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The value of the name Angelica — the nature and fate of the carrier

What is the meaning of the name Angelica for a woman — traits

The meaning of the word is well understood in all languages. It is interpreted from the Greek in two ways, as «the herald of God,» «angel.»

According to the church refers to the Catholic. The Orthodox version is Angelina.

Another version — from the lat. Angelicus «swift» or «angelic».

Especially loved after the adventure novels of the couple Golonov with a beautiful heroine in the title role.

The value of the name Angelica - the nature and fate of the carrier

The owner of the meaning of the name Angelica is not fully consistent. Over the years, it changes externally and internally.

Clothes, habits and even character. In her youth, she was too adult and reasonable, to her old age, she was direct, loving to play with her grandchildren.

Other options and derivative forms

Despite the ancient etymology, girls are often called Angela in many countries. In some even the name is among the ten most popular.

It is pronounced depending on the language features of the people. For example:

  • Angelika (en-ge’-li-ka) — him.
  • ア ン ゼ リ カ (a-n-dze-ri-ka) — jap.
  • Angélique (anzhe-lik) — fr.
  • Αγγελική (en-ga’-li-ki) — Greek
  • 安 热 莉卡 (an-ze-li-ka) — kit. lang

The value of the name Angelica - the nature and fate of the carrier

Form diminutive:

  • Angelochka
  • Angelica
  • Anzhusya
  • Gel
  • Lika
  • Zhela
  • Angela

Introduced options in imitation of the West:

Character girls, girls, women

The one who was presented with the name Angela has an excellent character from an early age. Its main features: calm, appeasability. The girl does not like to leave home and always tries to help her mother with the housework and in raising her younger children.

Distinguished by her responsibility, she is a needlewoman and an active book reader.

From an early age, despite all her charm and patience, Angela is able to defend her point of view. Adult conversations are not alien to her.

Close to her mother, does not hide her feelings.

Being already a teenager, the girl gains insolence and independence. Strive for brightness, which is expressed in an excess of makeup.

Now she is drawn to the will, to her peers. The main thing — to stand out to cause admiration.

The angelic meaning in this period does not agree with reality.

However, defiant behavior does not interfere with learning well and taking care of loved ones. Such features as sociability, striving for the goal with all forces are fixed.

Despite the wide circle of communication, almost no real friends. Hobbies at this time: music, parties and parties.

Becoming a woman, Angelina is striking in its beauty. Cheerful, kind, charming.

Angel still can not be called even in this period. I disturb pride and pride. Thanks to perseverance, able to fly up the career ladder.

It copes well with conflict situations.

Attractiveness, the ability to apply themselves, the love of jewelry and beautiful things make a woman desirable for men.

In general, the bearer of this beautiful name is destined for a successful life. Fortune favored to Angelica.

From a young age, men adore Gel. She can always agree with them and subordinate them to her will. Her beauty attracts, fascinates.

Fans do not back down. However, there is the likelihood of errors in girlhood due to inexperience.

May love unfree or unworthy person.

Suffering from unrequited love is not for Lika. After 20, a real feeling will happen.

At this time, she will be ready for anything for the sake of her beloved, even to the point of self-sacrifice. Able to part with a prestigious job, a cozy home, go for love to distant countries.

Family status

Marriage does not affect the appearance. Everything goes on as usual: sports, work. This does not mean that the family is in the background.

On the contrary, Angelina is a very good spouse, tremulous mother. Diligently settling his nest, is engaged in children.

He trusts her husband in everything, considers him to be the best on earth.

The main component in family relationships for Angelina becomes sincerity. On her part, you can be sure of loyalty and devotion.

Never forgive treason, and in connection with it may file for divorce. This rarely happens, as the husband is always fascinated and looks only at her.

In their affairs, whether it is a service or a business, Angelica is responsible. Strives for excellence, responsibly refers to assignments.

Much attention is paid to his career. Important and material component.

For the sake of a better salary is ready to change jobs.

It is painful to ignore their labor merits. Fate gives success in career and money.

Besides, she is always supported by her family and her husband. Lead, implement new projects — the true vocation of Angela.

In the absence of such, the search will continue throughout life.

Secret name

All actions Angela associated with her powerful intuition. About her girl usually does not apply.

Justifies actions by other things.

  • Stone — turquoise, lapis lazuli.
  • Zodiac sign — Aquarius, Leo.
  • Planet — Venus.
  • Plants — aspen, rose.
  • Animal patron — slope electric.
  • Color — red, purple, black, blue.
  • Color — black, red
  • The number — 3.

Name day catholic

Famous carriers of the Name

  • Angela Merici is a catholic saint.
  • Angelica Houston — actress (USA).
  • Angelica Varum — singer (Russia).
  • Angelica Krylova — figure skating (coach, athlete, choreographer).
  • Angelica Nevolina — actress (Russia).
  • Angelica Bridges — model (USA).
  • Angelica Kaufman — artist (Germany).
  • Angelica Neto — singer, soprano (Portugal).

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