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The value of the name Faina — four characters, the impact on fate

Faina — the meaning of the name, the fate and character of the owner

Rare enough for today the name of Fain comes from the Greek. Faini — «brilliant», «radiant radiance.»

In Europe, Russia appeared at the time of the adoption of Christianity, namely Orthodoxy. The name is closely related legend of St..

Faina from Galatia. Several girls with her were drowned by pagans.

The beautiful bodies of seven virgins were buried by St. Fedot, who took them from the bottom of the lake.

It is believed that she patronizes everyone who wears this gentle, as a whisper name.

The value of the name Faina - four characters, the impact on fate

Variants, forms

The Catholics have an analogue in the meaning — Clara, the Jews — Lior, the Slavs Yasna, Svetlana.

Briefly or gently usually called

Character, main features

From a young age, little Fayusha bathes in love, caressing her loved ones. She often mischievously, does not listen to adults, but rarely receives punishment.

He has a lot of friends, likes to talk, strive with all his strength to win the championship in his team, even as a child. Sometimes because of her lack of restraint, girlfriends quarrel among themselves.

Restless, often lazy, that affects learning. Although the ability is not deprived, could be among the best students in academic performance.

At first glance, you cannot say that Faina is a very energetic person. Her appearance is deceptive, it seems inactive. Despite being very nervous by nature, she has a kind, sympathetic soul.

For her, the state of constant help to someone is normal. Another feature of girls with a rare name is the demonstration type of character.

Always eager to be the center of attention.

Can not be called perfect in all respects. On occasion, in the name of good, can lie somewhere. Emotions are not under her control.

If something really cares, the impulsive lady is not able to restrain herself. Everything gets along, including pride, responsiveness, sincerity.

Not vindictive, often forgives the offender.

Fain’s fate

The girl over the years acquires new traits that affect life. From a fun, a little uncontrollable turns into an executive, serious woman. Able to set goals, which often reaches its stubbornness, stubbornness.

If he immediately puts himself in the team correctly, he eventually becomes a leader, gets a leadership position.

May succumb to an emotional impulse, to make a mistake, which will often be remembered throughout life, to regret. For this reason, it is worth restraining your ardor, controlling feelings. An ideal option for its environment, when the stronger sex prevails.

With ladies it is more difficult, both to communicate, and to cooperate.

Differs in fastidiousness, it can perfectly cook something in a hurry. If you get a man of dreams, then family life develops as well as possible. The house is full of children, relatives.

Good listener, right shoulder for outpouring of feelings.

The value of the name Faina - four characters, the impact on fate


  • Sign — Twins
  • Happy color — purple
  • Patron of the planet — Mercury
  • Plants — figs, violet
  • Talisman — Amethyst
  • Totem — bird owl
  • Good Luck Day — Wednesday
  • 31.05.
  • 11.06.

Compatibility with men


Different life aspects

Hobbies, talents

Faya is a very observant, capable child. When communicating with other children, you can see that the features of a strict teacher. She has good creative abilities of an artist, sculptor, musician.

In his free time, he prefers to read books, real literature, or communicate with his family.

Whatever business a girl chooses for herself, she always shows herself to be a connoisseur, a professional. He takes his duties very seriously.

Although it receives offers for high posts, it can refuse. Well manifested in

  • Hairdressing
  • Pedagogy
  • Trade
  • Pediatrics

Everything is more complicated with business. Lack of pragmatism and excessive sensitivity hinder the rise.

If you have a reliable partner, you can succeed in this field.

Health status

Due to activity, a minimum of bad habits is usually healthy. Sometimes it can lead to nerves.

Love and relationships

At first glance, it is easily accessible for men, but always keeps them at a decent distance. Gentle, passionate at the same time. Appreciates mutual understanding.

Often the husband is the first. Doesn’t like it when someone pokes his nose in personal affairs.

She has openness and loyalty to her chosen one.

Marriage, family

Marries solely for love. Not in a hurry, for a long time he checks the spouse candidate for different feelings. Marries after 25 years.

It happens that the family does not add up as we would like. However, she adores children, appreciates her lover.

Famous owners of the name Fain

The value of the name Faina - four characters, the impact on fate

  • Jiang Fanlyan (Vahreva Faina) is the first lady of Taiwan.
  • Faina Ranevskaya (Feldman) — comedy actress (USSR).
  • Faina Shevchenko — film actress, (Russian Empire, USSR)
  • Faina Lodkina — Hero of the Great Patriotic War, member of the org. «Young guard».
  • Faina Kogan-Bernstein (Arongais) — historian, translator, professor.
  • Faina Kirshenbaum — politician (Israel).
  • Faina Kostina — puppet theater artist (Russia).

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