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The value of the name Pauline — characteristics and fate of the holders of the name

Paulina’s rare name: what does celebrity bestow on her character?

Among the variety of female names, sometimes there are very unusual names. For example, Paulina.

The romantic name corresponding to the Russian equivalent of Pavlin or Polina is not listed in the Orthodox calendar because of the Roman roots. However, in the Catholic calendar is present. If you refer to the Latin language, the meaning of the name is “modest”.

By origin, it is considered to be also Italian.

The value of the name Pauline - characteristics and fate of the holders of the name

Characteristics of Paulina-Polina

Variety of Names

The interpretation of the Roman generic name is associated with a small and modest girl, which can affectionately be called the Pavlinochka, Polinka or Pavlinka, Pavoy, Pavlusy or Pavusay. For adult women, the modification of the name sounds like Lina, Pauli or Pau, Lynette, Pavel or Linuchcha.

This is the female version of the male counterpart Peacock (Pauline), derived from the Roman generic nickname (cognomen Paulinus). In the male version, the nickname denotes the humble small.

What days does the angel’s day fall on:

  • summer Paolins celebrate birthday on June 6, as well as July 9;
  • for autumn Paulina, it is the day of October 10;
  • Winter Polina celebrates Angel Day on December 2 and 31.

Life will give a strong, but difficult character, interesting, eventful. However, having a strong will and a calculating mind, Lynette lacks the perseverance to finish the job.

She does not at all rely on the support of friends and relatives; she is suspicious of new acquaintances, not because of fear, but because of distrust.

What characteristics correspond to:

  • the meaning of the name is associated with the sacrament of blood, therefore the color of the Pavlyonchka is red;
  • strawberry is considered a totem plant, and a swan is a talisman from the animal world;
  • among the persons of the zodiacal circle, the name Pauline corresponds to the Leo;
  • the nature of the bearer name can be attributed to the excitable choleric, quickly losing his temper;
  • among the main character traits — high activity on the verge of reflection, which results in increased excitability;
  • Paolina’s nature is nervous, even impulsive, blindly trusting the mind, which can sometimes fail;
  • ladies with high intelligence are very self-satisfied, they consider themselves smarter than everyone, and those around them are fools;
  • Peacocky devoid of intuition are sociable, in their environment people are not so much pleasant as useful.

The swan is considered to be the totem animal for Paulina, the meaning of the image gives a woman beauty and grace. At the same time, it is a cold beauty with a callous character that is not tolerant of people; the bearer of the name is always ready to fight.

The value of the name Pauline - characteristics and fate of the holders of the name

What fate awaits Pauli

Prideful nature is not devoid of caution, is serious. Even in childhood, demanding Polina keeps her parents under stress.

In adult life, a woman who does not recognize authority, lives according to the laws of the jungle. However, Pusius himself is as strict with himself as the others. A prudent girl learns well, putting heavy loads on herself, which results in nervous breakdowns.

A girl can be called fun, even interesting, but for complete harmony she must be confident in her surroundings.

Correspondence of values ​​in the sign of the zodiac

  • According to the zodiac canons, the name Paulina fits a girl born under the sign of Leo (July 23 — August 23).
  • Zodiac lord is able to generously bestow on the owner of the name with energy and purposefulness of creative nature.
  • From Pavlinochki woman will grow up proud, seeking to lead all, very demanding, but reckless with finances.

Since the name is not typical for the residents of our country, parents should think hard before calling the child Paulina. Indeed, in combination with Russian surnames, the ancient Roman name does not sound particularly harmonious, which will unnerve Polina’s nature even more.

Her character even in childhood can not be corrected.

What health gives fate

The bearer of an unusually rare name has not very good health, his unsteadiness is due to the instability of the nervous system. Increased irritability Peacocks turn into fatigue, so a woman can not do without prolonged sleep and good rest.

Professional aspects

Pavel, who is almost not capricious (as the Russian interpretation of the Latin analogue sounds like), independently masters his studies without the help of his parents. The girl learns the basics of science herself, without the help of additional classes and tutors.

Adult Pauline does not particularly strive to work, her career ladder is not storming, being content with ordinary posts. But if a woman takes on the overwhelming amount of work, the nervous system signals disruptions.

A beautiful lady will work comfortably in the banking sector, a museum or a music school, a theater, and sports trainings level emotional overloads.

Sphere of love and family relationships

In relations with men, strict Paulina is cold, with burning sexuality is no different, rather indifference. However, by marrying, a caring woman becomes a good housewife, a loving wife.

She expects tenderness and care from her husband, idealizing him, raising her children in strictness, although not always correctly.

What are the male names for Paulina good fate? Compatibility can be expected:

  • with a strong personality of Igor and sociable Vadim;
  • balanced by David or calm George;
  • independent Gleb, good-natured, but firm Yuri;
  • with a very obedient Nicholas or a strong-willed Stepan;
  • caring Seed, courageous Peter.

If a loving, but demanding woman decides that her husband does not love her enough, she may become depressed, concern for the well-being of her own family will fade into the background. Paulina needs composure, waiting for tenderness and loyalty from the chosen one, attaches great importance to the words of love and admiration.

Intolerance Peacocks to the people pushes her to confront with the close environment. According to the meaning of the name, graceful as a swan, beautiful and haughty lady of callousness soul, but longs for success.

The value of the name Pauline - characteristics and fate of the holders of the name

The fate of the famous carriers of the name Paulina

  • Paulina Kellogg Wright Davis (1813) — American medical doctor and educator, defending the rights of women;
  • Paulina Myasnikova (1910) — an unprofessional Russian actress who played the real women of the times of Stalinist repression;
  • Paulina Von Metternich (1836) — Austrian princess, progressive leader of the fashionable communities of the Austrian as well as the French empire;
  • Paulina Donald (1882) — opera singer (soprano) from Canada, who conquered Europe and America with her acting skills;
  • Paulina Rubio (1971) — Mexican singer and actress, whose vocal works were awarded a gold and platinum disc;
  • Paulina Vega (1993) — a beautiful woman from a simple Colombian family who won the 2014 Miss Universe 2014 title;
  • Paulina Porizkova (1965) — the Czech model, the subjugator of the world catwalk, who became an actress and director, author of books and a screenwriter;
  • Paulina Andreeva (1988) — the young actress from St. Petersburg does not have a particularly rich filmography, but her spectacular heroines are well remembered by the audience;
  • Paulina Musters (1876) — Dutch girl is famous for the smallest height (58 cm), in Europe was known as the dancer Princess Pauline.

According to some scholars, the value of the female name Paulina is closely related to the male equivalent of Paul. Even the translation from the Latin is associated with the image of the little daughter of a man.

Such a rare name of girls is called mainly in honor of close relatives. Exquisite graceful women, who should wear jewelry with a cat’s eye, onyx or sapphire, is quite appropriate for a beautiful swan bird.

Owners of the name are very similar to her.

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