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The value of the name Farid — character traits and variants of fate

Farida — the meaning of the name, fate and character

The name Farida has Arabic roots and means «precious», «rare», «valuable». Farida is derived from the male name Farid.

It is very popular among Muslims.

Farida does not celebrate the day of the angel, since she is not listed in the calendar of Orthodox saints.

General interpretation and name horoscope

  • The planet patron of the name is Saturn;
  • The sign of the zodiac corresponding to the characteristic name — Capricorn;
  • The color that attracts luck and happiness is gray;
  • The health promoting plant is Mandragora;
  • Charm stone — a pearl.

Childhood and youth Farida — the talents and preferences of the girl

Baby Farida is a capricious and capricious child. She demands attention to herself, is very touchy and does not tolerate when her voice is raised.

The girl easily manipulates her relatives if they try to indulge in everything in her, without denying her desires.

The value of the name Farid - character traits and variants of fate

Farida is well built, flexible enough and agile. She is very active among peers, quickly finds new friends, but can also instantly part with them. This crumb is quite emotional, sentimental.

This behavior is often confused with the openness, sincerity and cordiality of the girl.

At school, Farida is rather mediocre, she does not show interest in learning and is often lazy. In this young person there is a creative potential, good physical data, if parents during this period devote more time to the child and force them to develop skills, they can succeed in the future.

Farid is very fascinated with out-of-class work, sections, and creative circles. She may be very interested in something, but rather it will have a short-term character.

At this age, it is not typical for her to finish the job started.

As for her general erudition, this is quite a versatile personality. She likes to read what goes into the school curriculum, enjoys music, painting. In high school in search of the perfect external image, Farida can begin to model and sew clothes, change hairstyles.

In adulthood, these children’s hobbies may well become her profession.

Farida does not single out her own or others’ classmates, easily communicating with everyone on general topics. As for her personal life, she is quite closed, never sharing her problems with even close friends.

Farida’s relationship with parents at an older age may deteriorate due to some conflicting views. Farida doesn’t like it when relatives begin to direct her to the true path, rejecting her own opinion and desires.

She was not accustomed to give way, to compromise, to avoid quarrels and scandal.

The older Farida becomes, the more she is removed from her relatives. The girl prefers to get married early in order to become more independent and independent from her parents.

But it will rather be her mistake, since the marriage will not be long-term.

Farida is not ambitious and does not set out to graduate from a higher educational institution, preferring to go to college after school. It is possible that the chosen specialty will not be her profession, and she will work in a completely different field.

Professional implementation, personal life and health — which will be more important for Farida

Already in adulthood, Farida’s relationship with her parents can remain just as cool. And all because she is too vindictive.

Her resentment against her relatives can go away if they themselves ask her for forgiveness. This shows the pride and vanity of the girl.

Farida’s career may be different. She is not hardworking, but when it comes to making good money, she is ready to give everything one hundred percent.

Farida is practical, knows the value of money and knows how to earn it.

Farida always chooses her own way herself, she loves movement, change of environment, dynamics in everything and everywhere, only in this way she receives a charge of cheerfulness and energy to achieve her plans. She is attracted to publicity, she adores attention to her person.

Being successful in the profession can greatly help the appearance of Farida. This is a fairly well-groomed, bright and well-built woman.

Men will not pass by such an oriental beauty, so as not to pay attention to her.

The value of the name Farid - character traits and variants of fate

Despite some disappointments in his personal life, Farida is always surrounded by fans. Having decided on a partner, she can quite successfully marry a second time.

It will definitely be a non-conflicting, self-sufficient young man who can give in to a woman and indulge her whims.

What Farida necessarily expects from a partner is love. Realizing that she is being worshiped, a woman is capable of great deeds, including those that will affect the rise of her career.

Farida’s professional environment can be associated with journalism, social activities, fashion, design. In other areas, she is quite capable of being held as a professional, but for this she constantly needs inspiration.

A close person must necessarily inspire her confidence and expand the boundaries of its capabilities.

Family and health

Family relations Farida will be stable. But the woman reluctantly assumes the role of the mistress of the house; she is alien to her housekeeping, cleaning and cooking.

Although she loves her children very much and will try to take care of them.

Farida is spontaneous and not age active. Preferring to rest with her family, she can easily go with the spouse and children to the mountains, ski, or go to the ocean, conquer the depths of the sea and enjoy the sun.

The value of the name Farid - character traits and variants of fate

Farida does not like to make long-term plans; perhaps this suddenness makes her life interesting and diverse. But the years make her wiser and more far-sighted.

She is ready to pay more attention to self-learning, spiritual development, combining a pleasant pastime with a useful occupation.

If Farida’s beauty was too changeable in her youth, she could fall into a rage, and then quickly switch to positive emotions, then in maturity this woman becomes more sedate, adequate and sensible.

Farida can reproach herself for being too touchy, rancorous, indifferent attitude towards parents. Mistakes will become obvious to her, and she can oppress herself for it, becoming very withdrawn and detached.

In order for Farida’s emotional state not to lead her to a mental crisis, she must reconcile herself with those whom she offended. It will become more insightful, sensitive and soulful.

The period when its spiritual values ​​will be combined with material wealth, well-being of children, relatives and the love of a loved man.

The truly happy Farida becomes already at a more mature age, when pride, arrogance, vanity dissolve in her. She will appreciate the minutes of communication with loved ones, thank heaven for the health and vitality expressed in unprecedented activity.

The health of this woman is consistently strong. She is not inclined to gastronomical preferences, watching her figure and general vitality.

In later life, problems with blood pressure and joints can occur. Love to walk in the fresh air will always help Farida to maintain immunity.

Famous women named Farida

  • Farida Sharipova — Honored Artist of the Soviet era, film actress;
  • Farida Kudasheva — pop singer of the Republic of Tatarstan, People’s Artist of the USSR, originally from Bashkiria;
  • Farida Kurbangaleeva — the host of the program «Vesti» on the channel Russia-1, a journalist, TV presenter;
  • Farida Mammadova — philosopher, professor, historian, public figure, originally from Ayzerbaijan.

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