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The value of the name Fedor — options fate and character traits

Fedor — the meaning of the name, character and variants of fate

The name Theodore comes from the Greek form of the name Theodoros or Theodoros — theos is a god, and doros is a gift, which means a divine gift. In the Orthodox calendar, this name sounds like — Theodore.

Other forms of the name: Fedya, Fedyasha, Fedyun.

General interpretation

  • Patron of the planet — Pluto;
  • The color that attracts luck is yellow;
  • Charm stone — topaz;
  • Tree nut;
  • A flower is a peony.

Angel Day Theodore celebrates three times: November 24 — in honor of Igumen Fyodor of Constantinople Monastery. He wrote many church books, educated people, converted to the Christian faith; March 2 — in honor of St. Theodore of Tyrone.

He was a warrior, accepting the faith of Christ, burned a pagan temple, for which he was executed by burning at the stake; June 21 is the day of Great Martyr Fyodor Voevoda. For his faith in Christ was beheaded.

How Fedor manifests himself in childhood and adolescence, the main character traits

Baby Fedyusha grows up quiet, modest boy, a little withdrawn and silent. But his stubbornness and perseverance is felt already from infancy.

He cleverly can manipulate his parents, showing his temper.

The value of the name Fedor - options fate and character traits

In relations with peers, he does not occupy a leading position, it is more interesting for him to stand aside. He likes to read, is fond of chess, table tennis.

This little man can stay long in his thoughts, and he will be completely comfortable in this state.

As for life, the boy Fedya loves order, cleanliness, and accuracy in everything, it is not only parental education that affects this. His desire for a certain way of life laid the name.

At school, he does not like to lend his personal belongings, because of the carelessness and carelessness of peers. Because of this, he is often considered a miser.

Already from his youth in Fedor his masculine confidence, calmness and reliability is felt. He will not fuss and be nice to the teacher to be among the favorites.

He always has something to distinguish himself and how to recommend himself to teachers and classmates.

The older he gets, the more hidden energy he wakes up in him, the passion for adventures, risky or gambling. Sometimes a dangerous goal is not justified, and the boy gets in trouble.

At this age, he reaches out to the team. The senior Fedya is sociable, friendly and not touchy. In all behaves thoroughly and with dignity.

In this adolescent show great organizational skills, assertiveness, practicality. He seeks to expand his range of interests, learns to adapt to difficult life circumstances, is positive and energetic.

Student Fedor adheres to high moral principles, values ​​his honor, dignity and authority. He is a man of his word, and for the sake of an idea is capable of much. His inquisitive mind, erudition, sociability attract many friends.

He can safely defend someone’s position, demanding justice, to take custody and protection of those who need his protection and assistance.

A young man with such a Russian name is a hardworking, economic and trustworthy person. He is not afraid of work and heavy physical labor, if it promises high pay. But this does not mean that it is too material.

Fedor can easily give up everything he has, for the sake of an idea or a new life purpose.

The older this young man becomes, the more seriousness, rigidity, sometimes aggression and irritability manifest in him. He likes to listen and give the necessary advice, even if he is not asked to do so.

His conservative views are becoming too conspicuous, and in old age this may be a reason to be alone.

Young Fedenka is not too spoiled by female attention, since he himself is not very friendly to persons of the weaker sex. He is not attracted by cute coquettes with a sly smile on his face.

He is looking for the same serious, economic and practical girl.

The fate of an adult Theodore: the choice of profession, family, health

In adulthood, Fedor is already firmly on his feet. In the professional field, he is very much appreciated for his honesty and integrity.

Whatever activity he was engaged in, the work will always be done efficiently and on time. His career does not always develop successfully, as he was not used to fawning and serving the leadership.

If he achieves high office and social status, it is solely because of his abilities and business skills.

The field for Fedor’s activity is quite wide: from a leading economist to a skilled baker-confectioner. He is gifted and energetic — this can contribute to the successful development of his own business.

Fedor is a wise and fair leader, which deserves great authority and appreciation of his subordinates.

Traction to spiritual knowledge and enlightenment sometimes leads him to God’s temple. It can make a dramatic difference in life by making a talented icon painter or priest.

The value of the name Fedor - options fate and character traits

Personal life and health

Fedor is a homely man, he is happy to be engaged in housekeeping, summer cottage, garden, house construction, car. All these household chores are elements that create a common understanding of happiness.

Fedya chooses his life partner long and thoroughly. He is not in a hurry to marry, as he tries to arrange his life to begin with.

Having become acquainted with a beautiful person, he will look closely for a long time, until he finally realizes that this is the most worthy option.

His woman should be moderately independent, loyal, calm and of course beautiful. The wife must fully and in all support him.

If she is in a hurry to express her negative position, then she must necessarily substantiate this by giving concrete arguments.

Fyodor loves his family and becomes an excellent husband and caring father. With relatives of the wife is friendly.

The mother-in-law does not cause him negative emotions, but he prefers to live with her in different territories. His hospitality and hospitality always attract many guests to the house.

From this family become couch potatoes.

The value of the name Fedor - options fate and character traits

The favorable compatibility of the name Fyodor with female names: Faith, Love, Lydia, Maria, Anna, Claudia, Svetlana, Raisa. Avoid serious relationship with Larisa, Regina, Arina, Ulyana, Rimma.

Fedor’s health changes over the years. If in childhood, like many kids, he suffers from a lack of appetite, a weak immune system, is prone to colds, then after twenty years his body becomes very strong and stable.

In many ways, he is helped by sports, the love of hardening.

Fedya is outwardly cold-blooded and unemotional person, but his nervous system is often unstable, as he is subject to stress and inner feelings. Therefore, such a man can benefit from relaxation sessions, massages, spa treatments and healthy sleep.

Talented people named Fedor

  • Fyodor Tyutchev is a Russian diplomat, a talented poet, the author of the famous lines “You can’t understand Russia with your mind …”;
  • Fedor Apraksin — associate of Peter the First. He was a member of the Supreme Privy Council;
  • Fedor Rostopchin — Earl, Privy Councilor of the Russian Empire at the court of Paul I;
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky — Russian writer, thanks to his novels, gained world fame;
  • Fedor Ushakov — Admiral of the Black Sea Fleet, who participated in its creation, canonized as a skilled naval commander;
  • Fyodor Chaliapin — Russian opera singer, soloist of the Bolshoi Theater, artistic director of the Mariinsky Theater;
  • Fyodor Glinka — Russian poet-prose writer, journalist, was an officer and a member of the Decembrist secret societies;
  • Fedor Bondarchuk — Russian film director, popular producer, film actor, TV presenter. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lenfilm OJSC. His films have high box office and are nominated for film awards.

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