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The value of the name Vasilisa, the nature and fate of the girl

The female name Vasilisa is a derivative form of the male name Vasily. In Russia, girls are rarely called that, but everyone knows fairy-tale characters with this name: Vasilisa the Beautiful and Vasilisa the Wise.

Immediately come to mind the association with the Russian beauty, intelligent, insightful, kind and fair girl.

Since the name has a male origin, the women he calls have strong character traits. These are persistent and independent ladies, they know how to achieve their goals and do not succumb to difficulties.

It is not easy to conquer the heart of Vasilisa, this is an independent girl who does not need male support. Her chosen one can only be held, self-confident man with truly valuable virtues.

Vasilisa avoids weak and weak-willed people, she needs a reliable partner, who can be relied on in any situation.

Not all experts agree that the male name Vasily produced the female version of the name. In some versions, Vasilisa is a modified version of the Greek Basilissa, which is translated as “queen” or “regal”.

In the Orthodox culture, this version finds an echo, since, according to the church calendar, you can only find a name with two “c” — Vasilissa. If in official documents the name is indicated with a single letter “c”, then at baptism the girl is named according to the calendar.

For Vasilisa, the following values, signs, dates, days, and symbols are happy and patronizing:

Patron PlanetsMercury, Jupiter
Patron saintAir
Patron saint constellationVirgo
Patron saintsHegumeness Vasilissa the Egyptian, the maiden Vasilissa of Nicomedia, the martyr Vasilissa of Corinth, the martyr Vasilissa of Rome
Name dayJanuary 8, March 10, April 15, April 16, September 3
StonesAmethyst, amber, sard
ColorsBlue, turquoise, blue
Totem animalDove
Lucky number in numerologyfour
Important years of life7, 17, 19, 23, 35, 47
Good day of the weekWednesday

In a close circle, Vasilis is often referred to as a diminutive: Fox, Vasya, Vasiunya, Vasya, etc. Simplified forms are convenient for pronunciation, but the girl’s parents should remember that if they want to fully disclose all the talents of her daughter, who hides the meaning of the name, you need to call her without contractions — Vasilisa.

The interpretation of the name indicates the determination, authority and justice of this girl, and if you constantly call her abbreviated versions, these qualities are unlikely to manifest in character.

The value of the name Vasilisa, the nature and fate of the girl

By numbers, you can easily determine the nature of a person, and since there are several pair letters in the name Vasilisa, they have an increased effect on the woman. Each letter in the name has a numerical value:

Given the double «and», «a» and «c», it is safe to say that their influence is paramount. Moreover, all these letters correspond to one.

Decoding and description:

  • The number 1 gives people a strong leadership qualities, such a person will never get lost in the crowd. Also, the predominance of the unit indicates independence. The secret of the name Vasilisa lies in the self-sufficiency of this woman, she is well tolerated by loneliness, does not like noisy companies, and prefers to communicate with only one or two selected people.
  • Troika points to a family affair. The influence of this figure pushes the girl to a strong and long-term relationship with men. Vasilisa is not inclined to enter into short-term relationships. If this woman is interested in a man, then in her face she sees the future husband.
  • The presence of four in the name indicates the reliability and practicality of the ladies. You can rely on this woman in any business, she does not throw words to the wind, and fulfills her promises and obligations with full responsibility.

The value of the name Vasilisa, the nature and fate of the girl

The fate of this woman develops happily. Vasilisa does not set himself impossible tasks and knows how to appreciate what she has. This girl from an early age dreams of a strong and friendly family.

She gets married quite early, but the first marriage does not always become successful. The young spouse idealizes his chosen one, and when confronted with reality, he is often disappointed.

In the nature of this lady is dominated by male features, so she sometimes shows excessive cruelty and inflexibility.

If she decided to part with a man, then it is impossible to change her decision.

For Vasilisa, there are no shades, the world she sees in black and white. The girl is optimistic about the future, but if her hopes are not fulfilled, she will not deceive herself. Close people of this lady have no right to make mistakes, Vasilisa does not forgive betrayal.

If someone has deceived her at least once, she will permanently remove this person from her life. Such an approach to relationships allows her to leave only sincere, loyal and devoted people with her.

But for their sake she is ready to sacrifice everything that she has.

Particular happiness this name brings a girl born in the summer. Summer Vasilisa is much friendlier than winter, so it is easier for them to build relationships with others. Born in the spring or winter, always striving for something new, so it does not have time to enjoy the present moments.

If the girl is born in the fall, she has increased anxiety. Autumn lady is suspicious and observant, she does not go well with people, preferring to keep apart.

The value of the name Vasilisa, the nature and fate of the girl

From an early age Vasyunya seeks power. Already in kindergarten tutors celebrate her leadership skills.

To the girl are pulled by other guys and listen to her commands. She often organizes various games to which others are connected.

Adults allow her a lot, as Vasilisa always adheres to established rules. If the mother explained to her that it is impossible to fight, Fox will never knock another child on her own initiative.

However, she has a highly developed sense of justice, so she will not tolerate other people’s cavils.

This is a serious and obedient girl. She is often left for the eldest in a circle of peers, the school appointed a warden class.

Baby performs the duties and duties assigned to her perfectly. Vasyunyu love teachers, because she can be entrusted with important tasks.

The girl studies well and tries to serve as an example for others.

Despite the visible positives, this is a pretty tricky and mischievous girl. She clearly knows with whom and how to behave, so for adults, the Fox looks sweet and charming.

However, the girl is very tough with those who she does not like. If a group is boycotted in a group where she studies, then it can be said without a doubt that Vasilisa didn’t do it without interference.

By the age of 15-17, Vasilisa is transformed. Femininity and sensuality awake in her.

This girl carefully monitors her appearance. Already in her youth, she skillfully uses makeup and chooses a distinctive style in clothes.

Fashion tendencies are alien to her, Vasilisa prefers elegance and severity. It stands out favorably on the background of peers in business suits and bright accessories.

This girl avoids bad companies, she is not interested in guys of her own age, she is attracted by adult men. It stretches to wisdom, experience and prosperity.

Her luxurious life attracts her, so in a circle of peers, the girl draws attention only to promising children from wealthy families.

In the money Vasilisa sees the power and opportunities for which she seeks. Calculation and greed do not allow her to be distracted by love, from a young age, this girl is rather cynical about love.

She is looking for a profitable party to fulfill her dreams as soon as possible. Vasilisa is well aware of her attractiveness and skillfully uses her to achieve her goals.

Very often she manages to find what she wants, but this girl’s ambitions are great, so she does not stop moving forward.

In adulthood, Vasilisa is beautiful. Over the years, the beauty of this woman does not fade away, but only blooms with new colors.

Usually, at the age of 30, Vasilisa has everything she dreamed of. Spouse and children occupy an important place in her life, but work is no less important for her.

Ladies named by this name rarely devote themselves to the family. Most often, they zealously move up the career ladder or are engaged in their own business.

Vasilisa is able to plan her time, therefore she is equally good at home and work duties. She treats her husband with great warmth and respect, but does not always have deeper feelings.

The family for her is a reliable rear, the husband of this woman is a friend and ally for her, and only then a lover. Vasilisa does not need ardent love, therefore she chooses a life partner for his business qualities.

From this woman you can hardly hear health complaints, but her immunity is weak. The girl regularly forgives, but does not allow herself to relax and heal thoroughly. Due to the fact that she suffers all the ailments on her feet, she often develops chronic diseases.

Vasilisa does not like doctors and hospitals and is rather afraid of him, and he applies for medical help only in extreme cases. This girl has strong nerves, it’s hard to ruffle.

She is cool and restrained, rarely shows emotions in public.

It is hardly possible to meet this girl in an ordinary position. Vasilisa is rapidly moving in service in any kind of activity.

She is attracted to leadership positions, she loves and knows how to manage people. Subordinates respect this lady, because such a boss not only gives orders, but also actively participates in the work of the team.

She correctly sets tasks, and for those who cannot cope, she patiently explains everything and helps to do what she needs.

It is impossible to note a certain direction in the talents of this lady. Vasilisa is able to sort things out if she is interested in her. Most often she chooses professions related to helping people.

A woman is often keen on social and political problems, seeks and finds ways to solve them. If a girl is engaged in her business, then it is usually something from the service sector: beauty salons or restaurants.

Since childhood, Vasilisa seeks to create beauty. Her main hobby is crafts, she loves to sew and knit. He likes to receive guests and to treat them with his own cooking.

She is attracted to the confectionery art, as when decorating cakes and pastries she can show her imagination.

This girl’s hobbies are related to loneliness, she does not like when someone distracts her from her hobbies. For the same reason, Vasilisa does not visit the gyms where people crowd.

Because of the weak body constitution, it is difficult for her to achieve good results in sports, and since she is used to winning in competitive moments, she simply refuses to participate in places where she is not able to get into the number of winners.

Vasilisa rarely falls in love; she can fall in love with a man after several years of marriage with him. In a love relationship, this lady is rarely revealed, she keeps feelings under control.

However, her chosen one will never guess what lies in the soul of a girl. She is a good actress, so with gentlemen she behaves as is customary in novels.

Only a very tender, gentle and patient partner can reach her heart.

The family life of this woman develops successfully after 35-40 years. Up to this age, the girl gets along badly with men. She is overly critical and picky for relatives, often demands the impossible from them, tries to re-educate everyone for herself.

If the spouse succumbs to her influence, she loses interest and respect for him, and as a result she divorces him. Only by becoming wiser, this woman realizes that you need to be more tolerant towards people. If Vasilisa gets married at a mature age, then the soul of the soul lives with her husband.

This is a constant and decent lady, you can hardly blame her for infidelity. Even if the relationship with her spouse does not add up, she does not look at other men until she breaks up with the previous one.

In bed, this woman behaves relaxedly. She loves sex, it is in the intimate terms Vasilisa allows herself to show passion and temperament in the open.

She is attracted to bed games and long foreplay, quick sex is not for her.

The girl is looking for aesthetics in everything, so Vasilisa’s way to intimacy lies through romantic dates. She will not give in to an ardent rush if something does not correspond to the rules she represents. To lure this woman into bed can only be conservative methods with long courtship and gradual convergence.

She will agree to sex only after she is convinced of the seriousness of the intentions of the chosen one.

Vasilisa’s leadership qualities prevent her from building relationships with members of the opposite sex. She doesn’t converge well with soft and supple men, so she shouldn’t get involved with the representatives of the following names:

Vasilisa suppresses these men with his authority. But with stronger partners, she can find her happiness if she learns to give them the dominant role. Vasilisa has the best relations with the carriers of the following male names:

Man’s nameRelationship characteristics
GregoryThis man gives the girl confidence in the future. She does not have disagreements with Gregory, because both act and think on the same wavelength. This union allows each partner to show their best qualities.
DenisWith Denis Vasilisa immediately finds a common language. This man causes her respect, he does not allow her to lead him, but he does not try to put pressure on her. This is a partnership of two equal personalities.
NovelThe novel is able to make an excellent pair of this girl since a young age. He is patient and persistent, criticism of the girl does not hurt him, because Vasilisa quickly realizes that there is nothing to reproach him with. She can rely on him in any business, because he is as responsible as his chosen one
SvyatoslavWith this man, the girl feels free and easy. Svyatoslav does not encroach on the independence of her beloved; he is admired by the independence and purposefulness of this woman. Vasilisa in him finds not only a strong support in life, but also her best friend.
SergeiWith Sergey, this woman feels like a stone wall. He gladly takes over all of her problems and successfully solves them. It is this man that allows a lady to show weakness.
TrofimIn union with this partner, the girl relaxes. It is useless to fight Trofim for leadership — he invariably wins. The lady calmly gives in to his strong hands and enjoys simple female happiness.
JacobRelations with Jacob are usually built on mutual love. Vasilisa is madly attracted to this man, but when passions dim a little, partners find a lot in common. For both, this union becomes truly happy.

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