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The value of the name Ivanna, Ivanka, John for a happy fate

What does the name Ivanna mean and what fascinating fate does it hide

The meaning of the name Ivan, John in Russian transcription, has several variants of origin. In the first, generally accepted version, it goes back to the Hebrew «dear god» or «God’s mercy.»

The second value is more ancient.

Perhaps the name goes back to the ancient Persian and Assyrian name of the goddess Inanna or Astarte. In the Christian world, pagan names were not welcomed and were often disguised. The name carries a strong masculine and feminine at the same time, implies a desire for power.

In the male version is the name of Ivan.

The value of the name Ivanna, Ivanka, John for a happy fate

  • The main controlling planet of the name is the Sun. That means purposefulness, the desire to reign and rule, not to be naked, rushing to the main goal. The sun illuminates the whole world and warming it with its rays. Compliant and pliable nature does not add.
  • The sign of the zodiac is profound and sophisticated sensual Pisces and quick in making Sagittarius. The combination provides unlimited love and protection for John’s loved ones, and a serious, absolutely unpredictable danger to enemies, a quick and ruthless massacre.
  • Totem — race stallion, war horse.
  • Happy colors — white, sparkling, gold in all forms, red.
  • Tree — oak, ash, sequoia.
  • Flower — lily, lotus, poppy.
  • Stone — a diamond in all forms, pearls. A diamond helps firmness in decisions and purity of thoughts, pearls soften the soul and allow the feminine to be realized.

The value of the name Ivanna, Ivanka, John for a happy fate

Name options

John, Vanya, Ivanka, Vanya, Vanechka, Io, Iv, Ivan.

Name days you can choose: December 12, February 2, March 28, August 26.

Name Compatibility

Best of all, soft male names — Pavel, Arseny, Artem, Nikolay, Veniamin, Alexey, Nikita, Efim — will suit John.

Good strong alliances with simple and firm names — Peter, Semen, Vladimir, Sergey, Andrey. In such alliances, the struggle for leadership is inevitable, but in general, with a rational approach of the parties, the union can be strong and lasting.

Ivanna attracts all men and for some time she is able to blind anyone with her charisma. In fact, she sees before her exclusively loving faces of people who are fascinated by her charisma.

This prevents her from really deeply understanding people, she always sees them from the best side. But with prolonged communication, especially in marriage, continuous adoration is impossible.

Secret and dark features, men’s whims, jealousy, attempts to completely subjugate the personality come to the surface. All this leads the royal John to confusion and bewilderment.

She does not understand how a man who had assured her a month ago that he was ready to carry her in her arms all her life and kiss the traces of her legs requires her to be a servant.

This is completely out of her character and, finding out that adoration is impossible to return, she is disappointed in marriage. Nevertheless, she does not lose optimism and is ready to try her luck again. After a divorce, relationships are usually restored.

She may be followed by a long train of her former men, again ready for anything for her queen.

The main character trait should be considered high-speed decision-making, charm, easy self-centeredness and the willingness to always consider yourself as a member of the highest class. There is every reason for this — beauty, a sharp mind, talent for most parameters.

An additional bonus will be luck, even if not always obvious. But when a person actively breaks through all the doors, sooner or later he will find it open.

Or break a personal pass for yourself.

Ivanna is bright, athletic, agile and lively with a sharp mind, unexpected acquaintances. She is always ready to help her friends or rely on their support.

When striving for a goal, it resembles a real ram. She did not confuse the authorities, she is the authority.

People willingly and with pleasure obey her, accept her patronage and provide support. An important point, in any situation, she looks like a queen, without making any visible effort.

Mercantile, desire for money is not peculiar to John. The money itself flows to her.

She is happy to share with those in need from a number of friends, loves to make presents and arrange surprises. It treats retaliatory actions as the most natural of affairs.

Royal ease only adds to her charm.

In early childhood, Ivanna amazes with the depth and vividness of thinking, with fascinating playfulness. To curb her temperament a little, the baby is given early to the sport, where she achieves excellent results, although she rarely shows a desire to become a professional athlete.

It is enough for her that she is faster, more flexible, more accurate than most of her peers.

She studies excellently, although she is not a teacher or a nerd. Again, she has enough results a little better than most.

Parents should take care of a good school so that the child has someone to compete with.

From an early age pays a lot of attention to its appearance, has an excellent taste. Even simple things on it look special, elegant.

Danger for Ivanna is early maturation and emancipation. Bright and independent, she can enter into a relationship very early and have a child without being too interested in the support of her relatives.

The first marriage, especially the early one, is unsuccessful and she often has to raise a baby alone, facing hardships and difficulties. Of course, she copes, but if you keep in your youth from reckless serious steps, life will be much easier.

In adulthood, she enjoys life with pleasure. can lead or work in charitable foundations, in publishing houses. It shows itself as an excellent organizer and natural leader in those areas where leadership is really important. happy to be engaged in culture and art. Until very old age, it maintains high activity and vivacity.

I am pleased to nurse grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but only if they are not transplanted to her neck completely.

The value of the name Ivanna, Ivanka, John for a happy fate

Famous namesakes

Khmelevskaya is a remarkable writer, the founder of the genre of the female ironic detective, the author of «What the Dead Man Said,» and hundreds more fascinating stories that are included in the classics of world literature on a par with Jerome and Mark Twain.

  • Pope John is the only woman who could become the Pope, hiding her gender.
  • Navarre — Queen of France. Among queens and princesses there are many women with this name.
  • Anders, better known as Zhanna Aguzarova

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