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The value of the name Dayan — fate, luck and fall, character, totems and amulets

Dayana: what does this sonorous name mean, does good bestow fate and character

I want to give my daughter the most nontrivial name, but at the same time so that it does not sound too exotic and comical for our reality. Dayan — just such an option.

But will it bring happiness to the girl?

The value of the name Dayan - fate, luck and fall, character, totems and amulets

Meaning and etymology

  1. Latin version. This is a different version of the spelling and pronunciation of the name Diana, which means “divine”. Yes, it was he who wore the Roman goddess of the hunt, the maiden with an owl on her shoulder.
  2. Hebrew version. The source of the name was the male Dayan (translated as «My Lord Judge»). The fact is that in ancient times this word was not a name, but a judicial religious title. If this etymological version is correct, then the modern name of Diana has common roots with the names Dan (male Dan) and Daniela (Daniel), which have identical meaning.
  3. Turkic version. In this case, it translates as “traveler”, “pilgrim” or “pilgrim”.

For friends and relatives she: Dina, Dai, Dana, Yana.

What character does it impart?

Sides to be proud of: this is a proud girl. She is honest, does not «digest» liars, flatterers, unfair acts.

She has good commanding data, she is not afraid of responsibility, so she can become a successful boss. She is very hardworking and purposeful.

If necessary, it is extremely sacrificial.

She is interested in novelties of technology, can read scientific journals, in work with pleasure will begin to use the latest progress achievements. She is also attentive to detail (which often causes a lot of inconvenience to unscrupulous subordinates).

Parties in need of reflection and elaboration: this is a very touchy person, it is difficult to tolerate criticism. She will not forget the offensive act or the unfair word for a long time.

When meeting with the enemy closes in itself.

Dayana has a tendency to impulsive actions. With subordinates it is sometimes domineering, with domestic subordinates it is selfish (but these are not its permanent qualities).

Deeply inside oneself is very sensitive to someone else’s grief, therefore it’s early to learn to shut up, hide its emotions, therefore strangers often consider it callous and even rude.

This is how Dina’s fate changes.

  • Childhood. This is a very serious child, just a «little adult.» She is responsible, disciplined. But like all little ones, they often don’t mind and run around, shout and even fool around. Even in the kindergarten, tutors notice that this is a small “general” who organizes a group of peers around him.
  • School. Diligence and inborn perseverance help the girl to get good grades. She is one of those who will study the textbook all evening, but will not write off or beg the teacher for a better grade. She is also a very good girl. When she got home after school, she would warm up dinner herself and clean the house. If she has a younger brother or sister, you can safely leave the baby to this girl — she will cope. Although of course, parents need to remember that Dinochka should also have a childhood, and if you constantly load her with homework, the harmony of her development will be broken.
  • Youth. Starting to choose the direction of the future of training, the girl will not begin to puzzle too much: of course, exact sciences! With creative disciplines (drawing, singing), she may have problems since high school. However, this does not mean that they need to be thrown — on the contrary, it is worth developing a fantasy. Young Dina is ambitious, she likes praise (of course, well deserved). She is an optimist. True, her feelings almost never show, especially to unfamiliar people — just in time for this period she learned to hide her good nature under the mask of restraint.
  • Mature years. This is a careerist who dreams of making a lot of money, because these crisp pieces of paper can help her to live in maximum comfort. Serious, strong-willed and «buttoned up to all buttons» in public, as relaxed and emotional as possible in a narrow circle — this is how it is now.

Astrology and esoteric

The value of the name Dayan - fate, luck and fall, character, totems and amulets

  • The ideal sign of the zodiac is: Taurus (that is, Dayan is best called a girl born from April 20 to May 20).
  • Color name: pale yellow.
  • Heavenly body, providing personal protection: the moon.
  • The stone in the hands of Dayana is turning into a talisman: selenite (pictured above).
  • Plants named: lily of the valley and oak.
  • Animal totem: deer.

Nameday: since this name is not mentioned in the calendar, at baptism to parents or the girl herself offer a different church name. Most often, the priest stops on the names of Darius or Anna.

In different situations of life, Dayana comes as follows …

  • Family. In her husband, the girl appreciates the relationship of souls. Mutual understanding and confidence always dominate at her home. She is almost jealous, very faithful. Mom becomes tender, but the kids do not indulge, alternating between “carrot and gingerbread,” that is, moderately applying parental rigor. Despite her careerism, she will refuse to work without regret if children start to suffer from it (but before their birth, the spouse will have to share her beloved with business trips and regular business meetings).
  • Friendship. The girl has many friends and friends, she is happy to support school and university relations, she meets with her friends.
  • Job. Dayana is an excellent employee: hardworking, does not accept gossip or intrigue, knows her worth. This is a born leader. Good industry for her: finance, banks, management, law, medicine. If this woman wants maximum independence, she can try herself on television or in show business (not necessarily in the creative profession — her “leadership” nature is simply created for producing).
  • Disease. They very rarely attack the bearer of the given name, even in childhood.

With which guy to build a relationship, and which one will hurt and leave?

Excellent compatibility: Alexander, Victor, Gleb, Dmitry, Daniel, Maxim, Mark, Peter, Timofey. By the way, if we talk about business compatibility, then with Daniel the carrier of this name can also have ideal business relations, but with Gleb and Maxim, it’s better not to share common money matters — nothing good will come of it.

Unsuccessful romance, marriage: Alexey, Artem, George, Vadim, Vladislav, David, Ilya, Igor, Nikita, Nikolai, Semyon, Stepan, Ruslan. By the way, with one of these men (namely, Artem), Dayan can safely do business — things will be as successful as possible.

Namesakes, glorified the name of Dayan

The value of the name Dayan - fate, luck and fall, character, totems and amulets

  1. Dayana Ross (1244) is an American singer. Performs compositions in different genres, but the most famous as a rock and roll — singer. Has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  2. Dayan Keaton (1946) — actress, producer and director from America. “The Godfather”, “Annie Hall”, “Love by the rules and without” are the best films with her.
  3. Diane Lane (1965) is another American actress. She starred in the films “Judge Dredd” (with Stallone), “Wrong”, “The Perfect Storm”. Also for many moviegoers, she is Martha Kent, Superman’s mother from several recent films about him.
  4. Dayana or Diana Kruger (1976) — a fashion model and actress from Germany. A lot of filming in the US. Known for the films «Troy», «Obsession», «Inglorious bastards.»
  5. Dayana Abdrakhmanova (1995) is the top model from Kazakhstan.
  6. Dayana Kirillova (2002) is a young singer from Russia.

And now we offer to evaluate the song of little Dayana from Kazan. It was with her that she won the qualifying competition and took part in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. Now this song is sung by hundreds of girls not only in the homeland of Dayana, but throughout the world, she is very optimistic and joyful:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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