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The value of the name Lada — the nature and fate of the name Lada

The value of the Slavonic name Lada — the fate of the girl and character traits

The name Lada is of Old Slavic origin. It appeared and became popular even before the baptism of Russia. The roots are pagan, because this is how the Slavs called the goddess of love and beauty.

The meaning of the name varies greatly, depending on the context — in some cases it will be a “spouse”, and in others — a “beloved one”.

From the positive features that the name gives to its owner, we can note tenderness, restraint, friendly and sociable character, positive view of the world. The bearers of this name, as a rule, have a rich imagination and developed intuition, sensitive to everything.

The value of the name Lada - the nature and fate of the name Lada

A girl named Lada is ambitious and romantic, her nature is extremely sensitive and overflowing with love. She quickly and easily converges with new people, also instantly adapts to changing life circumstances.

This girl — nature is creative and talented.

Less attractive are such features as lightheadedness, an excellent ability to be naughty and offended, absent-mindedness, as well as a weak and easily subservient will, which over the years can lead to emotional detachment from people. In some cases, it can be really vulnerable, in childhood it often happens to be crybaby.

Other variations of the name

In other cultures and languages ​​this name practically does not occur. In the Russian language there are such abbreviated forms of this rare euphonic name:

Ladka, Ladusya, Laduska, Ladochka, Ladusenka, Ladusechka.

Also this name has a number of synonyms: Vladislav, Vladlena, Pallas, Milad, Hellas, Ladislav, Vlad.

Girl character

From early childhood, Lada is the universal pet. Peers, parents, educators and teachers look at her with admiration. However, such attention to her person provokes in her selfish character and feelings of impunity.

She is able, without remorse of conscience, to drop out of school or go on a journey at the time that a sick relative needs care.

The adult Ladushka hardly fits into new teams. However, this picture changes as soon as she gets married.

She listens to her husband and under his authority becomes much better. It is from him that she gets a real upbringing.

Fate of Lada

In early childhood, this girl will be independent and self-confident. Due to the leadership qualities of nature itself, it is likely that it will become the leader of its own peer company.

This child will be mobile and will prefer active games, and therefore — a society of boys, which is not at all uncommon for girls with her character.

The value of the name Lada - the nature and fate of the name Lada

In general, the passage of the school curriculum will not cause her special difficulties, because it is easy for her to study. However, getting a good mark will prevent the lack of proper perseverance.

Lada will needlessly rush, which will affect the result of the work.

The easiest thing to do is go with the exact sciences, humanitarian disciplines can cause difficulties. Memory will help her both in her studies and during her later life.

A girl named Lada will grow up strong and healthy, but extremely suspicious, even prone to hypochondria.

Esoteric characteristics and name

Not everyone realizes how well this girl knows how to manipulate people. And she does it skillfully. Do not hesitate to throw a man in his eyes to use it to achieve their own goals.

And often used person during this time receives any damage.

  • The patron planet is Venus;
  • Libra;
  • Animal mascot — kingfisher;
  • Tree mascot — rowan;
  • Plant mascot — the fruits of mountain ash;
  • Stone mascot — coral;
  • The color of the name is scarlet.

Ladushka does not celebrate the birthday, because it is not in the list of Christian calendar.

Lada in work, love and marriage

The sooner this person tries herself in the labor field, the harder she will have to adapt to the team. The fact is that she gets used to the care and sympathy of others, and real life and strangers are not always ready to provide it.

Therefore, she is deeply disappointed.

The value of the name Lada - the nature and fate of the name Lada

The kindest colleagues may try to cheer her up and support her, but their attempts will not always be crowned with success. Also at work there may be problems due to the fact that she is quickly addicted to new tasks, forgetting about the unfinished old ones.

She should choose a creative profession.

Lada love relationships are mixed. She is loving, and if she falls in love, then she loses her memory and mind.

Negative traits of character will not be noticed to point-blank, even if they are pointed out by their relatives with a finger. She idealizes the partner, seeks to be herself ideal for him.

However, this picture does not always lead to negative developments. A man can take advantage of this and, having received unlimited support and approval from Lada, move very far forward, achieve a high financial position, thanks to which their future family will not need it.

In marriage happens several times, while each of the men truly loves. He values ​​children more than anything else, and with their appearance he fully devotes himself to care.

On treason will not be solved ever.

Male Name Compatibility

Ideal compatibility in the relationship expects a girl named Lada with such men as: Anton, Gregory, Mark, Veniamin, Dmitry, Anatoly, Elisha, Vikenty.

A prosperous alliance with men, whose names are as follows: Alexey, Oleg, Timofey, Jan, Gennady, Prokhor, is much less likely.

Famous women with this name

The Olympic champion Lada Zadonskaya, a member of the Russian speed skating team, and Lada Luzina, one of the most popular writers of Ukraine, carries this euphonic name.

Lada — Slavic horoscope

According to the Slavic horoscope, a girl with this name lives in harmony with her body and with her native nature. A wide imagination, developed intuition and violent imagination in it are combined with practicality and ability in any situation not to be left without means of subsistence.

Around itself creates a fun, festive atmosphere, what pleases the people around them. Outwardly, as a rule, very beautiful, in love — full of passion.

Differs innate talent for acting, can be arrogant and narcissistic.

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