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The value of the name Karina, the nature and fate of the girl

The name Karina can hardly be called very common: in the rating of popular names it is in 26th place. At baptism, parents often use the name Katerina.

Karina is a proud, intelligent person with a bright character. Her mind and determination are respected by all who are familiar with her.

The future of Karina largely depends on her upbringing in the family and relationships with close relatives. The girl likes to be in the center of attention and is able to achieve the desired.

There is no consensus about the origin and meaning of the name. There are several versions about the history and occurrence of the name Karina:

  • Originated from the Latin word carus (dear, sweet).
  • The name has Greek roots — derived from the Greek name Corinna, which means — "girl".
  • The interpretation of the name in the Scandinavian sources states that the modern name Karina is derived from the baptismal name Katharina.
  • From the Arab Karim — generous.

Derived on behalf of: Karinka, Karisha, Kara, Rina.

Among the representatives of the name there are famous people, whose achievements evoke respect and admiration from contemporaries. Famous representatives of the name: Karina Govin, Karina Bagdasarova, Karina Aznavourian, Karin Ryubi, Karin Shifrin.

According to the church calendar, the memory of St. Karina, the patroness of the name, is celebrated on March 24 by the Catholic Church.

The value of the name Karina, the nature and fate of the girl

To solve the mystery of Karina’s character and find out how her fate will turn out, it is necessary to consider the description and description of her personality.

In childhood, a girl is often self-willed and capricious, which causes her parents a lot of trouble. If in all things they give in to their beloved daughter, then with age such qualities as egoism and vanity will begin to prevail in her character. Because of her impulsiveness, Karina often finds herself in unpleasant situations, out of which, thanks to her wit and determination, successfully finds a way out.

Peers are wary of her bright personality, but they are respected for her courage and take part in her tricks with pleasure.

In adolescence, she is always surrounded by a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, but she doesn’t have so many real friends. Establishing relationships with classmates is not easy for a girl, as she is very changeable and unpredictable. Karina pays a lot of time to study.

The teachers praise her for her intelligence and her desire for knowledge.

The future of the girl depends on upbringing in the family. In order for Karina to succeed, parents must support her daughter in everything and direct her energy in the right direction.

In adulthood, she is purposeful, wise, and confident. In the manifestation of feelings restrained, hides his emotions deep in the heart.

Only close people know about her weaknesses. He likes to be in the spotlight and often takes on the role of leader.

The character of the girl is also influenced by her date of birth:

SeasonHow does the character
WinterWinter Karina is proud and independent, used to relying solely on herself. She dreams of a spouse who surrounds her with boundless love and care.
SpringSpring Karina is mysterious and unpredictable. In her heart she feels like a child, thirsting for fun and celebration. She will find her happiness in a relationship with a reliable man who will become her protector and best friend.
SummerKarina, born in the summer, conquers those around her with her optimism and kindness. She is attracted to people by cheerfulness and sincerity.
AutumnThe girl, who was born in the fall, shows prudence and diplomacy. She is sociable, therefore she easily finds a common language with people. The ideal companion for her is a single-minded man who commands universal respect.

The value of the name Karina, the nature and fate of the girl

Karina is a complex nature. Her difficult nature often becomes an obstacle to building harmonious relationships with members of the opposite sex.

In marriage, she struggles to compromise and in every way seeks "to redo" their chosen one, because of what their union eventually falls apart. Only in adulthood does she gain wisdom and patience.

A happy marriage will be with a smart, discreet and confident man who does not allow himself to be manipulated.

The owners of the name are sexy and emotional. In bed, it is important for them to feel the tenderness and care of their chosen one.

Romance is not alien to them, so gentle kisses and touching compliments are an integral part of their relationship with their beloved.

A successful marriage will develop with Igor, Vladimir, Eugene, Alexei and Pavel.

Avoid relationships should be with Valery, Nikita, Ilya, Anton and George.

The value of the name Karina, the nature and fate of the girl

As a child, Karina often suffers, so parents should pay special attention to her health. Properly formulated full-fledged vitamin-mineral diet will help strengthen the immunity. It is also important to instill in the child a love of sport.

An active lifestyle will have a beneficial effect on the growth and subsequent development of the girl.

As a supporter of sports and nutrition, in adult life, Karina can boast of excellent state of health and beautiful appearance. Astrologers warn that if a woman does not provide herself with proper rest and spends too much time working, she may have health problems.

The girl’s psyche is stable. Sometimes she is capricious, but this trait of character appears infrequently.

In general, Karina makes an impression on others as a balanced and reasonable person.

Representatives of the name — resolute, selfish and self-confident personality. A strong intuition and a brilliant thin mind help them to succeed in life.

Karina is intelligent and reasonable, has a developed intellect. She thinks globally, which allows her to make bold plans and successfully implement them.

Representatives of the name have a well-developed intuition, relying on which they can save themselves from many mistakes in life.

Morality — the system of rules of Karina, largely depends on her education. From childhood, she should see in front of her a positive example of her family members, who will become a reference point for her at a more mature age.

Working for Karina is not only a means of earning, but also a way of self-expression, an opportunity to attract attention. When choosing a profession for her, it is important that it evokes a lively response in the heart and is highly valued in society, that is, it is prestigious.

Only doing what she likes can a girl be able to reach her potential.

Representatives of the name are hardworking, prudent and pragmatic. They will be able to realize themselves in the profession of an administrator, a manager, a public service specialist, etc.

Professional achievements instill confidence in a woman. High position and professional success do not spoil her character.

Excellent intuition and agile mind allow you to achieve success in running your own business. She highly appreciates professionalism in people and never neglects the advice of her colleagues.

Guided by the experience of her predecessors and listening to her inner voice, she will become an excellent leader — an example for her employees.

The main passion in the girl’s life is travel. She receives incomparable emotions and impressions from acquaintance with nature, sights, culture of various cities and countries.

The best vacation for her is a trip with the whole family on an exciting journey.

Karina is a keen nature. She often changes the range of their interests and rarely brings the begun to the end.

Because of this character trait, a girl cannot fully devote herself to any one occupation. She loves dancing, music, enjoys sports and enjoys an active lifestyle.

In the esoteric, every name corresponds to symbols designed to save a person from trouble and to bring happiness and good luck into his life.

Talisman, symbol, patronDecryption
Patron Planets — Mars and MoonThe moon is the embodiment of the feminine, personifying such personality traits as strong intuition and emotionality. Mars is a symbol of energy, optimism and nobility. People who are patronized by Mars, always achieve their goals — success accompanies them in all endeavors
Stone Mascot — JadeThe stone has a strong energy, which gives the owner of the talisman courage, a heightened sense of justice and the burden of knowledge. Nephritis helps a person to find a way out of difficult situations and directs his energy towards achieving goals.
Totem animal — walrusTotem gives a person good health and love to travel. In people whose totemic animals are walrus, strong psyche and steel hardening. They are not afraid of the dangers and boldly take the risk
Lotus FlowerThe symbol of spiritual development, purity and innocence. He helps a person to find his purpose in life, to know and accept the world around it with all its advantages and disadvantages.
Tree Mascot — CedarCedar has a powerful energy, which fills a person with power and makes him feel emotional growth. Talisman protects its owner from the negative, which comes from envious and detractors
Name number — 3In numerology, this number indicates that a person has hidden talents and extraordinary abilities. A person needs the support of relatives and the help of an experienced mentor, under whose guidance she will be able to reach her potential.
Auspicious Day — ThursdayOn this day of the week, the representatives of the name are experiencing elation. This is an auspicious day for the realization of your plans and for important momentous meetings.

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