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The value of the name Semen, the nature and fate of the boy

The name Semyon is of Hebrew origin. The meaning of the name is “hearer of God,” “heard of God,” translated from Hebrew.

The boy, called Seed, will be under the protection of higher powers. This name will help him in life to avoid many troubles, save him from making wrong decisions, will contribute to the development of positive character traits.

The male name Semen is popular in many countries where it has other forms: Shimon, Simeon, Simon, Samvel, Seiman, Shamil, Samuel, Simon or Samvel.

In the Orthodox calendar this name is not found in the modern sound, therefore, when boys are baptized, they name Simeon. Saints with this name patronize Seeds. According to the church calendar, the celebration of the day of the angel and the name day of this man are associated with the nearest date of birth to the saint, in whose honor the person is named:

  • January 17;
  • February 8, 14, 16, 21, 23, 26, 28;
  • March 25;
  • April 18, 30;
  • May 2, 10, 20, 22, 25, 31;
  • June 6, 23, 28;
  • July 8;
  • 3, 17, 27 August;
  • September 12, 14, 23, 25;
  • October 13, 28, 31;
  • November 12, 16, 22;
  • 2, 8, 29, 31 December.

Abbreviated version — Sema. But experts do not recommend parents and relatives often shorten the full name.

To character traits inherent in the name, revealed, a brief version is better to completely eliminate from circulation.

The value of the name Semen, the nature and fate of the boy

Lucky Symbols, Signs and Mascots for Seeds:

Patron planetSaturn
Patron saintAir
Zodiac signAquarius
A rockEmerald
Totem animalTiger
MascotMagpie (picture or figure of a bird)
Lucky numbers1, 6, 5, 7
Important years of life17, 24, 38, 46
Good day of the weekSaturday

The value of the name Semen, the nature and fate of the boy

The nature of the seeds is largely due to the period of his birth. If the boy was born in the winter, he has a good chance of reaching the heights in his career or business.

Winter Semyon is independent of the opinions of others, he is always guided by his own views and beliefs. Since this man has an analytical mind, he often manages to achieve goals.

Spring Semyon is intelligent and prudent, he takes on the job with a pre-compiled action plan. But those born in the summer are light-headed, dreamy and naive, always looking for themselves. One should not put high hopes on a summer man named by this name, he is rather inconstant.

But autumn boys are reliable, they quickly become attached to people. Loyalty and honesty for them — the most important values ​​in life.

Influencing constellations also leave their mark on the behavior and character of the Seeds. Depending on the zodiacal sign of a man shows both positive and negative sides of the personality.

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