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The value of the name Valentine for the girl — that can give the name

How Valentine’s name affects a girl: character and fate

Positive features of the name Valentina: Valentina is always distinguished by her altruism, she will not leave anyone aside and will always help absolutely every person. For Valentina, it doesn’t matter how exactly people will perceive her, the altruist will always and everywhere find support, for which she will be hooked in her work on helping people.

For Valentina, however, it is very important that her help be noticed, not leave a bad impression about her activities.

  • Zodiac — Pisces
  • Planet — Venus
  • Name color — sea wave
  • Auspicious tree — willow
  • Covenant — Forget-me-not
  • Patron saint of name — sterlet

The value of the name Valentine for the girl - that can give the name

Valentina will not criticize you, but if you do something blatant in the opinion of the girl’s opinion, she will certainly say so. She has a titanic patience, but at one point she can absolutely tell you what she has accumulated over the years.

Also, she would not disdain even the fact that you tried to smooth the conflict, even though she respects the diplomatic attitude to the matter. Valentine generally loves people who pay attention to others.

Negative traits of the name Valentina: Vaka is very cautious, she has self-criticism from early childhood, also increased intuition and constant analysis of those around her, she constantly sits on pins and needles, because she always wants to know the true intentions of the people who surround her the true intentions of a person are an occupation, subject only to people who can read minds, she does this by wedging a person’s private life, without specifically asking permission from a given subject to use his resources ynogo subconscious.

Character name valentine

Valya is a very kind and serious girl, since childhood she understands that hard work, responsibility and kindness are the main things in life. She is ready to finish the game with the guys in the yard at any time if she realizes that her mother needs her help around the house.

She will never put in her distant drawer her torment for one reason or another and will always say what she thinks. Nevertheless, she will not retreat and do what she does not consider necessary.

Valya does not like to swear and will be able to stand up for herself without it, however, if you take the girl out of yourself with such titanium patience, you will surely hear a lot of information about yourself. Valentina often accumulates it, can even write it in a special notebook, just to bill you for “moral damage”, to take away as much of a good mood as you did with her tricks.

So, Valya thinks, it is possible and even necessary to act — everything should be fair, although she does not notice the injustice in her actions, often.

Such girls are always cunning, intelligent in their everyday lives and prove their superiority through diplomacy. Valentina never fights in the open, and it is very important for her that even in a state of war nobody should suffer.

So she comes up with quite sophisticated ways to bring her opponent to exhaustion in such a way that he doesn’t remember her at the end of the war.

But the family life of a person with the name of Valentine is not so simple. If Valya gets married early, then suddenly he discovers a complete discrepancy between real family life and expectations, and if it is late, then she does not get along with her husband because of excessive pride.

A similar trend can be traced in relations with children, because she really wants to control their lives, building at the same time the kindest goddess in the world.

The value of the name Valentine for the girl - that can give the name

Choosing a profession by name: Valya has set high goals and, most importantly, knows how to achieve them. Professions she often chooses men, such as a pilot, professor, engineer.

It is very difficult to cope with her imperious disposition, but if she still gets along with him, it turns out an excellent wife, who would like to get anyone who is in close proximity to such a beautiful woman with such a lovely character: defenseless angelic, but at the same time aggressive, masculine character.

Valentina’s business and career: Valentina does not stay with money for a long time, she does not like to save it. Although she is predisposed to economics, she does not have such a goal as simple accumulation of funds, she is simply not interested. And as we have already found out, Valentine will not engage in what does not cause her a certain response in her heart, which does not make him tremble and fight at a frantic pace.

According to this principle, Vaca chooses his love for life. Salary is not so important for her as the attitude of employees to her person, she needs full commitment and good relations, so she does not hesitate to use any means to achieve this.

Valentina’s love and marriage: For Valentina, full commitment is very important, she wants to be loved with the same passion as she loves herself. If such a process is not observed, then Valentina admits her mistake and will not even try to restore the relationship — Valya draws such conclusions quickly enough to claim such metamorphoses.

If Valentine really gets married, despite her character, and if it turns out to be true love. Bojanik, Valentin, Andrei, Alexander, Boris, Kirill are compatible names with which she could feel extremely comfortable in relations.

Health and talents of the name Valentina: A completely calm girl grows in the family, to whom the concept of honor is already alien to an early age. She is able to stand up for herself and will never endure if someone calls her an objectionable word.

Valentina never gives in to her peers and wants to be better than them in good disciplines, absolutely not trying to grow the other way, so this is a plus.

A girl named Valentine is gaining weight very quickly, completely not watching her figure. After childbirth, certain diseases can manifest themselves, which certainly do not contribute to the prosperous position of the girl.

She will only be able to eliminate them after going to the hospital, but this is what no Valya really wants.

Sinusitis, chickenpox and various acute respiratory infections accompany Valentina along the way of her maturation. She has neurosis and depression, a state of apathy, when she is completely unable to get out of bed and begins to pretend to be a sick woman for whom there is no place in this universe.

But even in spite of such diseases, Valentine can be called a fairly disease-resistant person who skillfully endures all the hardships of fate.

Valentine’s name is inherently masculine, so if you still dare to name your girl in this way, then be prepared for changes in her behavior that look more like a boy than a pretty girl. She will defend her position, as a brave man does, nevertheless, respect for her parents will still be greater than that of an ordinary girl. She will always know what she needs to do in order to deserve attention and reward from her parents, but will not do beyond this measure.

It limits itself to just a little praise and the desired object or material wealth for its own satisfaction.

Valentina really does not understand why she cannot just go with the flow and do at the same time only what suits her. Tina can tolerate for a long time, but she will nevertheless perform certain actions that will lead her to the gradual return of the old positions, so that she will definitely not bow down before her enemy and will prove to him everything that she considers necessary.

After all, this behavior Valya encourages and considers the only correct.

The value of the name Valentine for the girl - that can give the name

The fate of the name Valentine in history

  1. Valentina Stepanovna Grizodubova — Soviet pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union (1938), colonel.
  2. Valentina Tereshkova — the first woman cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union.

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