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The value of the name Dmitry — how character will affect the fate

The fate and character of Dmitry — the meaning of the name

Dmitry is a common Russian name with Greek, Orthodox and Catholic roots. It is popular not only in Russia, but also in Europe, it has many short forms and synonyms: Dima, Demeter, Mitya, Demetrius, Miha, Dmitro, Demetrio.

By tying the name to Greek mythology, one can see a clear resemblance to the name of the goddess of earth and fertility, Demeter. It is believed that Dmitry means — dedicated or belonging to Demeter.

In antiquity, parents called this name a child, in the hope that he would love Russian land and become a successful farmer.

General interpretation

  • The planet patron of Dmitry is Saturn;
  • Zodiac sign — Scorpio;
  • The color that attracts good luck and luck — bright purple;
  • The tree that gives strength and positive energy — rowan;
  • Health-promoting plant — chrysanthemum;
  • Totem animal — walrus;
  • Stone — charm — lapis lazuli.

In the Orthodox calendar, Dmitry’s name day (angel’s day) is twice marked:

  • October 4 — Saint Dmitry Tuptalo, Rostov Metropolitan. He published more than a dozen books that contribute to the salvation and enlightenment of believers. One of them is about the lives of the saints for the whole year;
  • November 8 — Saint Dmitry (Myrrh-Stream) was the mayor of Solun. He was engaged in the enlightenment of the pagans, introduced to the Christian faith. He died in prison, after a long agonizing death from wounds with spears. A healing world emanated from the holy relics.

Perfect compatibility of Dmitry with women by the name of: Love, Marina, Natalia, Elena, Anna, Elvira. Avoid serious relationship with Joan, Catherine, Julia, Christine, Pauline and Sofia.

Characteristics of the character in childhood and the dreams of youth

Baby Dima is growing up a cheerful and sociable boy. This keen nature is always looking for something to do. He is interested in creative circles, extracurricular work.

The boy is active, erudite, positive. Since childhood, there is a love of books and new knowledge.

Tim differs from his peers with a good outlook, erudition and a sharp mind.

Already from an early age, his desire to conquer and conquer this world is manifested, but often this is accompanied by hot temper, impulsivity and excessive autonomy. In relation to close little Dmitri can be selfish. His whims and resentment can cause quarrels with his parents.

But in school years it will pass.

Dimitri is a diligent and successful student. He can spoil a good mark on a subject only by his desire to talk on aloof topics or to dream, imagining out loud. But this is if he is not interested in the topic of the lesson.

In adult life, a love of boltology can cost him a career. There are no big fans of oratorical broadcasting than the carriers of this name.

The value of the name Dmitry - how character will affect the fate

Tima’s childhood passes in love. Mom pampers him in every way and does not limit his desires, trying to fulfill all his unfulfilled dreams in him.

This will adversely affect the young man. He can become pretty lazy and passive.

In a relationship with the opposite sex, a young man named Dima is gallant and polite. He often falls in love, but quickly departs.

Friendship with a girl often ends in a quarrel because of his short-tempered and stubborn temper.

As he becomes more mature, Tim begins to realize that his financial independence depends on his efforts and hard work. And he so wants to live in comfort and well-being.

In an effort to earn, he agrees to any business, in case of failure, does not despair and moves forward with perseverance.

How will the fate of an adult Dmitry

Realization in the profession and love

In his mature years, Tim is often focused on success in the profession. He desperately seeks to move up the career ladder not for the sake of a high position, but in order to receive decent fees.

Passion for beautiful women requires to be secured and respectable, otherwise not to achieve their favor and appreciation.

Dimitri is a man of creative impulse and beginning. He always needs inspiration and muse.

Illuminated and obsessed with the idea, he may well become a talented writer, actor, composer, artist. And his interest in research and knowledge of the new can allow you to become a leading scientist.

The value of the name Dmitry - how character will affect the fate

Believing in the promise of his goals, he is able to concentrate for a long time, showing high scrupulousness and hard work. But this work should not be monotonous. It requires a surge of emotion, communication, and social contact.

Successfully can be realized in political or public activities. Special oratorical talent, eloquence — this is something that does not hold Dmitry.

Tima’s money appears as fast as it disappears. He easily part with them, as he is confident in the stability of financial income.

But not only financial ups, but also falls can expect it. His business skills border on insane scams and ideas.

He easily takes risks, from which he sometimes suffers a financial crisis.

Love for Dima is not just words, for the sake of a woman for whom he feels awe, he is ready for much. In a relationship, he is selective and cautious.

He is attracted to experienced passions, but this does not mean that he is immoral. He is ready for the marriage bond and is responsible to the future spouse.

Family nature is peculiar to him, he will never abandon his child and will show concern to him even in adulthood. The main authority for Tima is the mother.

Therefore, a woman is often chosen by her character or outwardly.

The young Dima’s love state quickly passes, and he finds himself in search of a new muse. This becomes the reason for re-marriage, which in no way embarrasses him, providing both families with material support.

How nature and health depend on the month of birth

Dmitry, born in the winter, is very active and temperamental. He does not like to dress warmly, and this is the cause of his minor colds.

Tim is characterized by endurance, practicality and coldness. Such people are successfully implemented in the profession of a dentist or surgeon, where there is no place for sentimentality.

Leading position Dmitry very much to face. He is particularly suitable for the position of boss, as he has the fighting qualities of a leader.

It is characterized by discipline, order and diligence. It is difficult to convince him of something until he himself studies the issue and draws his own conclusions.

The value of the name Dmitry - how character will affect the fate

Those born in summer are inclined to study music, passionate about art and painting, books, theater, cinema. Health in such persons is not strong.

Since avoids active sports and does not like too mobile lifestyle.

Famous people named Dmitry

  • Dmitry Donskoy — Grand Duke. He was respected as a brave commander and a fearless warrior. Under his rule, Moscow approved its position as the capital of Russia;
  • Dmitri Shostakovich — composer, virtuoso pianist, teacher and public figure. Winner of the USSR State Prize. He made an invaluable contribution to Russian culture;
  • Dmitri Mendeleev is a Russian scientist who has shown his talents and knowledge in chemistry, physics, economics, meteorology, and pedagogy. One of the famous discoveries of the professor is the periodic law;
  • Dmitry Laptev is a Russian navigator, founder and participant of the Great Northern Expedition, his name is Laptev Strait. The Laptev Sea, located in the Arctic Ocean, is named after Dmitry and his brother Khariton Laptev;
  • Dmitry Sautin — eight-time Olympic champion in diving, Honored Master of Sports;
  • Dmitry Sychev is a football player. Russian Champion of 2004, Footballer of the Year in Russia among the players;
  • Dmitry Medvedev — Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the United Russia party;
  • Dmitry Kharatyan — a talented actor, known for his work in film and theater.

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