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The value of the name Elvira — that will bring good luck, fate, angel’s day, character, love

Elvira: meaning of name, fate and character

In our country, this name has become popular thanks to the 1988 film of the same name. The American comedy with gothic elements and a charismatic, bright heroine really liked our young people, so little Elvira started to appear in the country — first in maternity hospitals, then in kindergartens, schools … to my daughter.

The value of the name Elvira - that will bring good luck, fate, angel's day, character, love

So what does it mean?

There are several theories of the etymology of the name, and each is interesting.

  1. Old Germanic theory. In this case, the name translates as «completely true.» However, some researchers say that the name came from the pagan fertility spirits — the Elvars. And there is also an opinion that this is the female version of the male German name Alvar (“good”, “loyal”, “cautious”, “real”).
  2. Spanish theory. In this case, it translates as «defender».

For friends, the bearer of this name: Elechka, Ale, Ellie, Vira.

In other cultures, the name is: Ilvira (Tatar peoples), Elvir (France).

What character does she bestow on her mistress?

Strong quality. She is stubborn and resolute, completely defies manipulation.

Since childhood, has a strong, domineering character. This is a born leader, ready to hoarse to defend their own point of view.

She feels very good people, so it will not work to fool her. It quickly flashes, but it cools just as quickly, and in general, it acts as a sensitive diplomat.

Weak, negative quality. Sometimes Elvira behaves like a real «foal». The tempestuous temperament often draws a girl into conflicts.

If a girl becomes disillusioned with herself, it knocks the ground out from under her for a long time. An obstinate character can interfere with her, both at home and at work.

The more adult a woman becomes, the more arrogant is done, feeling superior to other people. She is proud of herself, and if she can be managed somehow, then only with the help of compliments.

How happy is the fate of Eli?

  • Childhood (early). This is a very independent girl, so much so that her mother sometimes even grabs her head. If she does not want to eat porridge, it will not work to persuade her, even if you dance. If the parents do not have the patience to explain something to my daughter over and over again, to persuade her, it is better to choose another name for the baby. Without proper upbringing, she can grow arrogant and ill-mannered.
  • School. She learns so-so, can often argue with teachers. However, if she likes the subject, she will be the best in class. This subject can be physical education.
  • Youth. She’s a tomboy. People who do not know her try to communicate less often with this harsh, uncompromising girl. However, in the company of friends this is a cheerful, sociable person, not buying up jokes.
  • Mature years. To make a career, Elya will have to “smooth out” her iron character. She doesn’t like being a housewife, she needs a team, she needs to be in charge. In her work, she aims for high victories and reaches them. Employees often team up around this punchy woman with a steel rod.

What will bring happiness Elvira, will protect her from adversity?

The value of the name Elvira - that will bring good luck, fate, angel's day, character, love

  • Happy color: brown and orange.
  • Patron of the planet: Mercury.
  • Especially good day of the week: Thursday.
  • Lucky number: 7.
  • An ideal sign of the zodiac: Gemini (from May 21 to June 20), Virgo (from August 23 to September 22).
  • Plants that can serve as a source of strength: violet, mint, daisy; among the trees are figs and cinnamon.
  • Totem animals: peacock and dolphin.
  • Stone talisman: jasper and agate.

Does this name have an angel day? Yes, and several times a year.

Namely: in June (14th number), July (11th and 16th numbers), August (21st number) and December (26th number).

That’s what Elvira will be in different life situations …

  • Love. If she is in love, she will give her all to her sweetheart. But if he offends Elvira, love will be mercilessly exterminated. However, if the relationship of the couple is even, the boy loves her, Elya is ready to love him from the university until retirement.
  • Family. Being a housewife is not for her. Despite having children, this woman will make a career. If she became the boss, then she will turn her own apartment into a barracks, because she does not know how to change from a commanding tone to a peaceable one. Often, the first marriage of a woman turns out to be unsuccessful, because only with time will Ela begin to understand which particular man can make her happy.
  • Friendship. Here Elka is also a leader. But the proud girl really knows how to be friends: she never betrays, will not fail.
  • Job. This girl is not a “runner” from place to place, she likes to do something alone all her life.
  • Health. It is excellent, and in many — thanks to the sport, which the girl is interested in both in her youth and in her mature years. However, there are weaknesses in Eli’s body: these are the spine and joints. If from childhood they do not pay special attention to them, after thirty or forty they will “fall down”.

Which man to get engaged to, and which one should you run from?

Namesakes, known in our country and abroad

  1. Elvira Kokorina (1932-2015) — Soviet ballet dancer, originally from Poland.
  2. Elvira Danilina (1965) — theater and film actress from Russia. Known role in the movie «My stepbrother Frankenstein.» She worked at the Saratov Drama Theater, Tabakov Moscow Theater.
  3. Elvira Nabiullina (1963) is a Russian politician who hails from Bashkiria.
  4. Elvira Todua (1986) — Russian football player, goalkeeper. Born in Georgia.
  5. Elvira Hasyanova (1981) — Russian swimmer, Olympic champion.
  6. Elvira Baryakina (1975) — Russian writer. Publishes not only paper, but also audiobooks. Favorite genre — ironic detective.
  7. Elvira Bolgova (1975) — Russian theater and film actress («Young Wolfhound», «Street Racers»).
  8. Elvira T or Elvira T (1994) — Russian pop singer, composer.

At the end, we offer to listen to a song that proves how talented Elvira is (at least those who live in our country). Despite the young age of the performer, this composition was not her first hit, and even served as the theme of the film “The Groom”.

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