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The value of the name Mila: the fate, life and character formation of women

The value of the name Mila — the impact on character, fate and the course of life

The sonorous female name Mila has an ambiguous interpretation. Some claim that the word came from the ancient Slavs and means «sweet, like honey.»

Others indicate the meaning of “sweet” (gentle, pleasing to the eye). In both cases — positive energy. It is often encountered, considered to be independent, although there is a version that this is a truncated form of Old Russian Lyudmila.

Most often, they named girls who were still striking with their beauty from the cradle.

The value of the name Mila: fate, life and the formation of the character of a woman

Name options

Ecclesiastical is not considered, but when baptizing a child is given consonant:

Diminutive form

  • Milushka
  • Milasha
  • Milka
  • Darling
  • Milana

Interesting! Mila can also be referred to a man if he is: Dobromil, Miloneg, Vsemil, Milan.

There are many synonymous, similar in semantic content:

Some of them are considered obsolete almost never used. In other languages:

  • 米拉 — whale.
  • 巳 等 — Japan (mira sounds)
  • Mildred (US)
  • Mila — English
  • Mila — Ukrainian, Belarusian.
  • Mila — Rus, Bolg.
  • Míla- czech.

MILA — writing for international passport.

Character, the main features of the carrier named Mila

The girl is famous for her kindness, helplessness. She is honest, always trusted by others. Her loyalty to the chosen one is comparable to the swan.

Often the angelic qualities bring sorrow, unhappiness. Darling loves to live beautifully, she is even considered frivolous somewhere.

Very well read, but absorbs all the books without a specific system.

Being an adult person gets a good grip on business. Set a clear goal, methodically it achieves it.

Despite the hardness of character, even becoming a solid woman, may succumb to the senses. Adheres to its principles, laid down with youth.

Always acts according to his own plan, not allowing there opinions of others, comments.

Character traits, external data takes from the father. Dreams are most often embodied, thanks to a sincere belief in them, active aspiration.

A good companion, is able to have to itself. For loved ones, he forgets about his uneasy character and often shows patience and condescension. Do not refuse her insight into a more mature time of life.

Well sees the liars, scammers.

For the name of Milk, Fortune always opens its arms. In an incomprehensible way, the girl just gets lucky where others hurt their foreheads.

Even if minimal forces were expended, it could be a huge success or reward.

He loves people, but if the confidant suddenly deceives her expectations, he will be hypocritical, break all ties with him once and for all. Nearby, in life, always remain only the most reliable, proven.

They love with her authority and even sharpness.

High performance allows you to occupy your convenient niche in any field. There may be several marriages. The house is usually welcoming, cozy.

Healthy children.

Other characteristics, secret

  • Zodiac — Leo, Virgo, Libra
  • Lucky stone — chrysoprase, sapphire (yellow)
  • Planet Patron — Venus
  • Color — beige
  • Plant — chrysanthemum, hazel
  • Totem — Persian Cat

The main mystery — the construction of its own person on a pedestal.

Name Day — Angel Day

None of Mila’s Christian calendars. This is due to the ancient origin of the word.

Sometimes he is identified with Saint Milica. Being a princess righteously, she ruled her possessions until the age of majority heir.

Then she was tonsured as a nun, and after her death, miracles occurred at her grave to help people.

The value of the name Mila: the fate, life and character formation of women

Different sides of life

Not everything will be easy for young Milashi, although luck largely accompanies her.

Love and family

Unfortunately, young Milash is waiting for disappointment in the first real feeling. Sex life begins hastily and early. However, she sometimes happens to be grateful to her former lover for wonderful memories and experiences.

Marriage occurs for love. Loneliness is not her destiny. As a spouse — she remains faithful, as a lover — sensual and passionate.

Even if she breaks up, she does not curse, but continues to search for her more worthy.

Maternity is very important. Almost perfect wife, tirelessly viet and landscaping her nest.

Very economic, but with unreasonable claims of family members will rebel, up to parting. She is loved by her children, she is always ready to stand up for them, sometimes even before quarrels with other guys.

Profession, occupation

Milana is reasonable and will never risk financially. Very afraid of all sorts of litigation and problems with the law.

Sometimes for this reason, it misses a great chance to get rich or to fly up the career ladder.

In the team, if necessary, go over the heads of employees. Status is always important.

Even with the tightness of funds will not be engaged in her inappropriate business. Copes with difficult work.

Executive Achieves notable success in art and as a business lady. The most interesting profession for her:

The value of the name Mila: fate, life and the formation of the character of a woman

Health status

A woman is physically well developed, but her weak point is her head. Pain in the back of the head, migraines — constant companions of the ladies.

Often suffers from exhausting insomnia, which affects her character is not for the better.

How is Mila’s name combined with other names

Marriage of a girl with a young man can develop differently, it is believed that in some cases, depending on the name of the chosen one:


People who glorify the name

  • Mila Wellerson — musician, cello (USA)
  • Mila Jovovich — film actress, model (USA)
  • Mila Kunis — actress (Ukraine, USA)
  • Mila Nitich — singer (Ukraine)

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