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The value of the name Nick: love, family relationships and his secret

Nika — winner, character, family and life path

Nika’s most famous female name is Greek, the so-called goddess of victory. The Orthodox name is included in the church holy calendar.

Nika is an independent name, but it is also an abbreviated form of many Russian, Greek, Christian names: Veronica, Shushanika, Dominika, Monica, Nicoletta, Nicole.

Diminutive — pet options: Nikusha, Nikusya, Nikka, Nikochka.

Name characteristic, fate

Nikusha is a cheerful, cheerful girl. Always with a smile, simple and open in communication, sociable.

He feels free in the company, he easily goes to rapprochement. The owner of the name itself is beautiful, charming.

This name attracts attention, suggests familiarity with an unusual person.

Honest, friendly, interesting conversationalist. Many will find it superficial, because of its easy temper, but this is not at all the case.

She holds true feelings inside, hiding virtues.

Study does not take too much, but if teachers are able to captivate with their subject, they can begin to study hard.

Having chosen such a name for their girlfriend, the parents diligently begin to prepare her for “victories”: they write down all sorts of sections and circles. Sometimes it lays an unbearable burden on the child, even nervous breakdowns are possible.

Nikusha is suffering from pressure from adults, hoping to quickly escape from the parental home.

Nika is always ready to come to the rescue sincerely, to suggest a way out of the situation. After communicating with her, there is no remaining, affable and unobtrusive.

An interesting storyteller and inventor.

Becoming an adult, the girl finds inner content and intuition. In some cases, there is even the gift of foresight, but rarely uses insight, fearing a negative attitude.

An optimist, a lifelike, Nikka has no self-interest, genuinely sweet and cordial.

The value of the name Nick: love, family relationships and his secret

The girl tries not to remember the insults and disappointments. A good friend, a faithful comrade, does not go to confrontation, is compliant. This is a very balanced woman, thanks to this character trait, rarely makes enemies and ill-wishers.

Developed a sense of self-preservation.

Positive features of the character: savvy, shrewd, intelligent. Able to achieve any results, following the elaborated plan.

Negative features of the name: uncertainty, lack of initiative. May distance himself from problems, doubting.

Secret name

Very insightful. Able to anticipate upcoming events.

Can develop extrasensory talents.

Love and family happiness

Nick is a romantic nature, she is very loving and passionate. Maiden fervor will lead to early marriage.

The first young man, met on the way, will present her as an ideal, she tries to endow her chosen one with beautiful features. It will not save a young family, cooling will come rather quickly.

In a relationship, afraid to take the wrong step, hiding desires and intentions deep inside. A man should not be too despotic next to Nika, should first go to reconciliation.

Evaluate a partner with a sense of humor, caring and hardworking. Connect the fate of a man held, who will take over the material support of the family.

Rarely become happy in the marriage union. Loves worship, gratification, quite selfish and capricious. Prefers to be in the family center of attention, waiting for romantic deeds from a partner.

Disappointed, not having achieved this.

In a successful relationship, a woman will show herself a warm and clean mistress, will become a loving wife and mother. He devotes a lot of time to the kids, brings them up with love. Nika tries not to repeat the mistakes of her parents, listens to the wishes of the children.

They are independently determined with the choice of classes in clubs and sports sections.

Strong feelings may occur with: Viktor, Vadim, Sergey, Eric, Maxim, Mikhail, Andrey, David, German, Grigory, Rostislav.

Unwanted marriage with: Adam, Mark, Stepan, Felix, Vladimir, Peter, Roman, Anton, Alexander.

Usually has good health. As a child, active, agile, loves to stay in the fresh air.

Contrary to the expectations and efforts of parents, rarely becomes an athlete. Nika rather carefully monitors well-being, visits doctors in a timely manner.

A woman can suffer from diseases of the upper respiratory tract, allergies.

Professional opportunities and career

Nick is a diligent and careful employee. Often does not have career ambitions, preferring to work modestly in a team or separately.

This is a creative person — designer, actress, journalist, make-up artist, good draws.

Can become a fashion designer, thanks to the vast imagination and imagination. Architect and sculptor, as well as an engineer, because he has a passion for exact sciences.

You can work alone in a research laboratory, accounting. Prefers that the result of the project is completely dependent on her.

Nika is one of those people who are not monotonous and consistent, she is diligent and can do a lot with her own hands.

Can do business and even succeed. Gather around the team, take on the financial side of things.

A woman is gambling in business, she is happy to command and do social work. It is possible to engage in politics.

Nikusha has a wonderful intuition, risks only justifiably, knowing in advance the outcome of the enterprise. Probably the occupation of parapsychology, extrasensory, healing.

Seriously keen on fortune telling and divination.

The value of the name Nick: love, family relationships and his secret

Astrological characteristics

  • Heavenly body — Moon
  • Zodiac constellation — Taurus and Aquarius
  • Rock — blue yacht, corundum
  • Coloring — all shades of blue, indigo, black and silver
  • Animal — Condor
  • Plant — Pansies, Chestnut

Day Angel

The holy patron saint of the name is the martyr Nick of Corinth. Name days are celebrated by the church on March 23 and April 29.

Nickname is given to girls at baptism, if they were born on designated days, or their worldly name is a form of name.

Famous personalities — carriers of the name

  1. Nick Corinthian lived in the third century. She was a disciple of the holy martyr Kondrat, who preached the doctrine of Christ and prayed earnestly in the wilderness. Together with other disciples and their spiritual mentor, they were persecuted, but refused to deny Christ. Nika was killed in Easter year 258. Persecutors of faith threw worshipers into the sea to drown. Diligent, earnest prayer was incredibly strong, so that no one drowned. Followers of the faith of Jesus walked on the water, as if on dry land, singing prayer songs. Subsequently, they were all still martyred.
  2. Nika is the Greek goddess of Victory, her hypostasis. In our time, images of the victorious goddess are common throughout the world. These are sculptures, symbols, temples, her face is placed on flags.
  3. Nika Turbina — Russian poetess
  4. Nika Strizhak — the full name of Veronica. TV presenter, journalist, journalist.
  5. Nika Glen — Russian translator
  6. Nika Rakitina — real name Lyudmila Bogdanova, writer of Belarus.
  7. Nika is a singer. Real name Irina Malgina
  8. Nika Neyolova — artist
  9. Nika Nabokova (pseudonym) — a psychologist, blogger, author of books
  10. Nick Coss — American actress
  11. Nika Belotserkovskaya — full name Veronika, author of cookbooks, blogger, entrepreneur

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