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The value of the name Matthew — the choice of life partner, character, fate, talisman, totem animal

Matvey: fate and character, the meaning of the name and compatibility with women

If you look at the names of modern stars, it turns out that this name is not too popular. And great!

It sounds more than pleasant, blends beautifully with almost any name, and besides, it will help your son to become one of a kind in the whole kindergarten, and even the school. From this article you will find out whether this name favors its owner.

The value of the name Matthew - the choice of life partner, character, fate, talisman, totem animal

How is this name decrypted?

There are no different theories of the origin of the name — all linguists unconditionally agree that this is a name of Jewish origin. In the original, it sounded like Matthew and meant «a man from God», «bestowed by the Lord.»

It is abbreviated as follows: Matyusha, Matyukha, Matveyko, Matya, Motya.

The patronymic is: Matveyevich (Matveich), Matveyevna.

In other cultures, it turns into such names: Matvius (Ukraine), Mathieu (France), Matteo (Italy), Mateus (Poland), Matias (Germany), Matthew (England).

What character is different typical Matthew?

Strengths: this is a very balanced person. Before you do or say something, this guy will think it over well.

This is a harmonious, accomplished personality, completely devoid of complexes. Matyusha is considered a reliable person, always responsible for his words.

He is friendly, quickly forgets disagreements or minor conflicts, doesn’t sulk at anyone or get angry. He is humble, does not like to stand out.

Very honored morality.

Weaknesses: lust for power, conservatism, grumbling.

The fate of the carrier of this name

  • Childhood. The boy grows quiet and very obedient. At school, he diligently learns, although he does not feel a great thirst for knowledge. His favorite teacher can be the Trudovik, since Motya from the early years shows a talent for work. Cutting out with a jigsaw, making other crafts turns out so well in him that his works are often taken to exhibitions.
  • Youth. The guy doesn’t like to fight with the guys, preferring to negotiate. However, if someone offends his friend, he may even roll up his sleeves (if words failed to make amends).
  • Solid age. Increased «correctness» of a man can create him a lot of inconvenience. For example, he can hotly argue with his boss if he believes that he was mistaken on his account or unjustly punishes someone from his colleagues. Moreover, the man understands that if he were silent, he would not have gotten “over the hat” — but in that case he would have simply been bitten by his conscience.

Matvey’s Happy Mascots

The value of the name Matthew - the choice of life partner, character, fate, talisman, totem animal

  • An ideal sign of the zodiac: Scorpio (so if your son was born from October 24 to November 21, be sure: astrologers advise to give him exactly this name).
  • Color name: light brown tones.
  • Patron Planet: Pluto.
  • Defender of the animal world: Scorpio.
  • Plant totem: nut.
  • Stone-talisman: chiastolite (also known as the cross stone; one of the varieties of the andalusite gemstone).

Day Angel

  • October 18th. The patron saint of this name is the Rev. Matvey of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, who healed people with prayer. Catholics celebrate the name of this saint a little earlier, on October 5.
  • 29th of November. On this day, the holy evangelist Levi Matvey, a former tax collector (that is, the tax collector), is revered, and after meeting with Christ, his disciple, preacher, author of the Gospel. Catholics celebrate this holiday on November 16th.

In different life situations, this man acts differently

  • Love. This guy can fall in love with a girl who is not perfect for him, and then lead her down the aisle. After some time, such a marriage falls apart. Matvey accumulates life experience for a long time, and after 5 years he gets married again. And not only the same age beckons him, but younger beauties. By the way, not the fact that this second family will remain strong until the very pension. In old age, Matthew may decide that he and his wife are not a couple … And give themselves to religion.
  • Relations. Despite the amorousness, it is impossible to call this man a traitor. He will not accept such an immoral act, even if there is already a “chill” between him and his wife.
  • Marriage. The stamp in the passport rarely brings a real pleasure to the carrier of this name. However, a man is ready to heroically pull the «strap», if children have already appeared from his union. Trying to be a good son, he may not be able to leave his parents’ house until gray hair, so that the mother (especially if she is early widowed) does not remain alone. Of course, this does not quite please his spouse, forced to be a daughter-in-law on other people’s bread all his life.
  • Children. Father is the carrier of this name is simply excellent. He helps all his offspring, including from the first, unsuccessful marriage. He can accomplish real career exploits only in order to provide all his daughters and sons.
  • Career. Perseverance and diligence help Matthew to make, though not an instant, but a good career. However, he does not break into the authorities, preferring to calmly do his usual work. This is exactly the person who does not cry from the monotonous, repeated every day of work.

Compatible with female names

A good pair for Matthew: Anastasia, Ada, Bronislava, Varya (Barbara), Elena, Masha (Maria), Taisiya. Also a man will suit a woman with an exotic name Frida.

The union with these women is doomed to failure: Bella, Inga, Zoya, Kristina, Kapitalina (the name popular in Poland), Lily, Lada, Olga, Toma (Tamara), Edita.

Namesakes, famous in their homeland, and even in the world

  1. Levi Matthew. One of the 12 apostles of Christ, who wrote the Gospel (actually, therefore, most of the icons are depicted with a book). Many modern film lovers associate him with Semyon Strugachev, who skillfully played Matthew in the film “Master and Margarita”.
  2. Matvey Kazakov (1738-1812) — the architect who created many of the key architectural sites in Moscow, despite the numerous fires of that time that have survived to the present day.
  3. Matvey Manizer (1891-1966) — already a Russian sculptor, social realist. It was he who performed the death mask of Stalin.
  4. Matvey Mudrov (1776-1831) — doctor and teacher. Thanks to his work, military hygiene and therapy appeared in Russia.
  5. Matvey Korguev (1883-1943) — Soviet storyteller from Karelia.
  6. Matvey Tevelev (1908-1962) — screenwriter for Lenfilm, writer. In particular, he worked on the script for the film “The Old Guard”.
  7. Matvey Lyarov (1884-1964) — actor. He starred in the good old movies «Spartacus», «Nasreddin in Bukhara».
  8. Matvey Bronstein (1906-1938) — a physicist, author of fundamental works in cosmology and astrophysics.
  9. Matvey Blanter (1903-1990) — composer. «Katyusha» is his creation.
  10. Matvey Melnikov or Mot (1990) — famous Russian reference.
  11. Matvey Korobov (1983) — Russian boxer, champion of Russia and the world.
  12. Matvey Cherkassky (1923) — a prominent Soviet football player. Born in Ukraine.

Not so long ago, the talented Russian film director Valery Devyatilov returned the interest of his contemporaries to this name by shooting an excellent detective series called “Father Matvey”. The film does not promote religion, it takes for the soul a beautiful acting game, typical Russian subjects and a strong detective line. Fans have already dubbed the protagonist «Russian Father Brown.»

Interested? In this video you will see a trailer for the film:

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