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The value of the name Barbara and how is life

How does the name of Barbara affect the fate and character

The Roman name Barbara, in another transcription Barbara, originally meant a barbaric, alien and alien, cruel and savage woman who cannot speak humanly, that is, in Latin or another language of the civilized world. Nevertheless, the attractiveness of the beautiful barbarian was great, and the word became widespread.

In Russia, Barbara is one of the favorite female names.

Saint Barbara is considered to be the patroness of warriors and family ties, the tender forms of the name Varyushka, Varenka caress the ear and give rise to an idea of ​​home comfort and warmth. Indeed, that to the pampered Latins is a wild and strong woman, for us is a sweet and gentle, modest Varenka.

The value of the name Barbara and how is life

Name Forms

Affectionate forms: Varenka, Varyushka, Barbie.

Other forms: Ari, Ara, Varya, Varka, Barbosa, Barbarian

  • Zodiac signs by name — Aries, Sagittarius
  • Color — red, gold, scarlet, purple, black, all colors of the flame
  • Planet — Jupiter
  • Plant — oak, ash
  • Flower — Narcissus, Tulip, Carnation
  • Stone Mascot — Ruby, Diamond, Agate
  • Name Day Barbara celebrates December 17th.

Name Compatibility

  • Relationships are good with men who have a firm “p” in the name — Roman, Rakhmet, Ruslan, Richard, Karel, Vladimir, Sergey.
  • There may be difficulties with men and women who have universal names — Zhenya, Sasha, Misha.
  • Barbara is a strong person and is able to build relationships with any name.

The value of the name Barbara and how is life

The character in the Barbarians is changeable and complex. A sweet and tender girl for her, a strict keeper of the family hearth and an ideal hostess, can turn into a violent, treacherous and cruel barbarian, a real berserker.

If we take into account that God did not hurt her with power and health, offenders, regardless of gender, age and body features, it is better to fall beforehand and beg for mercy — this is the only way to calm an angry woman.

She is patient, intelligent, has a special beauty and rare charm. Of particular attraction is the mystery and duality of the individual. With a modest appearance, a woman can be a real hurricane in bed, shameless and inexhaustible by fabrications.

Do you think that intermittent breathing and lowered languid gaze foreshadow a timid kiss?

Remember this after a long hours of exhausting marathon. It seems you ran out into the street.

Even twice. The first time for champagne and the second — in the jewelry. Every time you visited the idea to run on and not stop.

But the inevitability of retribution is too obvious, the wedding is in a week and you can not look at the radiant look of the most charming sample of the purest charm.

It makes decisions quickly, accurately and inevitably. Well, that it does not occur to her to seize this world.

She could have made it.

Character minuses — intolerance, excessive harshness, complete rejection of any other people’s opinions.

Of the significant advantages worth noting a tendency to in-depth analysis, thinking through the situation, something that some take for sluggishness. The ability for serious scientific work and independent research, an excellent ability to lead, and skillfully use the well-deserved authority in adulthood.

In childhood, a child causes everyone’s surprise with a calm and balanced character, easily finds a common language with adults, can put in place too touched relatives. Varenka strikes with prudence, mature mind, curious and not at all childish fantasies.

Her drawings are sent to the exhibition, the teachers put it as an example, what causes irritation of the young intellectual. Relations with peers develop not too successfully.

The child is surprised to find attempts at manipulation — other children perceive her as an adult, and therefore, they are obliged to help them a lot and selflessly. Due to difficult relationships, there are problems in school, unwillingness to be among children.

Find yourself a pleasant company is obtained only in adolescence. Parents will have to turn gray before the time, because the girl enters the various extreme environments of the struggle for the most good business with a considerable degree of probability.

Fortunately, she knows her worth and passionate youthful love and extreme worldviews subside by about 20 years without much impact in most cases.

Excellent education, partly self-education, because the girl loves to learn, allows you to find a good place in life and realize yourself professionally. Ambitiousness allows her to lead projects, but indecision in communication and a wait-and-see attitude make it difficult to take a place at the very top.

At the level of a leading specialist, she feels quite comfortable and with pleasure pays attention to the family. There are cases when she loves her husband, but she is perplexed about children and the prospect of having children.

In adulthood, she goes to see the world, she is interested in archaeological excavations, ancient civilizations, mountaineering, motorcycling, cultural tourism. Boring beach tourism and beautiful tan does not interest her.

Curious detail. Barbara publicly denies the passion for clothes and scornfully treats blindly following fashion. But the excellent artistic taste makes her dress elegantly and quite expensive.

Her nature seems contradictory, if you do not understand the sincerity of Barbara.

In old age, she gladly returns to her childhood, discovering simple life joys — delicious food, sweets, bathing in the sea. May lead creative workshops for children, teach at an art or music school.

The value of the name Barbara and how is life


  • Knyazhina — linguist, writer, translator
  • Orlova — a leading specialist in dialectics in linguistics
  • Stepanova — avant-garde artist
  • Brylska — actress

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