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The value of the name Maxim — the fate and character traits

Maxim — the meaning of the name, character traits and variants of fate

The name Maxim comes from the word «maximus» — which means the greatest. In Europe, a popular similar name is Maximilian.

They have one root, but different in meaning. In the Catholic calendar, synonym for this name is Maximus.

Maxim’s Day is celebrated on January 26 in honor of St. Maxim and on May 27 in honor of the martyr Maxim. He preached the faith of Christ, helped the poor and the sick.

Stoned by pagans.

general characteristics

  • The planet that protects Maxim is Pluto;
  • Zodiac sign — Capricorn;
  • The color that attracts good luck and well-being — crimson, deep pink;
  • A health promoting plant is fuchsia;
  • Totem animal — mink;
  • Stone amulet — male amethyst.

How does the character in childhood and adolescence

Baby Maxim grows up moving and energetic boy. He does not cause much trouble to parents, as it is easy to negotiate with him.

He is a cheerful, moderately naughty and very open child.

The value of the name Maxim - the fate and character traits

As soon as Maksik starts walking and talking, he shows independence. From him you can often hear «I myself.»

Parents during this period, it is important to be extremely sensitive, so as not to discourage the desire to take the initiative.

Mom and dad should rejoice at the needs of his son in achieving the goal and praise for the result. Otherwise, you can undermine Max’s faith in your own abilities and raise a mediocre person.

Teen Max stands out among his peers for his originality, broad-minded, resourcefulness and originality in decision-making. He is responsive, understands the pain of others and can quickly come to the rescue.

Because of his youth, he is still poorly versed in people, can easily succumb to bad influence and end up in bad company. And his indecision and lack of will will not help him to quickly leave this society.

In high school, the character of Maxim begins to change and not always for the better. It is very important to be near parents and monitor the maturing of his son.

He is still unsure of himself, but self-esteem, ambition, and pride begin to appear in him.

During this period he is characterized by frivolity, the desire for a carefree and beautiful life. He may be irresponsible in his duties and inclined to change his life principles.

Of the positive qualities of Max, we can note sociability, a good sense of humor, positivity, flexibility for change and difficult life circumstances. But at the same time, he can be selfish, arrogant, hypocritical.

In this difficult boy wakes up the gift of persuasion and oratory. Realizing his advantage in social circles, Max begins to use this quality in order to manipulate people.

It gives him strength and ability to believe in himself.

Student Maxim is a determined, self-sufficient, proud and arrogant young man. He is already beginning to feel himself a leader, having a lively mind, quick reaction, sensitive intuition, and an excellent memory.

The value of the name Maxim - the fate and character traits

In Max’s students, the position is characteristic — to be everywhere in time and be first. He can pass the session before others, gain first sexual experience, one of the first to find a prestigious internship place.

These achievements contribute to his innate diplomacy, restraint, perseverance and unique abilities. He often tends to draw attention to himself, but can sometimes be withdrawn and immersed in his own thoughts.

The fate of an adult Maxim: career, family, health

This confident young man with a Greek name for his mature years has a lot of advantages that give him the opportunity to assert himself. He is easy to communicate, always neat, tidy, smiling and friendly.

This man wakes up a strong will to win, the desire to demonstrate their abilities. But by nature, Max is not a careerist. His work and patience are aimed at gaining financial independence and security.

For this, it is important to be secure and independent.

In an effort to be free, Maximus sees himself as an entrepreneur, politician, and public figure. It is not uncommon for such people to become successful bankers, large investors and financiers.

The character of an adult Maxim is already completely different from the teenager Max. He does not consider the opinions of others, is very convincing in his views, can easily make himself respected and appreciated. He is not afraid to be alone, not finding like-minded his views and principles.

He always has something to do, and he can easily carry others along.

High self-esteem Maxim, respectability and a stable material income can be the reason for the emergence of destructive habits. It will be difficult for Max to get rid of alcohol or drug addiction on his own.

And here it is very important that a strong and loving woman be next to him.

Family or looking for new career opportunities

Maxim’s personal life is often hidden from prying eyes. He believes that, if it is advertised, it may hinder its success in professional implementation. He is attractive and enjoys great success with women.

But in personal relationships often shows egoism, demanding increased attention and care.

Before marriage, Max has a vast amount of love relationships, he does not take the experience of seduction beauties. But when he enters into official relations, Max adheres to high moral principles.

He is faithful to his wife and loves children very much.

Maxim’s perfect compatibility can be with Margarita, Svetlana, Violetta, Raisa, Lydia, Nina. Relationship difficulties may arise with Valentina, Alexandra, Clara, Stephanie, Victoria.

Sex for Max matters, but is not something very necessary. The main thing for him is to realize his professional demand and feel the love of his wife.

It gives him strength and inspiration for new ideas.

Throughout his life, Max often tries himself in various areas of business, experiencing both ups and downs. His life will never be stable, but always full, interesting and enchanting.

In older years, having gained a family and a lot of life experience, Max may think about a career as a coach, a teacher of oratory. This is another Maxim, who has overcome youthful maximalism, a respectable and balanced man. It can wake up creativity, organizational skills.

It is not surprising if he changes his line of work and becomes a director, producer or popular business coach.

The value of the name Maxim - the fate and character traits

Maxim’s health is as changeable as life in general. It can be the embodiment of strength and vigor, and sometimes faint from depression and sudden afflictions. It is important for him to observe moderation in everything.

As soon as he begins to feel stable ground under his feet and good luck in everything, he begins to lose his composure and control over himself.

Max should be wary of extreme situations. At these moments he may seem inadequate and do a lot of nonsense.

It is better to avoid wearing cold arms and driving in cars at high speeds.

Famous and talented people named Maxim

  • Maxim Gorky — Russian writer, playwright, thanks to his work has received world fame. His works make up the classics of Russian fiction;
  • Max Planck — German physicist, founder of quantum theory;
  • Maxim Konchalovsky — Honored Artist of Russia, pianist. He opened the Academy of Fine Arts;
  • Maxim Fadeev — a popular Russian music producer, songwriter, composer, actor, director;
  • Maxim Galkin — Russian showman, humorist, pop artist, broadcaster.

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