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The value of the name Galina — the fate and character of Galina

Galina’s name — meaning, fate of a girl and her character, differences in age

The name Galina has a very unusual origin. According to the legends, it appeared on behalf of the Greek mythical creature — Galen, resembling a mermaid and creating sea calm.

From this it turns out that the origin of the name Galina, like the majority of modern Russian names, is Greek, and its meaning is “serenity, tranquility, peace”.

The girl for whom her parents chose the name Galya is a calm child, confident in their abilities. This is her amazing property — Galya is active and energetic, loves to walk and frolic with her peers, while being completely calm and not tormenting parents with hysterics.

The value of the name Galina - the fate and character of Galina

He gets to know friends at the same age easily and quickly. Galya often leads her friendship with boys, since she does not particularly trust the female sex.

At the same time she likes to preen herself and admire herself in front of the mirror.

A girl named Galina has quite a lot of money for mastering the school curriculum and, as a rule, she studies quite well. The consistency in it is combined with an excellent memory — it is difficult to imagine a better combination for a student.

Gale was lucky in how her perseverance in training and working time is combined with irrepressible activity during the holidays. The girl easily learns both exact and humanitarian subjects, but later her choice still falls on the latter.

Different forms, variants and synonyms of the name

This name has many derived and abbreviated forms. The short forms of the name Galina are as follows: Galya, Galyukh, Galinusha, Galyunya, Ina, Alya, Galinka, Galka, Galyusya, Lina, Gassia, Lina, Galukha.

The synonym for the name Galina is one — Galini.

Secrets of the character of Gali

Galya is extremely persistent — if she has already chosen the path she intends to follow, nothing can knock her down. Her diligence, friendliness, ability to acquire useful contacts and friendly relationships help her cope with any life situation and overcome any obstacle.

Gali makes an excellent organizer — she is active, good, surrounding people often call her groovy. We can talk a lot about her kindness — Galina is not in the least capable of vindictiveness and malice in general.

In childhood, Galya can be a bit capricious and demanding. In collaboration with peers does not seek to become the main company, but often acts as an initiator of any fun.

In order not to spoil the general fun, can give way to a persistent player in a dispute.

The value of the name Galina - the fate and character of Galina

Parents should take into account that you cannot raise your voice in Galya — this clever girl will understand them perfectly, and a loud and harsh voice will frighten her and make her feel extremely uncomfortable. In childhood, he also often enjoys drawing.

She loves to visit and grows herself very hospitable girl.

This child is impressionable and fearful, knows how to sympathize and empathize, feels someone else’s grief as his own. At an early age, it’s not worth discussing bad news or scary stories with her — she will start having trouble sleeping.

In his youth, reads books, goes hiking, loves puzzles. At work, she becomes a real worker — she is often put in an example as an ideal executive and responsible employee.

What fate awaits Galina

Over the course of her life, Galina remains as purposeful and hardworking. However, she does not tolerate various tricks, tricks, omissions and intrigues.

Everything that Galya strives for and comes to is obtained through honest, long and hard work.

At the same time, no matter how high she rose, she would keep old friends and never be conceited — this is not her characteristic. Friends appreciate her for reliability, self-criticism and ease of communication.

The value of the name Galina - the fate and character of Galina

Galya will choose her profession on the basis of her own preferences — she is little concerned with prestige or financial component. However, no matter what path she chose, in the chosen case Galina will become an unsurpassed professional.

The working team will enjoy great respect, because it will never be noticed that any rumors have been spread or that it has been found guilty of committing mean tricks. Galina is too honest for this.

Suitable areas for it are teaching, medicine, design, finance.

Responsibility Galki manifests itself in the choice of the future spouse. She is ready for many years to wait for the man who suits her, placing her own high demands on everyone.

This woman turns out to be a wonderful housewife who can do any housework. She will become a caring and faithful wife, a loving and skillful mother.

Esoteric characteristics and name

The secret of the name of Galina is that she looks skeptically at the people around her. Although she herself does not give herself this report, but she looks down on others condescendingly.

She also often thinks about her superiority. However, over the years, it passes and it becomes even more kind to people.

  • The planet is the sun;
  • Zodiac sign — Aries;
  • Animal mascot — daw;
  • The color of the name is crimson;
  • Tree-talisman — pine;
  • Plant mascot — sweet pea;
  • Stone — pomegranate.

Name days of Galina are celebrated only once a year — March 23.

Love and family

Galya has a pleasant appearance and an innate sense of style, thanks to which she will not be deprived of the attention of the opposite sex. However, the choice will always remain for her, and she can choose for a long time and carefully, carefully looking at the candidates.

Rationality and logic do not allow emotions to take precedence over her, and she assesses the potential future spouse as objectively as possible. Only after weighing all the pros and cons and making a positive decision, Galina will allow her feelings to come out and fall in love with a man.

Gali’s marriage will be strong, long and comfortable if she has children from her spouse. She will love children much more than her chosen one and even more than herself.

Work and career

This girl will relate to the work in the same way as she treated the educational process. Work duties will be performed ahead of time and with the highest quality possible.

It is unlikely that anyone else in the team will be able to boast of such responsibility, diligence and professionalism.

The authorities, as a rule, notice such a dedication and do not leave it without encouragement. Galya easily and faster than others gets promoted, climbing higher and higher on the career ladder, comes to senior positions.

Organizing your own business for her is also not difficult — her ability to elaborate a plan in detail, to organize everything and prepare for implementation, as well as loyal attitude to employees will allow her to achieve success in this area.

The carriers of this name from early childhood monitor the condition of their body, strengthening the immune system and establishing various biological processes. They are quickly and effectively treated for infections, trying to prevent the development of chronic diseases.

Galina’s compatibility with male names

For Galina, an alliance with Alexei, Pavel, Stanislav, Georgy and Valery will be favorable. A less suitable pair for Ghali will be: Cyril, Nikolay, Roman, Leonid, Egor.

Famous bearers named

Among the women named Galina there are a lot of outstanding personalities who have achieved great success in various fields:

  • Galina Ulanova — artist, ballerina, four times the hero of socialist labor;
  • Galina Volchek — director, actress, actress;
  • Galina Mozhaeva — Cytologist, Biophysicist, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Galina Kulakova — Olympic champion.

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