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The value of the name Philip — especially the fate, the formation of character, life

The basic meaning of the name Philip is fate, life and character formation.

For the ancient Hellenes, the horse was identified with the nobility and noble origin. From the depths of mythology came the name Philip, in a literal translation from the Greek. — lover of horses.

Healthy and strong newborn boys were often so called, hoping that they would become worthy warriors.

The value of the name Philip - especially the fate, the formation of character, life

From Greece, the name began to spread among other nations. Europeans and even Jews treated him with respect, as it characterized the personality endowed with strong-willed and leadership qualities.

Variants and variations of the name

In many countries, Philip is still popular. Especially among Christians of all directions.

  • Philip — Phillip — English lang
  • Philippe (Philip) — fr.
  • Philippus (Filippus) — him.
  • Felipe (Felipe) — isp.
  • Filippo (Filippo) — ital.

Diminutive form

A large number, including some modified, but having the same value

The nature of the owner of the name Philip

It is believed that there is not only a positive side, but also a negative one. In the first case, this is a healthy pride and pride within reasonable limits.

The young man will be beautiful body and soul. Inherent dedication and careerism in the good sense of the word. Phil never hurts loved ones.

For him, traditions always matter. This is the owner of a good and generous heart.

God gives the boy from an early age great abilities. A real speaker, a debater who always wins.

Curiosity is inherent in the phenomenal memory.

There are unpleasant moments. There is an excessive stubbornness, a quick change of mood. The child loves to be funny, selfish.

May exalt himself and demean others. Since childhood, the family should not fall into extremes when raising a child.

Immediately should instill more sensitive attention to others.

For little Fili, mothers will be a big authority. He is like a mirror in adulthood will be a reflection of her character. Loves to be praised.

Adapts well to any environment. Sometimes it helps when it is profitable.

The value of the name Philip - especially the fate, the formation of character, life

Nature is full of brightness, movement. Beautiful mind, rich imagination. However, not all work attracts him.

Preferred organizational. Able to achieve great success, provided the ability to solve everything quickly and take over.

Thanks to his positive qualities, Phil is always successful. A lot of good friends from early childhood.

The name is strong. Carriers often reach career heights, are leaders. The path in art is also successful, but men are most clearly manifested in science or business.

Always self-assured and strive to keep everything in their hands. It is difficult to influence him, he always makes decisions himself, but he does not refuse advice.

Able to make the right conclusions. Is decent.

Various characteristics of the name Philip

  • Zodiac sign — Aquarius.
  • The colors of luck are shades of brown, lilac, blue.
  • Planet — Venus.
  • Stones amulets — emerald, jasper.
  • Plants — linden, peony

The value of the name Philip - especially the fate, the formation of character, life

Day Angel

Twice on the patron saints of the Orthodox:

According to the Catholic canons:

The name of an adult Phil is well combined with Margot, Inna, Any, Tamara. Little pleasant awaits him with Daria, Raisa, Maria.

Life aspects

Much depends on the age at which a person makes his decision to change something.

Love and marriage

In the case of an early relationship, the outcome can be disastrous. Having passed it as a kind of test, the young man will leave his soul mate. Especially if it is flexible and does not have a strong will.

He will always find some reasons for discontent and constantly lead. Loving a girl, even sincerely, will think more about herself.

If you create a family in adulthood, the marriage bond will be strong. Especially if the lady of the heart with a strong character.

In many ways, they will move in the same direction and understand each other well.

Career work

Most often, all our plans come true. Thanks to the ability to defend their interests, to prove their own correctness, the results will be more than expected.

It will be difficult with employees, somewhere they even dislike him, but they always respect him. His professions are often associated with military affairs, diplomacy, science.

It is important for him to always be in good standing and in plain sight.

For all his appearance of a strong man, Felip is not as healthy as it may seem. His weak point is his heart. We must beware of a stroke.

She is keen on healthy lifestyles, feasibly engaged in physical exercise.

Famous carriers named

The list can be very long, so the name Philip is able to prove himself with dignity in many areas. Here are just a small part of the endless list:

  • Philippe Kino — writer (France).
  • Philip Henry Gosse — scientist, invented the aquarium (England).
  • Filippo (Giordano) Bruno — a scientist.
  • Philip Runge — painter (Germany).
  • Philip Pullman — Writer (Britain).
  • Philip Malyavin — artist (Russia).
  • Philip L. Seidel — Astronomer (Germany).
  • F. Kirkorov — singer (USSR, Russia).

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