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The value of the name Eleanor — the fate and character of Ella

Characteristic and meaning of the name Eleanor — character and fate

There are several versions of the origin of the euphonious and rare for the Russian language name Eleanor. The most common version of Greek origin.

According to her, the basis for this name is the Greek word Eleos, which is translated as mercy or compassion. From this it follows that, depending on the context, the name may be compassionate or merciful.

According to another version, the name Eleanor has Hebrew roots. According to her, its meaning is “God is my light.”

However, this is only a literary translation of the word. Literally, the word “El” is translated as “God”, and the word “op” is light.

From the combination of these words and the name is formed.

The third version speaks of the French origin of the name, and specifically on behalf of Alienor, which, in turn, comes from the Old German version of Aldenrdis, which means “Old North”.

Various forms and variations of the name

The female name Eleanor has various derivatives and abbreviations, synonyms and variations in different countries and cultures. Abbreviated Eleanor can be called as follows: Elya, Laura, Leor, Nora, Ella, Al, Leo, Ailey.

The synonyms of this name are: Elinor, Elinour, Enor, Helenour, Elianor, Elianor, Elionor, Eleanor, Elinour, Ellinor, Alienor, Leonor, Lenore, Eleanor.

The diminutive pet forms: Elusha, Leonorushka, Norchik, Norochka, Elonka, Ellochka, Elyushka, Norchik, Norushka, Leonorochka.

Eleanor’s character

A girl named Eleanor is a man of purpose and action. Throughout her life, her main task will be to achieve her goals. And the more obstacles it encounters on its way — the better.

All the more deserved, victory will seem to her. She is particularly pleased with winning a competitive competition.

The value of the name Eleanor - the fate and character of Ella

Surrounding people often note its diplomacy, modesty, prudence and rigor. Also, it is inherent thrift and pragmatic mindset.

A circle of friends and a partner in romantic relationships and even marriage can be selected, based on pragmatic considerations — according to their position in society.

Often creates for itself the image of a mysterious and mysterious woman, not allowing anyone to read their ulterior motives and emotions. Even if she was informed of the shocking news directly related to her life, she would react indifferently, not allowing any muscle on her face to twitch.

But do not forget that it is — just a mask.

The owners of this name are well developed intuition. Thanks to her, the girl perfectly understands people and understands them, calculates the situation a lot of moves forward and does not make critical mistakes. There are inherent critical thinking and skepticism.

Inside, Eleanor is tender and vulnerable.

Eleanor’s Fate

In early childhood, a girl named Eleanor will be an extremely sweet, attractive and sociable child. There may be a situation in which relatives, parents, teachers and peers will surround her with exorbitant adoration, which will lead to unjustifiably high self-esteem and self-centeredness.

In her school years, Eleanor will feel comfortable, as teachers and classmates will love her, and in her studies she will show considerable success. This is due to the fact that from an early age she manifests herself as a good analyst, while she has developed imagination and imagination.

The value of the name Eleanor - the fate and character of Ella

Also, the girl who bears this name is active and mobile, and she has a good attitude to the sport. All this allows her to get excellent marks, both in the exact and in the humanities, as well as in physical education.

The girl will be very happy if her parents give her a dance or a rhythmic gymnastics school.

However, parents should be careful, since the development of Nora’s talents will warm her self-esteem even more. The issue of education in this case should be given special attention.

Various characteristics and name days

For a complete understanding of the nature and characteristics of the personality of the girl, who bears the euphonic name Eleanor, you should familiarize yourself with the additional characteristics of her name. It should be noted separately that behind her cynical mask lies sentimentality.

The value of the name Eleanor - the fate and character of Ella

  • The patron planet is mercury;
  • Zodiac sign — Archer;
  • Animal mascot — a chameleon;
  • The color of the name is orange;
  • Plant mascot — lily of the valley;
  • Stone mascot — amber.

Various aspects of life

Eleanor has a pronounced ability in the work, but often she suppresses in itself this potential, choosing the performing profession. However, if she succeeds in overcoming her own insecurity, she will be able to materialize in the creative field and become an actress, a singer or a writer.

Marriage, as a rule, enters by calculation, leaving no room for love in it. For this reason, even in such a sphere of life, she cannot achieve spiritual well-being and find spiritual intimacy with her chosen one.

She should work on suppressing the manifestation of mercantile spirit.

To maintain physical health, it requires to avoid stress, allow yourself to relax. The habit of keeping everything in oneself and storing up negatives leads to serious nervous diseases.

Eleanor is compatible with men like Edward, Lawrence, and Felix. Not the most successful alliance for this girl will be paired with Zeno, Conrad, Orest and Artamon.

Famous women

Among the bearers of this name there are famous personalities — Queen of England Eleonora Provence, daughter of Karl Marx — Eleonora Aveling, and also Russian actress Eleonora Kazan.

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