will succeed. Her hard work, ability to plan tasks and delegate responsibility contribute to the career of a manager.

Vita does not seek to take a warm and comfortable place, performing no less laborious work together with subordinates.

She can safely take a leadership position because she has the gift of conviction, she knows how to set up a team and direct its energy in the right direction. To do this, she does not need too much effort.

The value of the name Victoria - especially the fate and character

But her straightforwardness, impulsiveness, and a penchant for dictatorship can sometimes complicate relationships with colleagues and superiors. The main thing is to feel this line in time and take a step back.

Vita, born in the fall or winter, is distinguished by composure, seriousness and practicality. She copes with a large amount of tasks and easily withstands a high rate of work wishing to get a decent fee.

She can easily earn her apartment or car, be a completely financially independent girl.

Wiki’s personal life is always a mystery. She does not like it when relatives or friends invade it, trying to give wise advice.

Although she sometimes needs this kind of advice. Her connections are not always selective, she often falls in love with a man who is not worthy of her attention.

Therefore, marriage is not always happy for Vita.

Her visual appeal and charm do not look harmonious with internal uncertainty. In love matters, it often becomes hesitant, and the choice is up to the partner.

If a sensitive, caring and loving husband turns out to be close to Victoria, she will feel this confidence in marriage, fully revealed and showing her best character traits, will become more affectionate, trusting and open.

Such a Victoria is ready to become an excellent hostess and mother, forgetting about her previous dizzying career. She will be fascinated by household chores, cooking and raising offspring.

The main thing in this period is for her to feel her significance; it is important for her relatives to appreciate what she does for them.

Victoria is a very temperamental and sexy woman, she is able to present herself, her manners, voice timbre and figure can drive more than one man crazy. But it is important for her to have feelings for a partner, so often she is guided only by the voice of the heart, and not of the mind.

In her adult life, Vika has many friends, she is hospitable and affable, she likes to gather warm and sincere companies at home. But it will be difficult to those who are among its opponents or enemies.

She does not know how to forgive and behaves quite hard in a personal encounter.

Favorable compatibility of Victoria is possible with Albert, Arkady. It is worth avoiding a serious relationship with Vladislav, Victor.

To the health of Victoria should be treated more carefully. From early childhood, the baby has a poor appetite and restless sleep.

She has a weak immune system. In adolescence, Vika is subject to various colds and sore throat.

Bad appetite may persist. Old age will remind you of polyarthritis and arthritis.

Talented people with the name Victoria

  • Queen Victoria — the royal person of Great Britain has always been the embodiment of peace, justice and creativity. Respected the constitution of England and was a living symbol of statehood, influencing all spheres of life;
  • Victoria Tokareva — modern writer, screenwriter and playwright;
  • Victoria Bonya — TV presenter;
  • Victoria Azarenka is a talented Belarusian tennis player.

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