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The value of the name Victor — the fate and character of the winner

The proud meaning of the name Victor — features of character and signs of fate

The Latins gave the world the beautiful word «victor», from which a number of one-root peoples originated in other languages. Once it sounded: «Ave Victor!».

After a while, a common noun was used as its own. Among the Russians appeared in the XII century. Only the children of churchmen, nobles, honored him.

The value of the name Victor - the fate and character of the winner

Today, the value of the name Victor is treated as a winner. With the advent of Christianity has received the widest distribution.

Initially, it was translated as winning, not just in any field, namely, in the struggle of the Light forces over the devil’s machinations.

The peak of popularity came in the middle of the last century. Now newborn boys are called Vityushi less and less, but the female version of Victoria has become more common.

The Orthodox faith approves of this name, there are many revered saints.

Options: abbreviations and synonyms

Babies are usually called

Adults in the household environment can be called

Often there are very similar in meaning and sound form:

The names of women are considered single rooted: Quiz, Victoria, Tori.

Character winner

From an early age, Vitek loves all sorts of adventures, adores adventures, and everything connected with them: games, films, literature. Ready to take a spontaneous decision, to gather in an instant, having gone on some campaign.

Over the years, looking at the world more sensibly. Traction to the discovery of something new still remains with a man forever. A child is responsive, can be trusted without looking back.

Excessive sensitivity does not prevent quickly forget the insults.

The value of the name Victor - the fate and character of the winner

Victor is a happy owner of serious character traits. He is patient, capable of monotonous work, zealous.

Does not hold evil, can appeal to the conscience of the cheater for a very long time. Close people are important to him, always ready to protect, protect, help in difficult times.

Maybe for the sake of them to sacrifice their own interests.

The guy Vitya is a creator in essence. Always ready to do something.

To be some kind of mediator is not in its rules. If he conceives, he tries to fulfill through an elaborate plan. The negative side of character — a craving for alcohol, a card game.

Most often affected by men born in the winter. With a long black line in life, the character becomes irritable.

Because of the secrecy does not seek to share problems with friends.

Viktoras does not achieve leadership positions. From him rarely comes something proactive. If it makes another, and the proposal seems useful to him, he will certainly support the innovator, not only by word, but by deed.

A workaholic in life, always in business, not doing anything at all is not about Vitya.

Throughout his journey will love women. Don’t mind getting involved in the affair. For him, this is not a sport, but a search for one single, striving for an ideal image created in the subconscious.

When the scenario, when you have to marry out of necessity (pregnancy girls), will not be able to remain faithful. His adventures, too, hide from the imposed fate of the spouse will not.

In love for real, will do everything to his princess was happy. Usually there are several children, which is only happy.

He likes to eat, while away the short evening on the couch. Relations with relatives of the beloved develop more than good.

Interesting features

  • Zodiac sign — Aquarius
  • Planet Patron — Uranus
  • Totem — cricket, horse
  • Suitable color — blue, emerald
  • Plant — birch, carnation
  • Stone — carnelian, selenite
  • Happy day of the week — Saturday.

Victor’s Name Day

The name of the few saints who protect people from harm: of sv. Victor of Rome, St. Victor of Nicomedia and Damascus.

One of the most interesting stories is connected with the latter. He lived around the 2nd in n. er As a warrior with Marcus Aurelius, he worshiped Christ, for which he experienced painful torments. With the help of prayers remained alive.

Thanks to his words, the blind soldiers, whom the court magi have already refused, saw the light.

The wife of grandee Stephanid also received healing and came to faith, openly converted to Christianity. She was cruelly executed, torn to pieces by trees.

The saint himself lost his head. It happened 11.11.

Since then, V. Damascus patronizes his namesake, protects against the intent of the enemy, helps in official career. Namedays are selected from the specified dates, according to the principle of proximity to the time of birth. Day Angel respectively:

Different sides of life Viti

In his youth, distinguished by low weight, excessive thinness. Over the years, there has been a rapid increase in body weight, which can attract the corresponding diseases.

Often does not know the measures in food, lover of food from the heart. In the second half of existence, osteochondrosis, heart failure.

In general, health is not bad, but an irrepressible love of alcohol can undermine it.


Despite active courtship for girls, I’m ready to opt for one. If she suits him, though she will not give up parallel love adventures.

Dame fascinates, is able to win the location. Not a fan of special pranks in sex, quietly dispenses with gaming intricacies.

Family marriage

One of the most important things in life for Vitour is to build a warm family nest. With his beloved faithful, honest, noble. If the spouse is not satisfied, there may be several novels on the side.

Never change children, family for another woman.

Strict but loving dad. In mature years, children may be offended by the attitude of too demanding on them.

Allows the other half to take the reins in their hands. The owner of the house in terms of affairs: cooking, repair, travel does not frighten him.

Labor activity

A person who is interested in many things is able to master several professions. There are great abilities in linguistics, exact sciences.

He builds his work in steps, arranges everything on the shelves, and therefore copes with the routine work as easily as with the creative one. Well tolerated physical activity.

It turns out highly skilled worker, master, instructor.

Victor’s compatibility with female names


The value of the name Victor - the fate and character of the winner

Personalities in history

  • Victor Hugo — writer of the era of romanticism (France).
  • Victor Vasnetsov — artist (Russian Empire).
  • Victor Dragunsky — children’s writer (USSR).
  • Vittorio Brambilla — Formula 1 racing driver (Italy).
  • Viktor Tsoi — vocalist of the rock group «Kino» (USSR).
  • Victor Fleming — film director (USA).
  • Viktor Chernomyrdin — politician (USSR, Russia).
  • Victor Pelevin — fashion writer (Russia).
  • Victor Astafiev — Soviet writer-countryman.

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