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The value of the name Edward — how it affects the fate of a person

What fate saved the universe for Edward

Edward, though extremely self-confident, but such a state is achieved only if he is in the place where his abilities are in demand. If this state is not reached, then he can be very disappointed in his abilities and become an anchor for himself, that is, he will no longer improve, but will be on an extreme path of development, some fork in which it is clear that he will have to choose between relations with by people. and your own happiness.

These concepts are extremely incompatible for him, he understands that he will have to choose one thing, otherwise he will not have to keep it.

He will not follow the path already trodden, but will choose his own, non-standard way to achieve the goal. He knows how to train correctly and what to do in order to take on such a responsibility, because following his own way is a responsibility for any person, especially for Edik, who is extremely aggressive in accepting new changes in life, all the more connected with the intervention, which occurs here and there due to the intervention of his acquaintances and relatives.

An ardent careerist he, of course, can only become if he is on his territory. And from the comfort zone it is quite easy to pull out.

That is, maybe he will obey these circumstances, but his tortuosity may not affect what he really wants. That is, for example, if his activity could be described as a schedule, where his stubbornness would be in the first place, while the desire to work for the good of other people would definitely be in the second.

This is primarily due to the egoism of this person, who does not want to put up with the fact that something may not be in his opinion. He will not even talk to you in this case, you must know exactly what you want from him.

No, of course, you can just be silent, he knows how to read thoughts! Of course this is sarcasm, by all means tell Edward whatever you see fit, he will try to listen.

The value of the name Edward - how it affects the fate of a person

Features of Edik’s character — positive and negative traits

Edik’s concentration is primarily hampered by the fact that he lacks self-confidence, a kind of lighthouse. For which he could hold, something that could instill confidence in himself.

Relationships between other people do not have the concentration of the necessary spiritual flavor, which is necessary for Edward, he needs to know directly that, for example, he will be able to subdue everyone with his character and new clothes, fashion style tomorrow.

Even if this “familiar world” does not exist, then Edward simply does not want to live in such a world, and he will have to do something about it. He can put any activity upside down, start inflating what comes to his place.

He even wants to make it so that this activity looks like his good idea of ​​life in his head, can bring him to the final stage, at which he refuses to do something else, but simply goes his own way. He often raises to absolute everything that comes his way, this is one of his main mistakes.

Edward is not just an extremely confident and firm name, it is also a difficult character. Edward is often characterized by extremely destructive behavior, in which, often, he simply cannot behave normally in society.

Constantly trying to worsen everything, position and then put it lower.

For him, there is no such thing as compromise behavior. If he can do something not only for his own good, then he will certainly begin to pursue his career.

He is not so inclined to be very cunning, nevertheless, his name is not strongly inclined to show warmth. He does not particularly advocate for this, but more wants to become a real independent person.

Edward is extremely confident in the field of career, he will not just stand up for any changes, if he knows that his career is not going well with this. Thus, Edward is an ardent careerist who accepts all changes in life only so that in the end they help him to be realized, otherwise there is no point in accepting them.

And in this Edward can be understood, because he is a reasonable person who thinks well and thinks about his position in society. If everything is taken in one word, then at least you cannot call his mind a walking encyclopedia, but in him, however, there is little sensuality.

Do not forget about it, otherwise Edward can arrange you a demonstration battle, a moral battle.

If Edward starts to implement a plan, then he can be very helpful, which he has by definition. He does not like changes, however. He really wants to become the most organized person in the world who uses the same working plans to accomplish all his goals.

But this, unfortunately, is impossible, and Edward himself understands this. Edward’s pride, however, is often slighted.

We can not exclude the fact that Edward himself is tired of himself, so you need to understand him and forgive, no matter what situation you are with him.

Edward often wants to be the best person in the world, but he does not always understand that this very “coolness” is formed from several factors that are not always interchangeable. Thus, Edward is often too kind and does not know how to refuse people correctly. Often has several completely non-standard hobbies for which it is required to abstract from a lot of «earthly».

But Edward himself does not feel part of this very earthly, but wants to be considered incomparable, the best. Thus, Edward’s self-assessment is constantly in self-determination, on the one hand, he understands that everything depends on him, nevertheless he constantly feels somehow different from other people, knows what else to grow, and constantly talks about it.

Edik is well aware of his weaknesses and is trying to cover them with something else.

The value of the name Edward - how it affects the fate of a person

Edward in various areas of life

He prefers conservative behavior in his relations with people, does not like when people look at him differently through some kind of day there. To touch the inner world of Edik you will by no means succeed, the inner barriers of Edward will not be able to pass you through the countless pens Edick has.

He prefers, of course, first and foremost material gain, he knows that if someone infringes upon his self-esteem, he can later restore this justice with his own hands, without trying to somehow receive help from other people. Of course, he can forget about the benefits, but it’s not a fact that such behavior will make him the invincible person he so much wants to be.

The value of the name Edward - how it affects the fate of a person

Try to understand that circumstances may force Edward to act even extremely unfairly, so do not consider that such a materialist can somehow become between you and your dreams, but know that it will, he will certainly defend his point of view .

It should be understood that often Edward is very aggressively inclines people to his side, using various arguments, because he wants to live in new colors. It is difficult to be friends with such a person, because he is enlivened only if the conversation comes in the direction where the cases directly relating to him begin.

That is, sincerely empathize, he is completely incapable, and can only become some kind of ballast in the way of restoring your relationship. That is, in a sense, he can become those who are very difficult to watch for wives and children — hardcore diplomats — careerists, who find it very difficult to restore relationships with people.

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