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The value of the name Nina, the nature and fate of the girl, women

The name Nina has several meanings and theories of occurrence: from Greek — on behalf of Ioannina — madam, from Spanish — "girl"Hebrew — "great-granddaughter"Arabic "useful"from latin — "majestic", "regal". The most common version of the origin of the name — from the Georgian Nino, which means "youth".

On the church calendar women celebrate the name three times a year: January 27, November 19 and May 14. The patron of heaven — Nina — Equal to the apostles Christian enlightener from Georgia.

Name forms and diminutive variations: Ninok, Ninel, Ninka, Ninulya, Ninuska, Nino, Ninochka, Ninetka, Ninusička, Ninushka, Ninusha, Ninanya, Nusya, Ninelka, Ninusya, Ninushenka, Ninusik, Ninoshka.

The girl Nina is independent, responsible and capricious. She is an obedient and docile child, but sometimes she turns into a capricious and intolerable girl, with whom it is difficult to find a common language for her parents.

Little Nina always defends her opinion and protects her smaller brethren. She is sociable and very mobile, loves to play not only dolls with her peers, but also feels great in the company of neighbor boys.

The girl enjoys playing with toy cars and soldiers with the guys and will never let herself be offended by snapping fists at someone who will say an offensive word in her direction.

At school, the owner of a similar name diligently learns and does not cause criticism of teachers. She loves foreign languages ​​and literature.

Nina and to exact objects and hours can solve math problems or logic puzzles.

Growing up, Nina turns into a real yoke and a fashionista who spends a lot of time shopping, but does not forget about studying at the university. The girl goes to lectures and successfully passes the session, attending extra classes and sports sections.

Every year Nina becomes more balanced and calm, learns to understand people and carefully considers her actions. She soberly assesses her own capabilities and abilities, therefore she does not set unattainable goals, but at the same time raises the bar high enough.

The value of the name Nina, the nature and fate of the girl, women

The secret of the name and the characteristic of Nina, love compatibility and psychological portrait are presented in the table.

Basic qualitiesPracticality, hard work and cheerfulness
Attitude to fateNina is sure that her fate depends not only on the divine powers, but also on the person himself and his actions, therefore she has clear life goals and achieves success in her professional activities and personal life.
Type of characterPhlegmatic person
Positive sidesPurposefulness, diligence, discipline, friendliness, sociability, politeness, goodwill, responsibility
Negative traitsSelfishness, pride, envy, touchiness
HealthNina can be disturbed by metabolic processes due to malnutrition and frequent stressful situations. She has poor eyesight and a tendency to corpulence.
Morality and moralityThe owner of such a name has unshakable principles and complies with moral norms of behavior. A woman always keeps her promises, very responsive to the words spoken.
MindNina does not like conflicts and disputes, so she tries to behave with restraint and tact. But often emotions take over the mind, and others should not fall under the hot hand of this woman. The owner of such a name does not accept criticism in his address and believes that she can cope with any problem. In the life of the girl there is no place for useless pastime and laziness, every minute is planned out and aimed at self-development and self-improvement.
Hobbies and hobbiesThe girl is interested in literature, music, cooking, garden and garden, travel, fashion, dancing, painting
friendshipNina has many friends and girlfriends, she often talks to them by phone, but she rarely finds time for personal meetings. However, if a loved one needs help, the owner of such a name will never leave a friend in trouble and give him due attention.
SexualityNina loves role-playing and constantly changes her behavior in bed, turning from an insidious temptress into a snow queen and trying on new erotic outfits. Her behavior in intimate relationships depends on the man who is nearby, and on the mood of the woman herself. Nina never complex and speaks directly to her partner about her fantasies and wishes.
BusinessNina at any age craves financial independence. She has a business acumen and high ambitions, so achieving success in running her own business for the owner of such a name will not be difficult
IntuitionA woman named Nina is perceptive and has a well-developed intuition, but does not always rely on her inner feelings, preferring to act rationally and rationally.
ThinkingNina has a sharp analytical mind and logical abilities. The woman has a photographic memory and a high level of concentration.
Career and professionsNina can self-realize both in the creative field, and in the field of science and medicine. Work related to finance and mathematical operations, also fit Nina. From the owner of such a name you get a great leader and a conscientious performer. Nina will never stop at what has been achieved and will do everything possible to quickly move up the career ladder. This is a successful actress, singer, designer, fashion designer, financier, physician, teacher, scientist, social worker, lawyer, prosecutor
MarriageBy the choice of her husband, Nina is very serious and thorough, but will never marry by calculation. She is looking for a reliable and faithful partner in life who will never suppress Nina and will become for her a faithful friend and attentive spouse.
LoveNina can not be called amorous and frivolous special. She loves long and beautiful courtship and compliments from men, but it is not easy to achieve reciprocity from her. She does not tolerate male weakness and does not even look in the direction of a loser and a soft-bodied guy who can’t connect two words
Family and ChildrenNina becomes a neat mistress and loving, caring wife and mother. She doesn’t care for her children and creates comfortable conditions for her close people, giving all her strength and resources to her family. She is happy to do household chores and is able to competently manage finances. Nina plans a family vacation in advance and tries to diversify the family’s leisure time as much as possible, creating interesting activities and organizing exciting trips. She is an unspoken leader, but still listens to the opinion of her spouse and always acts wisely.
Male Name Compatibility
  • high — George, Bronislav, Nikolay, Maxim;
  • average — Artem, Vladislav, Klim, Lawrence, Alexander;

There is no compatibility with the names Afanasy, Sergey, Roman, Vladimir, Philip, Oleg, Alexey, Yuri, Yaroslav

Happy symbols and patrons for a woman named Nina are presented in the table.

Astrological signTaurus, Aquarius, Libra
Cherished flowerViolet
Favorable colorsBlue, red, yellow, brown
Stone MascotCarnelian, Sapphire, Zircon
Totem animalDeer
Auspicious day of the weekFriday
Lucky numberFive
Significant years10, 15, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50
East zodiac signCock
MetalBronze, copper
Patron saint planetMars, Uranus

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