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The value of the name Bozhene for a boy, a guy, a man

The value of the name Bozhene for its carrier

Each generation has a fashion for certain names, but people have always tried to name their children beautifully, not always pondering the meaning of the word. Not everyone knows that the meaning of the name Bozhen has a Slavic origin.

Literally translated as «divine.» There is another interpretation: “desired or loved”.

The value of the name Bozhene for a boy, a guy, a man

Variety of Names in Other Cultures

In Russian, you can find double writing: Bozhen or Bazhen. In other languages ​​we see the following:

  • Bazhen (Serbian language).
  • 八珍 (Bā zhēn) — whale
  • Bazhen — in Ukrainian.
  • Bazhen (Bazhen) — English
  • באַזשען (bazhen) — Yiddish.

Reduced diminutive forms

  • Wives
  • Little woman
  • Bazhenchik,
  • Bozhenka.

The owner of this beautiful name children will have a patronymic: Bozhenovic, Bozhenovna, Bazhenych. Often, girls get this name, of course, with a different ending: Bazhena.

Temper Bozena (Bazhena)

The well-known definition of “man in himself” is very suitable for the child Bazhenchik. From an early age it is clear that sociability is not his strong point. If he is drawn to something, to new acquaintances or information, it is only for the purpose of getting to know himself better.

This quality often leads to the fact that, growing up, a boy can become an excellent expert or specialist in one particular area.

To the choice of friends with caution. It does not reveal immediately, only after it is convinced that there are no ill-wishers among them.

Communicating with pleasant people for themselves, always attentive to them, the most benevolent.

The main goal of life — the pursuit of the spiritual and divine. The heart is usually good for a man, he is responsive.

Despite the limited number of friends, relationships with them are tied up for a long time.
Bozhena is characterized by some stinginess in money, which is often mistakenly perceived as stinginess. In fact, he just knows how to handle them, knows the price of each bill, but if he needs someone to help from his family or to do business, he will forget about calculating.

If we talk about resemblance to someone from relatives, then Bazhen takes all the features from his paternal grandfather, although since childhood he is more like a mother. Having a not very stable nervous system, it reacts poorly to the elevated tones of parents, from whom it will not be enough.

If physical force is applied to him, then there is a chance that a hard-hearted family tyrant will grow out of a completely good-natured person. Bringing up the word for him is the best way out; later on, this favorably influences his fate. Like many children, in adolescence the guy can show the most ugly qualities: deceit, audacity, laziness.

Over time, this passes.

Usually Zhenya grows calm and balanced. He is an executive, thanks to his tactfulness, well-groomedness, he earns respect in the society of women.

The owner of the name Bozhena is hardworking, the pursuit of justice often prevents him from living, but he cannot do anything with himself.

Fate can be very good if men with that name manage to cope with a negative quality: to speak without thinking.

The value of the name Bozhene for a boy, a guy, a man

Various characteristics

  • The best colors are bronze, blue, silver.
  • Planet Neptune.
  • Lucky numbers are 7, 14, 34.
  • Zodiac sign — Pisces, Virgo.
  • Metal — Tin, zinc.
  • Stone mascot — sulfur, pearls, fluorite.
  • The day for good luck is Sunday.
  • The plant is jasmine.
  • Totem — hedgehog, bull, beetle.

In the lists of church holidays, neither Catholics nor Orthodox have the name Bozhena. For this reason, the day of the angel is not celebrated.

Different aspects of life

Always up-to-date with newfangled trends. Sometimes it can be bent over with decorations.

Watching herself. Neat and tidy.

Love, family, relationship

The guy constantly feels the need for the attention of the weaker sex. Differs in tenderness to the partner. Sometimes too long manifestation of feelings, is perceived by the girl as obsession.

I am always sure that I am doing the right thing, demanding admiration from the second half, and in this connection is often mistaken. One cannot be alone for long, thoughts of abandonment and uselessness begin to overcome him.

If it happens that she meets a woman in her heart, she will truly love her and take care of her constantly. In marriage, it is very troublesome, likes to equip a house, work for the good of the family. His relatives rarely have financial difficulties.

She adores her children, devotes enough time to their upbringing.

Professional activity

The owner of a rich imagination is always a creative specialist. It is read, therefore a pleasant companion. Selects different professions:

He likes frequent business trips, is able to establish business contacts, and is well promoted.

From childhood, Bozhenka can not be called robust. At first, it can be overcome by diseases of the nasopharynx.

With age, there is a risk of tumors. Weakness — genitals. We must be wary of high-speed sports hobbies.

You can not often be nervous, because young men are very sensitive.

Compatibility with names in love

Relations with women can develop differently, depending on many factors, including on behalf of the chosen one herself.

Female names


The value of the name Bozhene for a boy, a guy, a man

Bozhen in history

It is quite rare. A well-known personality — the Cossack Bazhen Bugor, having been baptized, took the name of Vasily. Lived in the 17th century He was a yasakan collector in the north of Siberia.

His name is preserved historical document, a petition to the king. In it, a man repents that he left without demand from the governor, who abused people.

In all known Siberian places, right up to Kolyma, the newly baptized Vasily collected furs from the natives.

Currently known in the youth environment Bazhen Sysoev — singer, musician and actor.

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