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The value of the name Karina — how is fate?

What does the name Karina mean — how does the character and fate

The meaning of the name Karina has several interpretations. The name is ancient and, perhaps, originates from the Greek word «Corina, bark» — a girl.

In Latin, the word «pun» means dear, sweet, precious. In Turkic languages, «Kara» means black, dark. It is not by chance that in the “Adams Family” Gomez calls Martishe “Kara Mia” — my dear.

The name is perfect for a bright and charming brunette with a lively character.

The value of the name Karina - how is fate?

Name options

Kara, Kora, Korina, Karinka, Karinochka, Karochka, Karulya, Karusya, Karinushka.

  • Zodiac sign — sensitive and sensitive fish
  • Ruling the planet — the Moon, indicates the variability of nature
  • Happy color — green, orange, pink, salmon
  • Tree — fir
  • Plant — buttercup
  • Animal — deer, owl, salmon
  • Stone — jade, turquoise.

Name Compatibility

Karina is able to cope with such difficult male names as Ruslan, Radmil, Igor, Timur, Chris, Gomez.

The value of the name Karina - how is fate?

The main qualities are intelligence, insight, accuracy, punctuality, creative approach to everything, self-criticism, determination.

The negative qualities include a tendency to reflection, doubt, self-doubt, willingness to retreat, secrecy, cruelty under the guise of rationality.

An ardent and passionate girl is constantly afraid of allowing herself to have real feelings — to feel sorry for the little bird, to sincerely have fun with the child, to take a ride down the hills. She constantly pulls herself, trying not to express loud enthusiasm or grief.

Forcing herself to keep within the bounds of decency, she substitutes real emotions with a decent image of joy or sorrow, while remaining cold and indifferent inside.

Focusing on accepted standards, she creates a pleasant friendly image of an exemplary girl with a slight tendency to mischief. The vigorous and bright temperament remains hidden, but creates an intrigue by which men are bought with pleasure.

There are always a lot of fans around her, but she does not strive for quick and easy choice.

Karina’s character is bright, restless, inquisitive. She is interested in everything, she wants to try everything, be in time everywhere. It seems to all to be an extrovert, superficial, light and cheerful.

In fact, it is a thin and deep introvert in the mask of an extrovert. If she is able to reveal her deep emotional layers, she can become a serious artist, director, poet.

But more often she chooses to go technical specialty, or some work on public relations. Perseverance, patience, the ability to wait, an excellent, brilliant reputation, allow her to push through the office ladder.

With subordinates, she can be rude, cruel, with pleasure lets know their utter insignificance. Oddly enough, in the eyes of the management it only adds points to her.

She becomes an excellent specialist, but she is rarely seriously interested in technology or control, although her power attracts her.

Karina is economical, reasonable in spending, but can spend other people’s money with chic, if she allows it. Her controversial nature can find a real outlet in this, presenting money spending as a measure of feelings.

For outlets, it is better to follow the advice of a stylist precisely and clearly.

The value of the name Karina - how is fate?

A restless and cheerful child, able to occupy himself for any length of time, becomes a blessing for parents. At the same time, the girl understands that she is indifferent to everyone, she is tolerated only because she is comfortable, charming, charming. With the same purpose — to keep the attention of loved ones, she is an excellent student, plays sports, shows excellent results, participates in exhibitions, competitions, performances.

It seems to her that if she disappears, steps aside, nothing changes, everyone will be just happy. If at this stage you give her more than she requires — and this is a little more than nothing, you can show sincere attention and keen interest, you can develop a deep and vibrant personality.

A little later, when a beautiful and successful girl who can sing, dance, graceful and interesting, becomes the object of close attention of young people, it is already difficult to correct the situation. Karina enjoys power, plays with men, brings closer and removes on her own whims.

She seeks to realize her external data as profitably as possible, without hesitation agrees on plastic surgery, if it seems to her that this will increase her demand. She seeks to marry successfully.

If the option is not the best, it leaves in the marriage freedom of relations and continues to look for a more suitable option, which will turn her head with his generosity.

In adulthood, she is successful, experiencing several crises, learning self-irony, becoming an influential figure, begins to be interested in spiritual development. Usually gives preference to fashion trends — yoga, Feng Shui, meditation.

In old age suddenly finds freedom and happiness. She no longer needs to like, she can communicate or not communicate with people of her choice, is engaged in charity, patronage of arts, prefers to live in a comfortable house by the sea, but bathes in the pool, which is located in a closed courtyard.

She grows flowers, discovers the talent of a gardener, a designer, can do art, including monumental forms.


  • Razumovskaya — actress
  • Bagdasarova — trainer, a continuer of the circus dynasty
  • Moritz — actress
  • Coke — singer
  • Enke — three-time Olympic champion in speed skating

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