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The value of the name Tikhon — the origin of the name, health, love relationships

Tikhon: fate, interpretation of the name, character and patrons

Beautiful male name of Greek origin. It has several meanings, but all are synonymous with the words “lucky”, “happy”.

Incredibly widespread name Tikhon began to be used in Orthodox Russia. Here it was «brought» from the Byzantine Empire. Contrary to ordinary opinion, it has nothing to do with the meaning of «quiet.»

Nowadays it is rarely used. Catholics also use the name of Tikhon.

Distributed among monks and clergymen. In the world of a rare name.

Variants of the name Tikhon: Tisha, Tikhonya, Tishenka, Tishanka, Tikhosha, Tikhoshenka.

The nature of the name, especially the character

The boy Tishenka is a flexible, unpretentious. Grows in a special measured pace, without burdening the bustle of parents.

Character often mother’s.

From an early age is eager to read. For the whole life of the book — this is Tikhon’s passion.

Excellent mental activity, competent speech, good imagination.

The value of the name Tikhon - the origin of the name, health, love relationships

During school years, thanks to the advanced development, Tishan quickly mastered. Shalit in the classroom and beyond.

He has friends, company, listen to him. The teenager objectively and impartially settles disagreements in the environment. Peacemaker, «is behind the truth.»

Tikhon is little susceptible to foreign influence, prone to analysis.

School subjects are happy to master only those that are of interest. Like to play sports, he is physically developed.

Tikhon is a serious, sensible youth; what “passions are raging” in his heart will not let everyone know.

Thoroughness, sanity and even wisdom acquires Tikhon over the years. He sees prospects in front of him, he has a life credo. Slowly and aggressively moving towards the goal.

A man has a good moral tone, his strength is internal, not show off. Outwardly friendly, not fussy, calm.

In the event of a threat will be ruthless, cherishes peace.

From an early age begins to play sports, hardy. As a rule, does not suffer from serious diseases in adult life.

Justifies the value of the name — «lucky, fateful.» Not excluded stress, dissatisfaction, fatigue — a consequence of low emotionality.

Profession, career, fate name

The worker from Tikhon is a conscientious, executive. Strong character traits. He is efficient, so he can reach professional heights and become a good boss.

However, this is not his goal.

He is devoid of adventurism, and is not in a hurry to step forward. Friends «overgrown» in school years, but few remain. Avoids communication.

He is fascinated by bold and determined people, not like himself. After all, since childhood there are dreams of faraway countries, achievements in sports.

Tikhon can combine several different talents and passions. Diligence, responsibility, curiosity favor the study of history, archeology, scientific activity.

Technical specialties, teaching or mentoring activities are also subject to Tikhon.

Thanks to nontrivial, creative thinking, it is possible to become an art historian, painter, musician. A special place is occupied by the ability to heal, heal.

Rarely does a man attain wealth, if only by chance.

Family and love relationships, marital compatibility

Tikhon can build a strong marriage, possessing some particularly positive traits of nature. Multi-patient, loyal, avoids only a household routine, housework.

Avoids to visit, on the contrary — ready to receive.

Good husband, lover. A woman for the union is looking for domineering and beautiful, impressive. External non-emotional, internally — thirst for emotions, adventures.

Conflicting man, proud.

Ready for a single marriage, subject to the adoption of his rich inner world and, of course, weaknesses.

The value of the name Tikhon - the origin of the name, health, love relationships

Strong feelings in love are possible with women by the name of: Vera, Maria, Valentine, Tatiana, Barbara, Emma, ​​Faina, Anastasia.

Marriage compatibility is good: Zinaida, Zoya, Lydia, Lucia, Nina, Polina, Alexandra, Marina, Tatyana.

Avoid relationships: with Lilia, Taisia, Antonina, Catherine, Elena, Raisa, Ulyana.

Angel Day, saints named Tikhon

The name of the bishop of Voronezh Tikhon Zadonsky is called the divine patron of the name The saint worked out wonderful healings from misfortunes, illnesses.

Helped the poor, ordinary people. He was called Zadonsky wonderworker.

Name days are celebrated several times a year:

  • August 1 and 26, Tikhon Zadonsky, Bishop of Voronezh.
  • August 9, Tikhon Buzov, Archimandrite
  • March 5, Tikhon of Valaam
  • May 27, Tikhon
  • June 29, Tikhon Amafuntsky, Tikhon Lukhovskoy, Tikhon Medynsky
  • July 9, Tikhon Lukhovskoy

Various aspects of the name, astrology

Most favorable matches:

  • Planet Neptune
  • The main sign of the zodiac is Cancer: it is preferable to name boys born in the summer.
  • Rock Mascot — Carnelian, Garnet-Pyrope
  • Color, auspicious — all shades of red, blue, gray
  • Totem Tree — Fir
  • Animal totem — hedgehog

In the summer, born Tikhon, does not lose a favorable mood. Ready to inspire optimism in others, to share a great mood, optimist.

«Autumn» carrier name, sensitive, complacent, kindhearted. Good sense of humour.

Tikhon, born in the winter inspired by enthusiasm people. Often unsuccessfully trying to resist undeserved claims, touchy.

«Spring» Tikhon has the gift of entrepreneurship, seeking and finding benefits in life. Can build a career, own business.

The value of the name Tikhon - the origin of the name, health, love relationships

Famous carriers named Tikhon:

  1. Tikhon Zadonsky, Bishop of Voronezh
  2. Tikhon Streshnev, government official, Moscow governor in the time of Peter the Great
  3. Tikhon Khrennikov, Soviet composer
  4. Tikhon Polner, journalist, historian
  5. Tikhon Abramov, Hero of the Soviet Union
  6. Tikhon Rabotnov, a geobotanist
  7. Tikhon Yeroshevsky, ophthalmologist, scientist
  8. Tikhon Syomushkin, writer
  9. Tikhon Bumazhkov, commander of a partisan detachment

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