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The value of the name Laura in life, fate and character formation

The value of the name Laura — the troubled fate of the winner

Acquaintance with the history of Italy helps to reveal the meaning of the name of Laura, perhaps, to better understand the character of its owner. If you take a literal translation, it is from the name of the southern tree «laurel».

C Latin explanation more poetic: «crowned with glory.» In the recent past, the Russians interpreted it as «having won.»

Here the connection is obvious, it was from the branches of the laurel that wreaths for winners and victors were made in the ancient world.

The value of the name Laura in life, fate and character formation

Even before the birth of Christ, girls and women with this beautiful name lived on earth, but over time it lost popularity and was forgotten. The second life was given to him by F. Petrarch, who chose beloved Laura as the muse of his poetry, and in her honor created poetic masterpieces.

The name was not only remembered again, but also translated in a new way. For Europeans, the most common meaning is “golden.”

The type of prevalence is found in many different forms used in an informal setting.

Brief and diminutive

Girlfriends, parents and adults can call this:

Prevalence in other countries

In European languages, it is written — Laura (German, Spanish, it., Portuguese.). Most commonly used in everyday life is — Lora. Today, the name in the top thirty most sought after.

Popularly it is the USA, Austria, Spain, Estonia. There are derivatives:

  • Lauren
  • Laureen (Laureen) — English
  • Laura — Laura, Lora — ang. lang
  • Laurie
  • Lorien (Laurienne, Laurien) — fr.
  • Lorelin (Laureline) — Fr.
  • 勞拉 (Lào lǎ) — kit lang
  • ラ ウ ラ (Raura) — Japanese

Baby Lorochka is always open for communication. She is where events are seething, if something happens without her participation, sincerely worries and seeks to catch up.

Loves to be seen, noisy companies and meetings.
The image combines many good features, but the negative has its place. Since childhood, the girl is very purposeful, strive to maximize the achievement of the intended height.

Even in boyish companies, she is among the leaders, which is later transferred to adulthood.

It can be too demanding not only for oneself, but also for everyone around, which sometimes does not suit them. Due to the fact that a woman can easily cope with many tasks, selfish traits begin to manifest themselves over time.

As a result, a false idea of ​​their superiority and the workload of affairs under the bogus.
Inherent pride can help in the professional field, but often pushes people away from Laura. Often conflicts arise on this basis, which does not add to the image of positivity.

With Laura do not get bored. She loves live emotions very much and always brings an interlocutor to them. Intrigues and conflicts accompany her all her life, often she herself is their initiator.

He loves to travel and uses every opportunity for this.

Life will never be full of boredom. Where Laurina is always interesting, and, where interesting, you can always meet Laourochka.

From an early age, a bright nature is revealed completely, if others do not interfere with this.
For ladies, self-development is important. Does not recognize any idols.

He likes to be more speaker than listener. Without failures and failures, too, is not without.

Experiencing them hard, may briefly give up. A lover of sweets can spoil her figure by middle age.

Does not trust intuition, relies more on logic. Thanks to non-standard thinking, it solves complex problems well, and knows how to decompose everything in stages.

The mind of the young lady is inquiring and eager for the new.

Various characteristics

  • The success stone is jade, topaz.
  • Planet patron — Neptune.
  • Suitable plants amulets — rose, wild rose, saffron.
  • Totem — gull, swallow.
  • Color — turquoise, heavenly, olive, azure.
  • Zodiac sign — Sagittarius.
  • The number is 9.

Laura has no name day. Often, the more familiar Larissa is taken as a baptismal.

The value of the name Laura in life, fate and character formation

Different sides of life

Easily manipulated by men, always surrounded by fans. May be dizzy, but chooses only one for a serious relationship. As a lover is beautiful, gentle and hot at the same time.

Often receives offers of the hand and heart.

He likes to listen to ardent speeches about his virtues. Not jealous, because too confident in their female charms.

Itself periodically causes a couple to jealousy.

Lorochka House is always open to guests. A good hostess, vigorously copes with everything. With age, the activity of the lady does not go anywhere, and her husband just has to accept.

The family may not have children. This is taken for granted.

If kids are there, they are loved to madness. Sometimes mom pampers them too much, but the desire for improvement is embodied in the child.

Business area

Because of restlessness, the best for Laura, work associated with regular trips to different places. The following professions are perfect for her:

  • photographer
  • painter
  • archaeologist
  • traveler
  • guide
  • ballerina
  • travel agent
  • journalist
  • model
  • stewardess

If the work is office, thanks to her grip, the girl becomes a leader who is respected by her subordinates. The main thing is that her talent has found its niche and revealed to the full.

Then the woman will live happily.

As a child, neuroscientists put Lorochka hyperactivity, which should be compensated by active games or sports training. In the future there may be problems with joints, bones.

Not a rarity — spinal hernia, trauma.

Male Name Compatibility

Names of the elect


Laura is Monogamous, as she seeks to choose a partner once and for all.

Personalities in the history of mankind

The value of the name Laura in life, fate and character formation

  • Laura Pausini — singer, repeated Grammy winner (USA, Italy). Laura Lafargue is a politician, translator of the works of tandem Marx and Engels. (France).
  • Laura Bush
  • Laura Vandervoort — actress (Canada).
  • Laura Marano.
  • Laura Bryan
  • Laura Jugelia is the editor of Vogue magazine (Russia).
  • The Gypsy Laura is a character in A. Pushkin’s work “Little Tragedies” (In the film of the same name, the role was played brilliantly by actress Matluba Alimova).

There are many more interesting women who worthily carried this sonorous and proud name — Laura.

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