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The value of the name Carolina is a sociable character of a beautiful woman with excellent health.

Caroline — the fate of a dreamy queen, gifted with intuition

The interpretation of the name Caroline is based on the Old German explanation of the male name Karl. The female form of the name associated with a man gives the bearer a very non-female quality — courage.

The value of the soft form of the female name Caroline in the light of the male counterpart Karl, as the reigning person, presents the bearer with royal qualities.

The value of the name Carolina is a sociable character of a beautiful woman with excellent health.

The character of the royal name

A distinctive feature of all Carolyn — an unusual expression of the eyes of a dreamy person, soaring in a world of dreams. Emotional and kind, but a little indecisive owner of the name was awarded with well-developed intuition and creative abilities.

Despite the dreamy nature, Caroline can be called bold and resolute, she lacks the strength of will and perseverance.

Already from childhood, a cheerful child surprises parents with his talents, turning with age into a sophisticated person with elegant manners. However, sociability and sociability is extinguished by excessive suspiciousness, manifested in the nature of negative traits:

  • excessive self-esteem with high self-esteem;
  • selfishness with signs of arrogance;
  • lack of flexibility in character.

Tendency to pathological fears spoils Caroline’s life, she is inclined to exist in the invented reality, believes in her dreams of fantasy. To smooth out the effects of negative traits, the girl should have brothers and sisters.

Brief forms of the name Caroline quite a lot. An adult carrier may be called Cora, Lina, Nana, Kerry, or Lot, even Carly or Lolita. Among the synonyms of the name found Charlotte, Carol, Carolyn, Charly, Carl or Carlot, Carol.

Baby can be affectionately called Karolinochkoy, Linochkoy or Linus, Lola, Shari, Kara.

Since the name Carolina does not appear on the lists of Orthodox Christians, the carrier celebrates birthday days according to the Catholic canons — May 20. Therefore, at baptism, the child will receive one of the church names according to the Orthodox calendar. But the bearer has a patron saint, they call her blessed Caroline Kuzka.

Childhood and adolescence

  • Childhood. An active girl with a bright character can easily communicate, but the parents’ imaginary world of Karolinka with ghostly friends, visible only to her, is alarming. Stormy communication with peers ceases after the first conflict, fate has given the baby touchiness and capriciousness. A charming child has many talents, but success comes when Linusya grows up in a large family. An only child demonstrates high self-esteem.
  • Carlota’s youth is in communication with friends, whom she appreciates. Despite the strong character presented by the royal meaning of the name, the girl is influenced by the environment. Fate has endowed Carol with an attractiveness that she begins to realize as she grows up, which increases her self-esteem. The guys behind the haughty girl go herds, and girlfriends are jealous, and in the character of Carly appear narcissism and self-confidence. The young queen wants to quickly become an adult, to begin the realization of children’s dreams.

A dreamy girl grows up from a curious and constantly chatting girl who is better to choose a creative profession. From a charming woman, not devoid of enterprise, which likes to rule, will come a good diplomat, leader, actress.

The value of the name Carolina is a sociable character of a beautiful woman with excellent health.

Name Carolina in the light of astrology

  • The corresponding sign on the zodiac is Virgo.
  • Planet patron — the moon.
  • Among the color variety, the name corresponds to brown.
  • Jasper is considered to be a stone talisman.
  • Iris and forget-me-not will become Carolinka’s charms.
  • Astrologers call totem animals a cat.
  • A favorable day of the week is Friday.
  • Zodiac compatibility with the sign of Virgo or Libra.

Hobbies and professional bias

A creatively gifted person has a wide range of interests, enjoys dancing, draws with pleasure, and deals with vocals. However, inattentive Caroline was difficult to study, so in the professional field it will be difficult if the work is not related to creativity.

The lady does not tolerate criticism, takes offense at the comments, conflicts with the authorities, so she often has to change jobs. Charlotte’s intuitive career will be dizzying if it is not related to finances.

Health status

A woman of pleasant appearance with impeccable taste doesn’t complain about her health, rarely suffering from ailments due to her endurance. Carolina’s health is quickly restored after an illness, but it is still recommended to monitor the respiratory organs.

In love and marriage

It is in love that Carlota renounces his indecision, forgetting modesty. Excessive impulsiveness of a jealous Cora often ends in disappointment, because she does not forgive betrayal.

Her ideal is a prince on a white horse, but her bearers have enough fans, whom she doesn’t really appreciate because of her choosiness.

Charlotte’s chosen one must be reliable, appreciate and understand her, not without romance. A good housewife and a caring mother will come out of Carolina, she will be anxious to her husband until she is very old.

Name Compatibility

A rather difficult problem is the compatibility of the Carolina name-form with male names:

  • passionate relations prophesies a connection with Gleb, Ostap, Dmitry, Rostislav, or Casimir;
  • a strong marital union foreshadows marriage with Nikolai, Vasily, Vitaly, Ernst or Ruslan;
  • It is not recommended to start a relationship with Luke or Nahum, as well as Felix, Heraclius.

Famous personalities, bearers of the royal name

  • The youngest of the sisters of Napoleon Bonaparte was named Caroline (1782).
  • The modern Italian figure skater bears the name of Carolina Costner (1987).
  • The famous Spanish poetess was called Caroline Coronado (1821).
  • Lucretia Carolina Herschel (1750) was an English astronomer.
  • The British aristocratic writer and lady Caroline Lamb (1785) had an affair with Lord Byron.
  • Czech supermodel Karolina Kurkova (1984) was recognized as the sexiest blonde in Europe.
  • The spectacular beauty princess of Monaco is called Caroline Grimaldi (1957).

The value of the name Carolina is a sociable character of a beautiful woman with excellent health.

Carolina name by horoscope

Each sign of the zodiac awards a girl born under his patronage to a certain destiny with unusual traits of character:

  • Aries is a cheerful, friendly and bright baby with a changeable character.
  • Taurus is an incredulous name carrier, prone to loneliness and daydreaming.
  • Gemini — a charming, but emotional Kore, more like freedom.
  • Cancer — fate gives the responsibility and hard work, but difficult to communicate.
  • Leo — a talented, erudite fidget character leads to his own goal.
  • Virgo — reliable and hard-working Carolina lacks travel and impressions.
  • Libra — an independent bearer in harmony with the male.
  • Scorpio is an unbalanced but strong-willed person without the gift of eloquence.
  • Sagittarius — active Carrie is destined to become a leader with high principles.
  • Capricorn — persistent, not devoid of arrogance, the fate of the woman endowed with a vulnerable soul.
  • Aquarius is a carrier deprived of leadership abilities with the will of a man.
  • Pisces is an arrogant lover of solitude, demanding complete obedience.

If today the choice of a name for a girl is based on fashion trends and euphonic sounding, then in the old days they were guided by the beliefs and the meaning of the nomoform. You can refer to imenoslov, the list of which includes the names of different peoples of the world.

However, for representatives of Slavic nationalities, it is better to choose a name according to Orthodox calendar, so as not to deprive the little girl of divine intercession.

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