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The value of the name Timothy, the nature and fate of the boy, men

Timofey: the meaning and origin of the name, the nature of the character, fate, compatibility

According to the phonosemantic analysis, the name Timofey has several distinct characteristics: "complicated", "rough", "dark", "gentle". Such a description corresponds to the bearer of the name: he gives the impression of a good-natured and phlegmatic man who doesn’t pay much attention to what is happening around him and does not take trouble to heart.

In fact, such a judgment is deceptive. People close to Timothy know how vulnerable and sensitive he is.

Being a vain man, he yearns for fame and recognition, but does not possess fighting qualities and leadership skills in order to achieve unprecedented career heights. It is characterized by feelings of unwarranted anxiety and fear of the unknown. A man expects sincerity from others, but does not always receive it.

Never demonstrates his true emotions, considering it a manifestation of weakness.

Linguists who study the secret and interpretation of the name Timothy, are inclined to the version that it has a Greek origin and is derived from the male name Τιμόθεος (Timoteos). It is two-part: the first part “τ μάω” is translated into Russian as “honor, honor, honor,” the second “θεός” is “God.”

Thus, the meaning of the name Timothy is “the God-fearing, worshiping God” or “the one whom the gods worship”.

Common forms of the name: Tim, Timon, Timofyushka, Timofeychik, Timosha, Timoshka, Timaha, Timasha, Timanya, Timokha, Timunya, Timusya, Timchik, Timchika, Timosia, Timonya.

Patronymic on behalf of: Timofeevich, Timofeevna. Derivative surnames: Timofeev, Timofeevskiy.

Synonyms of the name: Timothy, Timoteus, Timofeos, Timod, Timo, Timofei, Timotei, Timutea, Timoteu, Timoteu, Timoteo, Timoteos, Timi, Timoteus.

The value of the name Timothy, the nature and fate of the boy, men

Famous people named Timofey:

  • the Greek poet Miles;
  • historian and public figure Granovsky;
  • surgeon Krasnobaev;
  • conductor, People’s Artist of the USSR Gurtovoy;
  • commander of the rebel regiment, associate of Pugachev Podurov;
  • Russian scientist agronomist Lokot;
  • actors of theater and cinema Tribuntsev, Spivak;
  • Russian diplomat Zabolotsky;
  • Soviet poet Belozerov;
  • Soviet scientist, Hero of Socialist Labor Gorbachev;
  • Russian doctor-pathologist Illinsky;
  • Russian military leader, pilot, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Khryukin;
  • Soviet military leader Shapkin;
  • Ukrainian film director Levchuk;
  • Russian cyclist Kritsky.

The value of the name Timothy, the nature and fate of the boy, men

The name Timothy is first mentioned in history in the 4th century BC. er in ancient Greek manuscripts. On the territory of Russia it came from Byzantium after Christianization, in the X-XI centuries. At first it was used exclusively by the clergy, but then it became common among all social classes.

After the October Revolution out of use, because it was considered a relic of the past, along with other ancient names. The revival of interest occurred in the 70-80s.

Today, a rare male name closes the top twenty leaders in the ranking of the most sought after.

Patron saints of the owners of the name:

  • Priest-martyr Timothy of Ephesus, disciple of the apostle Paul, bishop.
  • Martyr Timofei Theadias, reader.
  • Martyr Timothy of Caesarea (Palestine).
  • Rev. Timofey Olimpiysky (in Symbol), Hermit.
  • Martyr Timothy Sicilian.
  • Patriarch Timothy of Alexandria.
  • Martyr Timothy the Thracian.
  • Rev. Timofey.
  • Priest-martyr Timofey Moorish, deacon.
  • Martyr Timothy of Prussia, Bishop.
  • Rev. Timofey Yesfigmensky (Athos).
  • Saint Timofey, Bishop of Proconessia.
  • Martyr Timofey Filippopolsky.

Priest-martyr Timothy of Ephesus is considered the chief patron saint of all name holders. His father was a pagan, and his mother and grandmother were deeply religious people who instilled in the child love and respect for God.

The apostle Peter became the teacher and spiritual mentor of Timothy. It was he who saw in the young man a faithful follower of the teachings, so he appointed him first as deacon and then as bishop, despite the fact that the guy was only 15 years old.

Timofey devoted his whole life to serving God, preaching and introducing people to the faith, wandering through the pagan countries with his teacher. Tragically died at the hands of idolaters aged 63 years.

The relics of the saint are located on the territory of modern Istanbul, in Turkey. Memorial Day: February 4th.

Name days according to the church calendar:

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