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The value of the name Paul — strengths and weaknesses of character

What does the name Paul mean and how is his fate

Pavel is the name derived from the Latin word «share», «Paul» — a boy, baby. The boy often retains his charm to old age, knows how to like, convince, make other people believe in their fantasies. Often, he has a stressedly courageous appearance, wears a beard, regularly visits the gym, takes care of the impression that he makes, knows how to dress stylishly.

Paul’s main talent is the ability to please.

The unpleasant features include egoism and a propensity to narcissism. He is sure that if there is something good, tasty, beautiful, then it is exclusively for him.

He will undoubtedly appropriate your success to himself and will receive rewards, believing holyly that this is his personal merit. The male name corresponds to the female counterpart — Paula, Pavel — from the Latin «puela» — a girl.

The value of the name Paul - strengths and weaknesses of character

Talismans and name signs

  • Sign of the Zodiac — Virgo
  • Controlling Planet — Entrepreneurial Mercury
  • Color — red, ruby, blue, blue, black
  • Tree — Rowan
  • Plant — aster, chrysanthemum, gerbera
  • Stone — ruby, onyx.

Paul celebrates his birthday on July 12, the day of the Apostles Peter and Paul.

Other name options

Diminutive: Pavlik, Pavlusha, Pashenka, Pasya.

Other options — Paul, Paul, Pashka, Pavka, Palych, Pasha.

Name Compatibility

Gentle and aspiring to love Pavlik pulls to gentle and gentle women with gentle names — Svetlana, Elena, Polina, Natalia. The kinship of souls rarely lasts a long time, it becomes boring for him and he begins to seek adventures in the arms of the mysterious and feminine Anna, Jeanne, Lola, Inna, Agatha, Sophia.

Strict names are more suitable for him to create a family — Tamara, Katerina, Daria, Karina, Irina, Marina, Vera, Kira.

The value of the name Paul - strengths and weaknesses of character

Paul’s main problem is a clear analytical mind and a keen, inescapable need for love and strong emotions. If he were simpler, he would be enough if his mother sat next to him and stroked his head affectionately, saying warm words.

He is acutely experiencing a cruel revelation that people are around too, and perhaps he is not the smartest, talented, handsome, successful.

But he pulls himself together and strives to succeed with the set that he has. He shows good performance in everything, is prone to excellent and even outstanding successes in mathematics, creative disciplines, in sports.

He seeks friendship of people with the brightest charisma and seeks to subordinate them to himself at the expense of natural charm. A refusal to work for oneself is often perceived as a betrayal.

Pavel always earns well, although he takes material gains for granted. He does not appreciate luxury and prefers asceticism.

Simple shirts of traditional cut from Armani, high-quality conservative shoes, a strict suit — its distinctive features. Gold, rings, chains — this is not his.

There are no expensive jewelry gifts from him either. The best gift is his company.

Isn’t that the biggest jewel? It comes off in vehicles.

Lamborghini, Maseratti, yachts, motorcycles — it’s all his. If he can buy or build a plane for himself — he will certainly buy it.

And even rolls his wife and kids. But it will twist when he has to buy her a Skoda or Renault.

It seems to him, but a real lady must be a lady and on a bicycle. Where should she hurry when she is alone?

And when together, he would be happy to ride in his luxury car.

It is difficult to call him a miser in the literal sense, he does not mind the money. But you need to perform too many well-regulated actions to get what you want.

Purposefulness, pedantry, striving for order in combination with the bright and creative side of nature ensure success in life.

In childhood, Pavlusha is a favorite of parents and a darling of the whole family. He is sure that he is a universal and universal happiness.

Doubt that he is loved, cruelty or callousness of others hurt the child deeply. He carries such a trauma through his life, desperately demanding love and harassing others with sense tests, exams and incredulity.

It is not difficult to guess that even the most loving and close people can hardly withstand the intolerable character of a grown-up boy. But for the distant he is an example for imitation, with pleasure shines with wit and the brightest features, charms women with a courageous appearance and a tender, vulnerable heart.

Most of all, he likes to tell pitiful and sensitive stories that can affect the secret strings in the hearts of listeners, to conquer them to cause love.

Paul’s women may have been lucky. In love, he is a real professor.

Not only in the sexual, but also in the sensual emotional sphere, he opens up as clearly as possible and attracts the most inaccessible beauties to himself. But the desire for drama, the indispensable desire to make suffer, make him prove his loyalty, love despite circumstances and the whole world, make his passions dangerous, painful affections.

He is a tragic hero, not too adapted to the gray everyday life.

Adult Paul is harsh, sarcastic, brilliant, sharp, disappointed. He saw everything, knows everything, tried everything, but he does not lose hope to try again in the hope that he will be lucky.

He will be lucky only if he finds a strong woman who can simultaneously stroke his fur and look with admiring eyes, and with the other hand firmly hold, say, by the collar, force him to participate in household affairs on a regular basis, strictly plan joint leave, leave him alone with the children.

Responsibility and the opportunity to express themselves, he considers how the highest degree of trust and flourishes. Otherwise, he will lead two or three families and will rush between them, enjoying his exhausted heart and loneliness.

The elderly Paul is the perfect grandfather. He is able to do everything, look after the grandchildren of any gender and age, and take them with him around the world sailing on his yacht.

Everyone will be fed, perfectly washed, the best sunsets and beautiful views are viewed, the elders are seated for writing a report about the wonderful journey, thanks to a wonderful grandfather.

The value of the name Paul - strengths and weaknesses of character

Names in history

  • Florensky — philosopher
  • Nakhimov — Admiral
  • Picasso — the artist
  • McCartney — musician, composer
  • Bazhov — writer, folklorist
  • Bure — athlete
  • Tretyakov — a collector and art historian, philanthropist, founder of the gallery of the same name
  • Sukhoi — aircraft designer

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