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The value of the name Lin — the character of his carrier, fate, luck, love, family

Beautiful name Lina: character, fate and meaning of the name

This name has many advantages: it is sonorous, rare, feminine. But does it have flaws? Won’t mom regret having called her daughter that way?

Is fortune in women living with this name? Today you will find out!

The value of the name Lin - the character of his carrier, fate, luck, love, family

What does it mean?

  1. Greek version of origin. This name could have come from the mythological founder of the city of Linos. Lin was the son of the god Apollo. Linguists are sure: his name means «flax».
  2. Greek version number 2. Translated from this language, the word «lina» means «sad, sad news.» It is likely that this word has become the «great-grandmother» of the modern name.
  3. Greek-Christian version. However, knowing the great popularity of church names, it can be assumed that our ancestors called their daughters Linami not in honor of the mythical Greeks, but in honor of the more real historical figures mentioned in the Bible. Namely, in honor of the Roman early Christian Lin, who helped the apostle Peter bring the good news about God to people.
  4. Latin version. In ancient Greek mythology, there were sirens — half girls, half birds. With their beautiful singing, they lured sailors to certain death. If you translate the word «siren» in Latin, you get «lina».
  5. Soviet version. After the termination of the First world-victorious country formed the League of Nations, equipping post-war Europe. Some Russian people were so happy about the victory that they even called their daughters Linami in honor of this organization (League of Nations). Of course, one cannot say that the name Lina was invented in the USSR. But thanks to this version you can find out what exactly your great-grandmother’s name means.
  6. And one more version. This is a shortened version of other names, which has become a separate name. For example, Angelina (“angel” from Greek), Evelyn (“life force” from Jewish), Polina (“sunny” from ancient Greek), Peacock (“modest” from Roman), Caroline (“woman”, “queen” from ancient German ), Galina (“calm” from ancient Greek), Vitalina (“full of life” from Roman), Alina (“foreigner” from Latin).

Friends call Linu: Linusha, Linochka, Linchik, Linok.

In other cultures, this name is translated as: “pure” (Denmark), “light of the sun” (Italy), “gentle” or “beautiful palm tree” (Arabic), “Greek” from the word “eline” (Greece).

What character gives it its mistress?

Strengths: this is a friendly, kind person. Lina’s men just beckon, so many bright novels can happen in her life.

She is very purposeful. If you set yourself a task, she will definitely achieve it.

This is a creative person who will succeed both in art and in a more mundane position (the main thing is that it should not be monotonous).

Weaknesses: it can be gentle caprices, very vulnerable, just a little bit wrong — striking tears. In her life, Lina is a pessimist and melancholic, she only awaits a trick from fate (fortunately, not always).

She does not take control of herself, all the while striving for independence. It is not enough for her to be like everyone else — she wants to be better, higher, brighter than others.

This is a stubborn girl (this feature is especially strong in her early youth).

Lina’s fate

  • Childhood. This is a kind, curious baby, however, not devoid of character. If she decides something, it will be difficult for her mother to argue with her: the girl simply does not hear any arguments, even the most logical ones.
  • School. She succeeds in the lessons, knowledge as if by themselves penetrate her head. Thanks to her innate curiosity, she loves to learn, and with equal pleasure runs on both mathematics and literature. She can also be an active member of the school initiative, successfully attend the needlework club.
  • Youth. This is a kind, honest, emotional girl. Her friends may not like her directness, because to the question “Have I recovered?” Lina can directly say “Yes, strongly.” In this case, the girl does not want to offend anyone, and the pouting lips of her friends surprise her. She does not hurry to draw conclusions from her behavior.
  • Mature years. She is vulnerable. Although the rest is strict, criticism from the side may be hostile (and although it does not always show that it has hurt her, at home it may fall into deep melancholy). Often, Lina creates the image of a «boy-woman», a strong woman, but does not consider herself as such within herself.

All mascots of this woman

The value of the name Lin - the character of his carrier, fate, luck, love, family

  • Patron of the planet: Mercury.
  • Zodiac sign, best suited to the bearer of this name: Gemini (birth period — from May 21 to June 20).
  • Name colors: orange and green.
  • Stone that is worth wearing jewelry: jade.
  • Patron of the plant world: hellebore.
  • Animal Totem: Mole

Angel Day (name day): it is not, as this female name is not in the holy books. Therefore, at baptism, the girl will be given another church name.

This is how Lina appears in different life situations.

  • Family. Lina is considered a good hostess, a caring spouse. She adores when guests come to her house. It is important for her to know that outside her home, about her and her home respond with admiration. In addition, she is a good mother who will always find time for a child.
  • Job. She should choose a creative profession, devoid of routine and framework (singer, writer, historian). However, it also turns out a good doctor. For her, the main thing is not a career, but the joy of work. If the case does not bring pleasure, Lina will go to another place, even if they can pay a relatively small salary.
  • Friends. Lina is very relaxed and sociable. Once in an unfamiliar company, she will not sit silently against the wall, and then he will make acquaintance with the whole team. Making many friends is not a problem for her.
  • Disease. The health of this girl is average. If in school years to give it to the sports section, it will be less sick. Her weak spot is the nervous system. Though outwardly you can’t tell, but inside she is very much worried about any mistake, especially quarrels with relatives. And, since “everything is from nerves,” it does not pass for her.

With which man (name) plan your future

Successful marriage: Andrei, Alexander, Gavrila (Gabriel), Vladimir, Igor, Nikita, Naum, Laurus, Milan, Ostap, Taras, Fedor, Julian.

Very hot novel: Alexander, Andrei, Gabriel, Igor, Nikita, Laurus, Ostap, Taras, Fedor, Julian. In general, she can start a family with almost any man with whom she has a good love relationship.

This girl can have a lot of love. In love, she is easily vulnerable, any bitter or insulting word of a partner (not to mention ill-advised acts) is long in her, worrying.

Carriers named after the world

The value of the name Lin - the character of his carrier, fate, luck, love, family

  1. Lina Cavalieri (1874-1944) — opera singer (soprano) from Italy.
  2. Lina Kostenko (1930) — Ukrainian writer and poetess, whose works are rightfully included in the school curriculum.
  3. Lina Brack (1952) — Soviet actress from Lithuania. She became famous for her children’s roles (“Three Fat Men”, “Girl and Echo”).
  4. Lina Romey (1954-2012) — the creative name of the Spanish actress. Her roles: «The Vampire», «The White Goddess of Cannibals.» Appeared in several films for adults.
  5. Lena or Lina Cederberg (1951) — a fashion model from Sweden, the star of Playboy magazine.
  6. Prokhorova Leonila or Lina — Ukrainian pop singer, professor at the University of Culture. Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics.
  7. Lina Vorobyeva, also known as Yovin (1975) is a modern bard, a singer of songs in the style of folk rock. Performs with his band Rosa Alba.
  8. Lina Milovich (1980) — Russian singer, songwriter and composer.

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