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The value of the name Arina: the fate and character, color and talisman name

Arina, Arinochka, Rinushka: the meaning of the name, character, fate

You definitely got here for one of three reasons: either you plan to decipher your own name, or you want to surprise your girlfriend (relative), or choose a name for your daughter (niece, future goddaughter). In any case, you will like the interpretation of this name — it is both positive and old, and promises a happy fate.

The value of the name Arina: the fate and character, color and talisman name

What does this name mean?

There are four versions explaining its etymology (i.e. origin):

  1. Greek origin: on behalf of the goddess Eirena, responsible for peace and quiet. According to this theory, Irin and Irene consider everyone to be the namesakes of Arin.
  2. Slavic origin: on behalf of the important deity of Rus Yarila (patron saint of the sun, spring, fertility). In this case, the namesakes will be Yarin, Yaronega.
  3. Jewish descent: from the male name Aaron. It means «teacher», «high», «light.»
  4. Thracian origin: in the name of the goddess of sunlight, who was honored by the Bulgarians.

In a shortened version, the name is: Rina, Arya, Ark.

In other countries, the Arins call their namesake: Irene (English speaking countries).

At baptism, the priest warns: even in the holy books there are several martyrs Arin, this name is not given in the sacrament. According to the church they will call you Irina (unless you choose another name).

What character is endowed with all the Arins?

  • Independence in Arish is manifested from early childhood.
  • Good intuition helps a girl to easily cope with any business (even if at first glance it seems that it «will not be given to her»).
  • Some character restraint makes Arinka a bit of an introvert. Sometimes it seems that she is simple and open, but only people who know a girl recently think that way.
  • Arinok’s interests are very broad: handicrafts, books, movies, sports, friends, learning languages ​​(although the girl’s tastes may not seem very original — if the movie, then Hollywood, if there are novels, then detective genres).
  • In the debates and conversations this girl has a personal opinion.
  • Arinka’s composure is strong — very few things can make her mad.
  • In childhood, Rinki are mobile, which is why gypsum is often worn. Parents send this «atomic energy» to a peaceful course, giving their daughter to dance or aerobics, although swimming is even better for the girl.

What fate awaits them?

Most often, the girl inherits the main character traits from her mother, and her appearance from her father.

The young people get married early, choosing the “stone wall” as their companion of life, and they do not argue with the authority of their husband (even if they are in a high position).

It’s not possible for a long time to remain one carrier of this name, therefore in youth he often falls in love — but at the same time he looks at men without “rose-colored glasses” (although to avoid loneliness, he is ready to forgive them for many minor flaws).

A little esoteric and astrology …

The value of the name Arina: the fate and character, color and talisman name

  • Color name: light blue.
  • Planet: Venus.
  • Stone mascot: opal.
  • Plants that bring good luck: chestnut and lily of the valley.
  • The day of the angel coincides with the angel of Irina: January (12 and 16 numbers), April (29), May (18 and 26), August (10, 17, 22 and 26), October (1 number).
  • Sign of the zodiac: Leo (he will teach Arina courage and give her cautious nature a touch of riskiness) and Capricorn (in this zodiac, the girl for all 100 will show her determination, prudence and even careerism). Although, however, this name fits almost any zodiac sign. Some esotericists are sure: it is necessary to name girls born in Taurus as Arinas, because this sign is also distinguished by persistence of character and prudence.

How does she manifest herself in …

  • … love. With guys or men, she is somewhat indecisive, waiting for the first step from them. But becoming a wife, Arinka is distinguished by true devotion (sometimes reaching jealousy), as well as thrift. Guests who sincerely admire the hostess’s diligence and cozy atmosphere often gather in her house.
  • … family. Little Arinki love to spend time with her dad (although if a girl was born in winter, she may have strained relationships with her relatives). In childhood, these are the most modest babies who cannot “speak out” in front of their guests. In marriage, Arina never leads wars with her mother-in-law, trying to treat her husband’s family with respect and reverence. A woman “weaves” her home nest with love, happily fiddling with children. Although often the title of mommy is not enough for her, and in parallel with the management of the household, Arina is engaged in career growth.
  • …Health. It is good (especially if the girl goes in for sports). Attention should be paid to the nervous system (if the work is fraught with stress), as well as to the organs of vision, intestines, and blood. Arins often differ in longevity, among them there is almost no hypochondriac (that is, imaginary patients).
  • … career. At school, Arishka is, if she is not an honored pupil, then a good-looking girl. At work, she is also in good standing: self-confident, hardworking, stubborn, non-conflict. She knows what she wants and how to achieve it. Often, the Arins grow to brilliant leaders, or change jobs, mastering another specialty. Despite modesty in childhood, as an adult, Rina can successfully get a job that requires constant communication with people.

Read more — in this video:

Compatibility with male names (relationships)

  • Alexander. Hot romance, memorable feelings, beautiful days and nights … And then silence. Arina’s relationship with Sasha will be beautiful, passionate, but short.
  • Sergei. Good friendship, from kindergarten to retirement. Sometimes Arka allows Serezha to leave her “friend zone” and become her boyfriend (or even more), but this happens very rarely.
  • Alexey. Friends, lovers, reliable support — together these people are a great couple in everything. The main secret lies in the community of interests (Rina will always be the navigator for Leshe the pilot in their eternal thirst for adventure).
  • Michael. Another great candidate for a husband. “The key to happiness” is the same: the unceasing interest in the new.
  • Ilya. The couple would be completely happy if it were not for the mutual desire to immediately satisfy their “I want”. After all, sometimes this “want” violates the comfort of a partner. If you want to live with Ilyusha for many years, learn from time to time to say “no” to yourself, but also demand the same from him.

Esoteric confident: create a happy relationship and a strong marriage, you can also with Andrew, Boris, Waldemar, Ivan, Stepan, Leonid.

But with Anatoly, Vyacheslav, Valentin, Oleg and Timur it is better not to converge, so that after some time not to experience the bitterness of disappointment.

The most famous namesakes

The value of the name Arina: the fate and character, color and talisman name

  • Yakovleva Arina Rodionovna, the very same nurse Pushkin (1758-1828). The kindest woman who knows dozens of folk tales.
  • Arina Sobakina (2 half of the 18th century) is one of the first Russian professional ballet dancers.
  • Arina Martynova (born in 1990) and Arina Ushakova (1989) — figure skater from Russia, champion.
  • Arina Postnikova (1993), modern actress.
  • Arina Domsky (1984), modern singer, genre — popular music.

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