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The value of the name Paul, the character and fate of the boy

Paul: the meaning and origin of the name, the nature of the character, compatibility and fate

According to phonosemantic analysis, the name Paul has the following characteristics: “fast”, “quiet”, “short”. Such a controversial description fits the owner of the name, who does not like to attract attention to himself and show all his talents at once.

To many, he seems somewhat sluggish, phlegmatic and gentle, but in reality the guy possesses remarkable strength of will and purposefulness. When others give up and give up, Pasha stubbornly goes to the realization of his plans and as a result, unexpectedly for everyone, gets what he wants.

The owner of the name is so charming and charismatic that it is simply impossible not to fall in love with it. He is an excellent connoisseur of human psychology, therefore, he often uses others for personal gain, but his relatives may have no doubt of his reliability, sincerity and decency.

Linguists who study the mystery and etymology of the name Paul refer to the version that it has Latin roots and is derived from the word “paulus”, which means “small, small” in Russian. That is how in antiquity they nicknamed babies who were born the last in the family.

Since the son was often named after his father, to distinguish the relatives they used this prefix “paulus”, i.e. “junior”, adding it to the son’s name.

According to this interpretation, the meaning of the name Paul is “baby, small, modest”.

Full form — Paul, short — Pasha. Derivatives of the patronymic: Pavlovich, Pavlovna, Palych (colloquial version). Female analogues: Paul, Paula, Polla.

The most common forms of the name are Pavlik, Pavlusha, Pavlunya, Pashenka, Pashechka, Pavlyunya, Pavlyus, Pavlukh, Pavl, Pavlyukash, Pavlyuk, Pashukha, Pashuta, Pania, Pan, Pal, Panyasha, Paliunya, Palunya, Pashata.

To synonyms include: Paul, Pablo, Paul, Paul, Paulo, Pauli, Pau, Pal, Poghos, Paavali, Paulin, Peacock.

Famous people named Pavel:

  • the famous Russian admiral Nakhimov;
  • patron of arts, founder of the gallery of the same name in Moscow Tretyakov;
  • Russian entrepreneur, owner of Demidov Ural iron-smelting plants;
  • Soviet cosmonauts Belyaev, Vinogradov, Popovich;
  • outstanding scientists Alexandrov, Anosov, Sukhoi, Yablochkov, Goinkis;
  • artists Chelishchev, Chistyakov;
  • actors Mochalov, Luspekaev, Springfeld, Priluchny;
  • Soviet writer and storyteller Bazhov;
  • religious philosopher, theologian Florensky;
  • the astrologer Globa;
  • conductor Kogan;
  • directors Chukhrai, Lungin;
  • TV host and showman Will;
  • the founder of the social network VKontakte Durov;
  • Russian hockey player Bure.

The value of the name Paul, the character and fate of the boy

  • planet — Pluto, Mercury;
  • element — Earth;
  • metal — aluminum;
  • the corresponding zodiac sign is Gemini, Virgo.

The magic symbols and talismans include:

  • Color — blue, purple, red, orange.
  • Plant — aster.
  • Tree — rowan, hazelnut.
  • Totem animal — too, rudd.
  • The stone talisman is a ruby.
  • A good day of the week is Wednesday.
  • Happy season is autumn.
  • Significant years of life — 16, 41, 44.

In numerology, the number name is the number 4, which is associated with reliability and practicality. A person with such a number of fate is decent, honest, appreciates consistency and stability.

He does not like change, prefers to live according to a predetermined plan. Hardworking, energetic, can be both a competent boss and a responsible executor. Able to organize the work process and properly distribute responsibilities, but it is too strict and picky.

Avoids irresponsible and unpunctual people, because he does not forget anything and always keeps his word.

A person with such a number of destiny loves comfort and coziness, nature, children and animals, outdoor recreation. Close surrounds care and attention, never betray or deceive.

In making decisions guided solely by common sense. Because of the emotional coldness of a “four” man, the family sometimes lacks warmth. Of the shortcomings of character can also be identified pettiness, pedantry, tediousness, limitation.

Such a person needs to develop his imagination, broaden his horizons, learn to relax and sometimes give vent to emotions.

Since the full form of the name consists of 5 letters, this indicates the man’s humanitarian inclinations, his deep inner world, erudition, education, and curiosity. Such a person seeks to grasp the essence of things and get to the truth.

Literal transcript:

  • P — scrupulousness, accuracy, dependence on someone else’s opinion, excitement, excellent memory.
  • A — activity, energy, leadership skills, the desire for spiritual and physical harmony.
  • B — optimism, sociability, love of nature and art, creative abilities.
  • E — insight, knowledge of human psychology, mercantile spirit, egoism.
  • L — artistry, the ability to win over, logical thinking, capriciousness.

The value of the name Paul, the character and fate of the boy

Like many other names of Greek origin, the name Paul came to Russia from Byzantium in the X-XI centuries, after Christianization. Received a massive spread among all social groups and for a long time did not go out of fashion. Used by both peasants and upper classes.

The most famous royal carrier of the name in national history is Paul I, the All-Russian Emperor, the Grand Master of the Order of Malta.

The peak of the popularity of the old male name fell on 1961-1970. Today it occupies the 23rd place in the ranking of the most sought-after in the Russian Federation.

In the Christian religion, the patron saints of the name holders are:

  • Priest-martyr Paul the First-Called, the apostle.
  • Martyr Paul of Caesarea (Palestine).
  • St. Paul the New, Constantinople, Patriarch.
  • Rev. Paul of Thebes, Egyptian, hermit.
  • Rev. Paul the Obedient (Guilty).
  • Martyr Pavel Lampsaksky.
  • Rev. Pavel Komelsky (Obnorsky).
  • Martyr Paul Byzantine, boy.
  • Rev. Pavel Pechersky, Obedient
  • Rev. Paul, Bishop Neokesariisky, confessor.
  • Martyr Paul the Corinthian.
  • Saint Paul of Prussiade, bishop, confessor.
  • Rev. Pavel Latriysky.
  • Martyr Paul the Ptolemais.
  • Martyr Paul I of Constantinople, Patriarch.
  • Priest-martyr Pavel Sinaisky, hegumen.
  • St. Paul of Nicea, bishop, confessor.
  • St. Paul the Simple, the hermit, the disciple of St. Anthony the Great.

The main patron of the name carriers is considered to be the holy Apostle Paul, who was originally called Saul. He was a Jew, was preparing to become a rabbi, and participated in the persecution of Christians. Once, on the way to Damascus, a man was blinded by Divine light: he heard the reproachful voice of the Lord and lost his sight.

After rethinking his life, Saul repented and converted to Christianity, baptized under the name Paul. During the ceremony, he miraculously saw the light, which further confirmed his faith.

St. Paul traveled the world and preached the word of God, wrote 14 original and heartfelt Christian epistles, which constitute a significant part of the New Testament. According to one version, he was executed by order of the emperor Nero.

The second states that after two years of imprisonment, Pavel was released, and he went to the East, where he lived until the end of his days.

Dates of the name of the church calendar:



5, 17, 22, 23, 27, 28, 30

1, 2, 3, 6, 17, 20, 23, 29, 30

1, 4, 10, 14, 16, 20, 21, 23, 27

9, 11, 12, 14, 20, 29

3, 5, 10, 12, 15, 17, 23, 30

7, 8, 16, 17, 21, 23

2, 4, 11, 16, 19, 20, 21

5, 8, 11, 15, 20, 28, 29

The value of the name Paul, the character and fate of the boy

The energy of the name gives its owner a deep inner world and a tendency to dive into their thoughts. Experiencing failures in himself, Paul becomes withdrawn, sometimes embittered and vindictive.

Parents need to teach a child from childhood to pronounce insults and problems, not to accumulate negative emotions.

It is also necessary to form an adequate self-esteem of the boy, not to overpraise him so that he does not turn into a narcissist and arrogant man.

Little Pasha is a kind, obedient, calm boy who since childhood manifests himself as a real gentleman. He loves his family very much, takes care of brothers and sisters, and is happy to help parents with the housework.

She has a very close emotional contact with her mother. He quickly finds a common language with his peers: he likes active and funny games, but never supports hooligan tricks that can lead to negative consequences.

On the contrary, the kid will definitely dissuade friends from dubious adventures.

His sluggishness and rationality are sometimes mistaken for laziness, but in reality Pasha is not at all such indecisive and inert as he might seem at first glance. If the boy needs something, he will certainly make every effort to achieve the desired.

Pasha is intelligent and well-developed, therefore childishness is alien to him. Each child’s action is thoughtful and thought out beforehand, which cannot but amaze adults.

Learning is given to the owner of the name easily, because he knows how to quickly synthesize the information received. Sometimes it is restless, especially in the lessons that seem to him boring and uninteresting. But the student pays much attention to his favorite subject and even studies additional literature in order to find answers to all questions.

Modesty and indecision prevent him from joining the ranks of the best students: teachers cannot always see a capable student in a shy boy.

The young man is experiencing a difficult teenage age easily: he does not lose interest in studying, does not get involved in dubious adventures and rarely falls under the negative influence of others. Tactful, loyal and friendly guy and love peers and teachers. He has a great sense of humor, so he is welcome in any company.

Pasha — a faithful and devoted friend who will never leave in trouble, will help not only with word, but with deed. He is capable of compassion and sympathy, which is rare among adolescents, usually fixated on themselves and their interests.

Pasha pays great attention to creating his own unique and inimitable image. The positive results of works strengthen his faith in himself, give strength.

The negative consequences of such a personal development are that the guy becomes overly confident, because he considers himself the ideal person who made himself.

The owner of the name — the guy is calm and balanced, but if you bring him out of himself, others will not be good. In a favorable environment shows its best qualities: kindness, sensitivity, cheerfulness. In the absence of mutual understanding and love from relatives and friends, it turns into a vindictive and vindictive person.

Parents need to remember about this particular child and not deprive him of support, warmth and affection during a difficult transition period.

An adult Paul is a prudent, calm, balanced man who always makes a favorable impression on others. He avoids unnecessary attention to his person, is suspicious of unfamiliar people, so he rarely opens his soul to anyone. Prefers to take the position of an outside observer, does not enter into open conflicts, compromises.

Despite his remarkable intellectual abilities, he does not try to outdo others in wit, but sometimes he can boast.

Paul does not know how to keep other people’s secrets, he does not mind gossiping.

The owner of the name is hardly a fighter, but in life he walks with a confident step, slowly and gradually moving towards his intended goal. Not inclined to rash actions, likes to figure out their actions in advance.

He is a perfectionist by nature, so he is scrupulous and responsible in any business. He painfully perceives defeats, but tries to be philosophical about failures.

The fate of the owner of the name is not replete with bright events, sharp ups and downs — on the contrary, the life of Paul goes smoothly and calmly.

Pavel is an introvert in psyche, so he is more obsessed with his inner world. He is patient, knows how to wait, observe, well-versed in people. The man is not interested in the opinions of others: he is free to do what he pleases.

An eccentric character is not always positively perceived by friends and relatives, but the charm and originality of the owner of the name more than compensate for minor flaws.

Pasha mercantile and behind the mask of goodwill and sincere interest often hides greedy interests, but is not capable of meanness and betrayal. He just wants to take advantage of a favorable chance, especially without infringing on the interests of others.

Sincere and honest man in people repel stupidity, impudence and selfishness.

Features of Paul’s deep nature will help to understand the information presented in the table:



A man has a stable psyche, maintains composure even in a critical situation. In a dispute, he prefers to give in so as not to disturb emotional balance. Likes constructive dialogues in a relaxed atmosphere, talk about higher matters.

Pavel has an excellent memory, a rich imagination, a high level of intelligence, but his thinking activity is somewhat inhibited. He is not able to quickly make decisions and instantly assess the situation.

Intuition helps the holder of the name to expose lies and hypocrisy

He is just and moral, never under any circumstances betrays his relatives, he tries to act according to his conscience. Can neglect the norms of morality for the sake of solid benefits

Reliability, perseverance, activity, intelligence, poise, ability to sympathy and compassion, sincerity, honesty

Talkativeness, internal inconsistency, excessive perfectionism, vindictiveness, laziness, suspicion, insistence

Paul is attracted to everything inexplicable and fantastic, so he is interested in mysticism and esotericism, sometimes he delves into occultism, religion or philosophy. He likes to speculate about the mysteries of life, the mysteries of the universe, to grasp the essence of things and get answers to exciting questions.

The man also likes to travel. Even having acquired a family, he does not deprive himself of the pleasure of visiting interesting places.

Character of the character is influenced by the time of year when the owner of the name was born.

This is a cheerful and witty man who likes to give people positive emotions: joy, laughter and smiles. Surrounding appreciate him for his cheerfulness, sociability, good nature, the complete absence of vanity, selfishness and pride.

Thanks to charm and sociability "winter" Pavel makes a lot of useful dating, which contribute to the promotion of a career.

Despite his cheerful disposition, the guy cannot be called frivolous: if he wishes, he immediately turns from a joker into a serious and business-like man.

"Spring" Paul lives by the interests of others, sometimes forgetting about his own problems and needs. He is sincere, honest, open, capable of sympathy and compassion, takes to other people’s failures and losses to heart.

It is not surprising that he is often asked for help, advice, or just to speak out about the painful.

This gentle and sensitive guy has excellent oratorical abilities, knows how to win over people, so he can become a successful lawyer or politician.

The owner of the name, born in the summer, is a rational and calm man who avoids conflicts. When making decisions, he is guided solely by common sense, therefore he is not inherent in getting involved in dubious adventures.

Enjoys increased attention in women. The fair sex can not resist the charms of such a gallant and courteous gentleman, so Pasha is reputed to be the conqueror of women’s hearts and ladies’ men.

Despite this reputation, the man is honest with his lovers: he does not give false hopes and empty promises for the sake of getting what he wants.

"Autumn" Pavel is a practical, pragmatic, prudent man. Thanks to patience, endurance and determination, slowly but surely moving up the career ladder.

He clearly plans the future, makes informed decisions, and does everything possible so that nothing can interfere with the course of events.

Women near him sometimes lack the warmth, affection and care: the owner of the name is alien to romantic impulses. But the emotional coldness is more than offset by the reliability, loyalty and decency of the man.

The nature has rewarded the man with good health, but he should strengthen the immunity with the help of proper nutrition, taking vitamins. In order to avoid depression and nervous breakdowns, overvoltage and stress must be avoided.

Paul has a tendency to overweight and a predisposition to obesity. Sports, a healthy lifestyle, diet, restrictions in fatty and high-calorie foods will allow a man to maintain optimal physical fitness for a long time.

Pavel is smart and talented, so he can succeed in almost any field. He is determined for a long time with a choice of profession, he is looking for himself, he cannot make a choice between moral satisfaction from work and the opportunity to earn more money. If these desires coincide, the profession guarantees career growth, the possibility of self-realization and a high stable income.

For a smaller man does not agree. Such goals seem impracticable, but the owner of the name eventually finds a dream job that matches all his needs.

Pasha is loved and respected in any team thanks to benevolence, good nature, reliability. He gets along with both his colleagues and his superiors.

Due to the lack of ambition and ambition it does not aspire to a leadership position. His efforts are appreciated, but his career does not promise to be dizzying.

At least, until Pasha overcomes his laziness and matures for more decisive action.

Eligible professions for a name holder:

  • journalist;
  • teacher;
  • Researcher;
  • banker;
  • accountant;
  • programmer;
  • engineer;
  • doctor;
  • builder;
  • television or radio host;
  • psychologist;
  • lawyer;
  • actor;
  • manager;
  • administrator.

High compatibility in the business sphere is observed with Maria, Ekaterina, Darya, Zlata, Yana, Alina, Vasilisa, Alice. Lack of mutual understanding is possible with Miroslav, Natalia, Nadezhda, Victoria, Anna, Xenia, Ulyana, Eugenia, Diana, Kira, Amina, Marina, Elena.

Possible co-operation under the condition of mutual compromises with Irene, Julia, Marguerite, Veronica, Valeria, Barbara, Christine, Elizabeth, Anastasia, Sofia, Svetlana, Camilla, Alesya, Angelina, Alexandra, Arina, Milan, Eve, Faith, Alena, Olga, Taisia, Tatiana.

Pavel loves money, so he can become a successful businessman. The only thing he should be careful of is dubious adventures and machinations for the sake of easy money.

A man needs to be more judicious and prudent.

To overcome laziness will help support from loved ones and the desired results of work. Excellent oratorical skills and the ability to win over people will be useful during business negotiations.

In general, Pavel will make a decent and honest businessman who is respected by his colleagues and partners.

Paul is always surrounded by female attention. He is courteous, gallant, courteous, trembling to the weaker sex, so the girls next to him are cozy and comfortable. She takes the chosen one not as part of her image or an opportunity to show off to her friends as a bright lady, but as a reliable friend and faithful companion of life.

The guy is attracted to feminine, lovely and sincere women, he tries to stay away from the vulgar and rude persons.

In his youth, has many novels, often faced with betrayal and disappointment. The reason for the failures lies in the kindness of the owner of the name, the credulity and naivety of which are used by cunning and cunning girls who want to lure a man into their networks.

Pavel himself is not in a hurry to go to the registry office, especially after a series of love fiasco.

By choosing a future wife is serious and responsible. Marries late, marriage of convenience is not excluded.

In sex, Pasha is a passionate and at the same time gentle lover who knows how to please her partner. He pays attention to such trifles as romantic atmosphere, comfort, lighting, etc., because he is a perfectionist by nature and wants everything to be perfect. Does not accept rudeness and violence, seeks to ensure that the partner without further words understood his desires.

In his youth, leads a hectic sex life.

For Pavel, the family is a quiet island of peace, love and warmth, so there is no place for quarrels and scandals in relations with the family. A man listens to the opinion of his wife, does not particularly claim to be the leader, but carefully hides the status of henpecked from all.

He does not mind that her husband took the household chores and the solution of domestic problems. Despite his isolation, he loves to host friends and relatives, he often goes to visit his friends.

The owner of the name so appreciates the stability and is afraid of change, that rarely agrees to a divorce, even if the feelings are completely cold. The wife has a hard time with Paul because of his touchiness, capriciousness and vulnerability. An important role in the relationship is the intimate sphere of life.

If the spouse is not able to fully satisfy the desires of her husband, he will want to look for adventure on the side. True, the second half of this is unlikely to know.

The man himself will never forgive betrayal of his wife.

A happy marriage is possible with Maria, Anastasia, Daria, Polina, Ekaterina, Veronika, Valeria, Milana, Alina, Taisiya, Tatyana, Natalia, Zlata, Olesya, Irina, Camilla, Svetlana, Angelina, Yana, Julia, Christina, Margarita, Vasily Arina, Alice, Barbara, Elizabeth, Sofia.

An unsuccessful union awaits Paul with Anna, Victoria, Xenia, Ulyana, Eva, Alena, Alexandra, Vera, Diana, Olga, Kira, Eugenia, Elena, Marina, Amina, Nadezhda, Miroslava.

The characteristic of Paul’s belonging to one or another zodiac constellation will help to compile a more accurate psychological portrait of a person:

  • Aries. Impulsive, temperamental, but can not decide on life goals and find peace of mind.
  • Taurus. He is thorough, unhurried, scrupulous, does not like to take risks. Long doubts the correctness of the choice of the bride before you enter into marriage.
  • Twins. Hides its vulnerability and sensitivity behind the mask of coldness and arrogance. Straight, often criticizes others.
  • Crayfish. Wary, closed, suspicious, does not trust people. He is difficult to establish a personal life.
  • A lion. Authoritarian and impulsive, but at heart a timid and indecisive man. In family life — a real despot.
  • Virgo. Pedantic, prudent, principled. Demanding to yourself and others. Looking for her ideal woman.
  • Libra. A sensitive, vulnerable, shy guy who feels uncomfortable in any company. Loving husband and caring father.
  • Scorpio. Observant, secretive and caustic, likes to point out to others about their shortcomings, but does not point out his own. Women use to assert themselves.
  • Sagittarius. Fair, ambitious, closed, idealizes others. The faithful spouse.
  • Capricorn. Friendly, calm, decent man. Created for family life.
  • Aquarius. Self-confident, ambitious, purposeful, always achieves the desired. Loves unapproachable girls.
  • Fish. Kind, sincere, sensitive guy who will always come to the rescue. He loves his beloved.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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