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The value of the name Savely, the nature and fate of the boy

The boy, named Savely, has a surprisingly independent character. From an early age he feels his own superiority over others, but he treats people condescendingly.

In society, Savely never follows the crowd. He has his own opinion on everything, which is most often different from generally accepted concepts.

This man is a bright individualist. It is impossible not to notice, it is popular with women.

In any team, Savely attracts fans, but this guy often looks down on the ladies. Only an extraordinary girl who, like himself, is strong and freedom-loving can become his life partner.

The name Savely is translated from Hebrew as «requested, begged from God.» In ancient times, parents called long-awaited sons by this name, for whom they had long prayed to the Lord.

The history of the name has a different version. Some experts claim that the name Savely is of Latin origin — from the word «sabellus».

The meaning of the name in this case is “unpretentious” or “simple”.

In a close circle, the full male name is used infrequently. Friends and parents name the boy briefly or affectionately: Sava, Savushka, Velusha.

But in order to reveal the inherent talents of the name, you should call it completely — Saveliy.

The value of the name Savely, the nature and fate of the boy

In the calendar this name occurs 1 time. According to legend, the martyred brothers Manuel, Savel and Ismail refused to participate in pagan sacrifices and died for their faith in Christ the Savior.

According to the church calendar, the boy is called Savel, in honor of Savel the Persian, of Chalcedon. Namely Savely celebrates this martyr’s memorial day — June 30th.

The value of the name Savely, the nature and fate of the boy

For Savely, the following symbols, patrons and talismans are happy:

Patron PlanetsPluto, Moon
Patron saintAir
Patron saint constellationsGemini, Cancer
A rockOpal
ColorsOrange blue
Totem animalDolphin
TalismansStar, bird (image or figure)
Lucky numbers4, 5, 9
Important years of life8, 15, 16
Good days of the weekThursday Friday

The value of the name Savely, the nature and fate of the boy

The name Savely is consonant with many patronymic names:

  • Aleksandrovich;
  • Alexeyevich;
  • Andreevich;
  • Sergeyevich;
  • Ivanovich;
  • Ilyich;
  • Petrovich;
  • Vyacheslavovich.

The nature of a man changes somewhat, if he is constantly called by name and patronymic. The letter “p” endows the boy with toughness and decisiveness that are not characteristic of the gentle and suspicious Savely.

If in the middle there is no “growling” consonant, then it enhances such qualities as simplicity, kindness, mercy.

The character of Savelia depends on the period of birth:

  • summer boys are naughty and charming, these are optimistic natures who always find a reason to have fun;
  • Autumn Sava is serious and silent, he is able to focus on the chosen goal, therefore he is able to achieve great success;
  • Wintry is intelligent and intelligent, this man has a negative attitude towards vulgarity and swagger, he is a true esthete;
  • Spring Savely is cunning and resourceful, he has a well developed sharpness, he is able to find a way out even from the most difficult situation.

Some bright qualities in the character of this man are manifested under the influence of the controlling constellation.

Zodiac sign and date of birthCharacteristics of Savelia
Aries (21. 03 — 19. 04)Purposeful, assertive, ambitious
Taurus (20. 04 — 20. 05)Decisive, reasonable, thorough
Gemini (21. 05 — 21. 06)Volatile, cheerful, friendly
Cancer (22. 06 — 22. 07)Vulnerable, suspicious, compliant
Leo (23. 07 — 22. 08)Brave, domineering, self-confident
Virgo (23. 08 — 22. 09)Practical, calculating, prudent
Scales (23. 09 — 23. 10)Sweet, hesitant, calm
Scorpio (24. 10 — 22. 11)Insidious, freedom-loving, vindictive
Sagittarius (23. 11 — 21. 12)Cheerful, irresponsible, good-natured
Capricorn (22. 12 — 19. 01)Pessimistic, smart, practical
Aquarius (20. 01 — 18. 02)Independent, changeable, responsive
Fish (19. 02 — 20. 03)Dreamy, kind, fair

If you decipher each letter in the name, you can make a brief description of the person.

The interpretation of the name Savely:

  1. 1. C — discretion and prudence. The letter indicates logical thinking and hard work. In a love relationship, a person is prone to sentimentality.
  2. 2. A — the desire for success, fortitude, the thirst for power. The first letter of the alphabet distinguishes persistent and persistent people.
  3. 3. In — sociability and romance. These people quickly find a common language with others, it is easy and pleasant to communicate with them. However, to their person they require increased attention, and if they do not receive it, they are greatly offended.
  4. 4. E — friendliness, energy and impulsivity. The influence of this letter gives a person decisiveness, but he often commits rash acts.
  5. 5. L — originality and creativity. This letter in the name of a man gives him talents, such a person can achieve success in many areas of activity. But he should not waste his abilities on a lot of cases, you just need to find your way and not turn away from it.
  6. 6. And — insight and initiative. The difference between romantic and sentimental natures. The man is prone to reverie.
  7. 7. TH — Willpower and sharp mind. This person seeks to lead a healthy lifestyle, he is able to overcome bad habits without help from others.

The fate of Savely often full of dizzying ups and downs. The impulsiveness of this guy is manifested in all areas of activity. Sava doesn’t like to analyze situations, so she largely relies on luck and intuition.

He makes decisions with lightning speed and moves in the chosen direction to the end. But if the first steps are wrong and in the end things fail, Savely does not lose heart.

He is optimistic about the future, taking joy and grief as an inevitable experience.

All his aspirations are aimed at grandiose accomplishments. Sava believes that any dream can be fulfilled if you do not give up and not give up.

As a child, Savely is different from peers in seriousness and gloominess. This boy from an early age prefers to communicate with adults, and not with children. Sava keeps away from the group: when everyone jumps and has fun, this child is concentrating on drawing or making something in a remote corner.

His imagination and ingenuity are often manifested in the creation of new models, which he collects from parts of designers. Savely does not like to act on the proposed schemes.

It generates extraordinary ideas to surprise everyone.

Parents should not force the kid to play sports if Sava does not show interest in him. This boy is obedient. If he is told that he must do wrestling or football, the child will follow the instructions of the adults, but it will suffer.

Savely has a fine nervous system, so if he has to do something through force, he becomes aggressive, tearful and unbalanced. A bad dream is the first sign that something in the life of this child contradicts his inner desires.

Sava is a good student, but his academic performance depends a lot on the atmosphere in the team. The boy does not reach for his peers, so sometimes he is unjustly offended because he is not like everyone else.

If this situation has already developed in the classroom, parents should think about transferring Savely to another school so that he does not grow up angry.

The teenage years for Sava’s parents are calm. The young man is not inclined to mess with bad companies.

Usually, by the age of 13-15, he already finds his true friends and comrades in some fascinating business. Savely stretches to social activities, he is happy to participate in various activities.

This guy will perfectly cope with the role of the leader in the children’s camp, he can be trusted with the organization of the school concert. Sava has a responsible approach to the implementation of the tasks assigned to him, so the teachers treat him kindly.

As a teenager, Savely chooses a profession for a long time. He is a very intelligent and sensible guy, he ponders the most important decisions in his life very carefully.

The choice of his specialty is related to the level of income that the acquired knowledge can bring in the future. Sava will never go to study in a non-prestigious institution.

He studies in advance the statistics and salaries of past graduates. For Savely, independence is the most important value in life, and he considers money as the main condition for achieving complete freedom.

This young man starts dating women pretty early on, but rarely enters into a serious relationship. He is a true conqueror, but after receiving the desired Saveliy loses interest in the object of passion. Only an intelligent and unapproachable lady who will close her eyes to the guy talking to other girls will be able to charm and tie him to her.

Before marriage, Sava is not distinguished by loyalty, but if he makes a choice in favor of one chosen one, then he becomes a loyal companion.

All his life, this man seeks to find his true path, but the variability in his character does not allow him to stop there and rest on his laurels. Having conquered one peak, Savely immediately outlines the next one for himself. He repeatedly changes his job and place of residence, as he is bored with being in one place for a long time.

In marriage, the inconsistency of this man does not often appear, but still this guy is rarely limited to one marriage.

He loves women, and they reciprocate him. Usually those named by this name are good at themselves, they are able to emphasize their external merits, and the elusive charm and brutality beckon girls to them. Have Savely often happen fleeting and short-term novels.

But if after several meetings the lady fails to win his heart, he mercilessly says goodbye to her.

This man is important feelings. In love, as in everything else, he aspires to his own ideal.

A constant and strong relationship with a woman arises in him only if he falls madly in love with the chosen one. There must always be some mystery in the girl so that the man does not lose interest in her.

Savely is able to provide for himself and his family on his own, so the beloved’s financial position doesn’t interest him. This man will never enter into a marriage of convenience.

Only true love can push him to start a family.

Characteristics of Savelia in various aspects:

Health and psycheSava has good health, and as a child he suffers much less often than other babies. Savely does not like to keep fit, but if he completely refuses the gym, pool and other types of activity, overweight problems bring him many diseases very early. Sava has a weak cardiovascular system, so easy running or long walks is very helpful. This man has strong nerves, but he can get angry when dealing with boring people. Savely does not like empty talk, and if someone draws him into such conversations, the guy becomes irritable
Career and business

Savely is goal-oriented, but he is too freedom-loving to work for a long time under the guidance of someone. If he fails to quickly take a management position, he is looking for another job.

In business, Sava is able to reach maximum heights. But for this he needs a reliable partner.

Savely will destroy any business on his own, as he will introduce too many new ideas into it, forgetting about the main goal. But together with a like-minded person who can correct the course of development, this man will surely succeed.

Hobbies and hobbiesSavelia attracts innovation, technical development and complex schemes. This is a creative person. Sava is interested in the result of the activity. With the same zeal, he can build a country house and develop a computer program, while always thinking only about the final goal. His excitement spurs, Savely always wants to do something usefulLoveIn love relationships, Savely is affectionate and romantic. He envelops his darling with care. Next to him, a woman feels her exclusivity and attractiveness. Sava is able and loves to make compliments, he likes to give gifts. For his girlfriend, he cares beautifully and gallantly, he early learns and studies the art of seduction. You can safely call him a love-woman, so a lady who decides to connect life with him will have to accept the fact that her lover will flirt with others. Often love affair Savely originate from friendship. This guy can long maintain a friendly relationship with a girl, and then suddenly make her an offer if he sees that she fits his idealMarriageThe married life of this man develops well, if the wife does not claim a leading role in the relationship. In his family, Saveliy should take the leading position. Non-submission to the rules established by him, he considers disrespect for himself. His wife must follow him in everything, otherwise the marriage will soon fall apart. Sava is an excellent family man, his household is unlikely to ever be in need. A man knows how to earn money, and his wife provides the opportunity to do housework, leaving work. However, financial issues in this family are decided by the husband. Savely is not stingy, but it is practical for spending money. Wife-spender can not mindlessly spend his money. This man’s budget is designed for many years to come, so he will not allow spending an extra penny on something unnecessary.SexIn bed, Savely is passionate and inventive. His sex life is filled with sensuality and affection. He cares about the enjoyment of his partner, but also requires proper attention to himself from the woman. Squeezed and buying caressing lady is unlikely to be in his bed again. For sex, this man is looking for ardent and uninhibited mistresses

Relations with Savely develop successfully with compliant and good-natured girls. Given the characteristics of female names, experts note that Sava has the greatest compatibility with:

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