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The value of the name Renata in the formation of character and the impact on fate

The main meaning of the name Renata — a complex character and good fortune

About what the name Renata means, in different countries they have an ambiguous opinion. The etymology of the word has played a big role in this. Each version can be explained in its own way.

In the west, they believe that it contains the meaning of «revived,» «born again.» It originates in the era of the Roman Empire and has a Latin root. If we consider the Arabic version, the meaning is different — “pleasant melody” (ريناتة).

In most states where the leading religion is Islam, this value is most popular.

The value of the name Renata in the formation of character and the impact on fate

There is also a peculiar Soviet interpretation. The word Renata was formed by adding parts of the root of three words: revolution, science, labor.

Romantics of those times invested just such a value in the name of their child.

Alien name variants

  • Renata — England
  • Rene — Denmark
  • Renate — Germany
  • Rene — Sweden
  • Renáta — Hungary, Czech Republic
  • Renea — Breton. lang
  • Renata — Poland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Romania
  • Renata — Ukraine
  • Renée — France

Reduced and diminutive options

If a lady with this name decides to go abroad, then the passport will be written — RENATA.

In Orthodoxy the name is not defined, it is revered in the Catholic Church.

Character and its influence on the fate of Rene

The value of the name Renata in the formation of character and the impact on fate

For the child peculiar variability. That girl Renatochka — the very quiet charm, then rude elders and flashes out of the blue. This behavior is extremely rare, but takes place.

The advantages include a correct understanding of the categories «good — bad.» She thinks interesting, non-standard. With the crowd does not like to merge and will not.

Renata will carry these features through her entire life.

Study does not attract, but knowledge masters well, because it is necessary. Good memory.

Easy to give the humanities. Although, with effort, in accuracy, it is also able to succeed.

If difficulties arise, it will be nervous. The main thing that the girl really wanted to do, then she will move mountains.

A special feature of health is stamina, although the overall condition is average. Wins victory in the sport. Requires strict adherence to the regime, as not quite stable NA.

It is impossible that often worried and nervous. She is secretive about her state of health, she may not tell adults for a long time what is bad for her.

Adult Nata pursues idealism. Over the years, he only grows stronger, but it is not without practicality. Somewhere she may even be calculating.

Ready to drown the voice of conscience, if the situation requires. Her idealistic views do not go beyond words. However, a woman is rarely able to violate moral principles.

Dear in her circle, her opinion is always listened to. Diligence, excellent work — the main positive moments of the girl.

Difficult in relations with households, strict, but very fond of them.

Various characteristics, talismans and patrons of Renáta

The main secret is that he can change his life drastically. It is surprising the sharp change of image.

  • Gemini.
  • The main totem is Pelican.
  • Planet — Mercury.
  • The plant is a family of hornbeam; purslane.
  • Color — gray, with a tint of blue.
  • The talisman is beryl stone.

Namedays are not marked.

Different sides of life

Thanks to her responsibility and diligence, Renata perfectly manifests herself as a business lady. She succeeds in treating people, especially women.

If it connects life with religious activities, then it is given to it completely.

By the property is zealous, very resourceful person. Such traditional things as family life, household are very important to her.

Able to build a successful career.

Even as a baby, Rena can demonstrate her character and disturb her parents. At an early age almost no ill.

Mental development is closely dependent on the name of the father. ODS, acute respiratory infections, scarlet fever are dangerous for her.

Should be attentive to the ears. Often a high temperature in many diseases. Those born in spring have anorexia danger.

Autumn Renata — nervous. Summer threatened respiratory system diseases.

Love marriage

Will protect the family nest, even if the marriage hangs in the balance. Grievous about the turmoil and the collapse of relations with a man. She blames herself, thinks she didn’t see or didn’t do something that could bring the family back.

For her, it’s a disaster. He loves male affection.

The names of men who can form a good union:

Famous carriers of the Name

The value of the name Renata in the formation of character and the impact on fate

  • Rina (Ekaterina) Zelenaya — actress of cinema, theater (USSR)
  • Rina Levinzon — poet (Russia, Israel)
  • Renata Muller — A. Hitler’s Bride, Actress (Germany)
  • Renate — Goetchl — skier, bronze, silver of the Olympics (Austria)
  • Renate Grunewold — speed skater, Olympics silver (Netherlands)
  • Renata Olevskaya — bard
  • Renata Litvinova — film actress, producer (Russia)

Some sources report that negative moments in the life of a girl named Renata may prevail. This is especially true of the transition period.

In the future, problems with communication are usually smoothed out.

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