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The value of the name Dasha — the fate and characteristics of character

Dasha — the meaning of the name, variants of fate and peculiarities of character

The name Dasha is an abbreviated form of the Slavic name Daria. According to one version, it has Greek roots and means owning a blessing.

In another version, Dasha is a Slavic name and is treated as God-bestowed. Other forms of the name, which are also independent: Dara, Darin, Dana.

General characteristics of the name

According to the church calendar, the Day of the Angel of Dasha is on April 1 in honor of the martyr Daria, who passed through torture and torment for the faith of Christ.

  • The planet patron of the name is Mars;
  • The tree that attracts positive energy and strength is rowan;
  • Color, contributing to luck and happiness — bright red, tomato, poppy;
  • The stone is a guardian and the talisman of the name is blood;
  • The meaning of the name fits the sign of the zodiac — Aries.

Childhood and youth — behaviors and talents of Dasha

Dasha is a very extraordinary child. She can be a little slowed down, phlegmatic, but at the same time easily excitable and temperamental.

This baby is very smiling and inquisitive. She begins to walk early, talk and be independent.

In the school years, something boyish appears in the character of Dasha. She may seem from the side of a little rude and brisk girl.

But it is rather a temporary phenomenon. Thus, she is trying to establish herself among her peers, having authority and influence even among guys.

The value of the name Dasha - the fate and characteristics of character

Dashuli has many friends, she is sociable, non-contentious, able to quickly establish contact with the new ones in the classroom. Her love for the fact that she is responsive, vzlapamyatna and can not be offended for a long time.

In high school, she is interested in studying, but often she lacks perseverance and hard work. School finishes with a good certificate, thanks to good memory and ingenuity.

Daria can quickly get out of the situation or adapt to the proposed circumstances. Therefore, it will not be difficult for her to answer without training and delight the teacher.

But as for public works or extracurricular activities, this is not for her. This girl will happily run away, having come up with a good reason.

With age, Dasha begins to flourish externally, her mother teaches her good taste, the girl is interested in fashion, style in clothes and experiments with her own image. She wants to be the center of attention, and she does not like loneliness. Dasha strives for interesting communication, often fantasizes, representing her future life.

In the eyes of others — this is a bright, charming girl with a twist.

Student Dasha begins to show their leadership qualities. She is noticeable among fellow students not only because of her attractive appearance.

This is a man of strong emotions, momentary desires and spontaneous actions. In this young person, coarseness and harshness change to coquetry and femininity.

She takes an interest in young people, often confusing love with fleeting attraction. She can enter into an intimate relationship, but then realize that this is not the person with whom she would like to live life.

Such behavior does not speak about her immorality of views, rather hints at promiscuity in her own feelings.

But this sensual, mysterious dreamer Dasha manages to combine a woman child, which undoubtedly seems very nice, and intrigues all new fans. Despite her amorousness, her personal life will be very successful.

This young lady is decisive, freedom-loving, sharp on the language, often relies on the mind and logic, since by nature she is devoid of intuition. She is very confident in her intellectual abilities and capabilities and hopes that she will be able to achieve a lot in life.

Dashuni’s optimism does not fail, she can seriously be carried away by her favorite work and achieve great results. But the slightest criticism of her, or, conversely, excessive praise and signs of attention are ready to knock her out of the usual channel and cause a lot of anxiety.

Profession, love and health — options for the fate of an adult Dasha

With age, Daria is still impulsive and does not know how to manage her emotional intelligence. She tends to get involved in delicate situations, but then regret it, engaging in self-flagellation.

In search of her destiny, Dasha can change her profession and position several times. Successfully realized it will turn out in the area where precise and monotonous labor, scrupulousness and meticulousness are not required.

She avoids boring monotonous everyday life, suggesting a more interesting life for herself.

Dashi’s career can go uphill in the media, as a program journalist, she can become a very prominent figure in political or social activities.

Under successful circumstances, Daria will become a good leader, she is shrewd, not inclined to panic, quickly makes accurate decisions, is flexible and adaptive to changes in the external environment, knows how to work in a team, but only as its leader.

Sometimes her mistake can be excessive vanity, the need to dominate and the desire to achieve the goal at any cost. Thus, she will lose her faithful companions and make enemies for herself.

But if Dasha directs all her strength and material capabilities in the right creative direction, she will become very wealthy, reaching a high position in society.

Family and health

The personal life of this beautiful and bright woman is not stable and harmonious at once. She is in love, she endures treason, betrayal and parting.

But having gained some experience, she becomes more discriminating, realizing what kind of man she really needs.

For marriage, she will choose an influential and powerful companion older than her years. But the family is likely to take the reins in their hands, especially since the spouse will not mind.

It is not surprising that during this period Dasha will want to quit her career and take up housekeeping. And as it turns out, she would rather well cope with the role of a loving wife and a good mother.

The value of the name Dasha - the fate and characteristics of character

Perfect compatibility of Dasha is possible with men named: Alexey, Ivan, Nikolay, Alexander, Stepan, Svyatoslav, Bronislav. An unfavorable union awaits with Grigory, Sergey, Vladimir, Peter, Yuri, Nikita.

In marriage, Dasha becomes calmer, more balanced and a little lazy. Her hobbies can be needlework, knitting, reading literature, painting.

Her house will always be clean, cozy and smell like baking.

If Darina is bored with such a lifestyle, she can express a desire to become a loyal assistant to her husband in business and be a very useful spouse. This will only strengthen the family union, bringing into it many new emotions and impressions of each other.

Dasha is inclined to bring up children strictly, restricting their freedom and will. Often in them she tries to embody her childhood desires and dreams, which is absolutely not worth doing.

With age, Darya’s health will begin to remind herself of diseases of the nervous system, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, and chronic diseases of the bronchi and lungs.

Famous people named Dasha

  • Dasha Saltykova is a well-known landowner whom Catherine the Second put into prison for many years for cruel torture, humiliation and murder of her serfs. It was the first unprecedented case when they proved guilt and condemned a high-ranking person;
  • Daria Dontsova — a popular detective writer, author of many books, a member of the Writers’ Union;
  • Daria Melnikova — film and theater actress, starred in the series “Daddy’s Daughters”;
  • Daria Khalturina — demographer, famous public figure, sociologist;
  • Daria Zykova — Bolshoi Theater soloist, opera singer;
  • Daria Polotnyuk is a writer from Ukraine.

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