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The value of the gentle name Alsou — character, destiny and love

The value of the singing name Alsou — destiny, character and family

The female name Alsou has several meanings from the Tatar language: “red water”, “pink-cheeked”, “beautiful”. The latter value more accurately determines the owner of the name Alsou.

The diminutive form of the name: Alsushka, Alya, Alyushka, Alsechka, Alsunchik, Su, Alu.

In the Orthodox calendar there is no day for Alsou, girls are baptized under a different name.

  • Depends on the time of year of birth Alsou:
  • Winter — Strong, domineering. He knows what he wants from life and how to achieve it.
  • Spring — Spectacular, sophisticated. The purpose of her life is to get married successfully.
  • Summer — Cheerful, beautiful. Always surrounded by close friends.
  • Autumn — Shy, collected, punctual. Until recently, fighting for the truth.

The value of the gentle name Alsou - character, destiny and love

Since childhood, Alsou is distinguished by refined beauty, kindness, modesty, and calm behavior. She has a lot of good qualities, has a high self-esteem, is not conceited.

Always surrounded by friends with whom he spends time, plays active games. Friends always choose her as a leader, even though Alsou does not want this.

Loneliness can not stand, with her there should be a friend or relative. Alsou can be friends, always come to the aid of friends.

Alsou is studying for the sake of good grades, having received the next “five” or “four”, throws out the subject matter from his head. She grows up a very creative girl, likes to sing, dance, participate in school plays.

It is important to notice her talent in time and help her discover it. Outside of school, she is purposeful, hardworking.

With age, Alsou almost does not change, remains kind, calm, begins to engage in charity, not spreading about it. It differs from other women in special feminine manners and attractive charisma, the ability to impress others.

Alsou gives the impression of a defenseless and vulnerable woman, in fact, she can easily stand up for herself, upset the offender. Alsou wins in almost every dispute, because she knows how to analyze, decipher her arguments in detail.

Revenge and malice in Alsou is absent, but impulsive, can suddenly fall off on a journey, which she did not even think about yesterday. Her plans and hobbies change often, Alsou is experiencing hard failures because she strives for perfection in everything.

Even in a state of rage Alsou controls himself and tries not to offend the interlocutor.

In childhood, she suffers from ordinary childhood illnesses, by her teenage years her body is so strengthened that Alsou forgets about illnesses. He carries all diseases on his feet, which can subsequently affect the body.

The value of the gentle name Alsou - character, destiny and love

She does not care about money; she chooses a profession of her own, so that there is no unwillingness to go to work. It can be a teacher, a doctor, a politician. Knowing the ability of Alsou to get out of any dispute as a winner, the profession of a lawyer will suit her.

If at work the atmosphere is hostile, conflict, then Alsou without regret will quit this job.

Outwardly beautiful and fashionably dressed Alsou is always surrounded by fans of the opposite sex, who respect her, trying not to offend her. Alsou will not forgive her chosen one — treason.

If Alsou falls in love seriously, then for the rest of her life, it will be great if this person becomes her husband.

He chooses his husband long and seriously, for Alsou it is important that the husband be able to support his family, be reliable, love her so that he is not bored with communication. For such a husband, Alsou is ready to yield leadership to him.

For her children, Alsou will be the most caring and loving mother in the world.

Alsou Horoscope

Aries — Hardworking, purposeful. Achieving their goals, can apply aggression.

Taurus — Impressive, miserable. Does not know how to compromise, always stands his ground.

No different sense of humor.

Gemini — Optimistic, beautiful. She loves when she is praised.

She is an ideal wife and an excellent mother.

Cancer — Unsure, shy. He is afraid to take responsibility, from his boss sensible will not work.

Leo — Confident, selfish. He does not like to give in to anyone, he always gets his way.

Virgo — Sensitive, emotional. She often cries for any occasion, likes to travel.

In her husband chooses a strong spirit of man.

Scales — Open, delicate. She is often betrayed because of excessive gullibility, she has no true friends.

Scorpio — Conscientious, honest. Cruel to those who deserve it, with the rest comes in fairness and justice.

Sagittarius — Kind, capricious. Always help with advice and deed.

She needs a husband who can tolerate her whims.

Capricorn — Hardworking, successful. Everything in life is easy for her, she does not tolerate deception and betrayal.

Aquarius — Matured, diligent. The case will always bring to the end, even if unexpected obstacles appear on the way.

Pisces — Ghost, gentle. Her own mistakes teach her nothing, hovering in the clouds.

As husbands she needs a realist.

The value of the gentle name Alsou - character, destiny and love

Male Name Compatibility

  • Planet — Pluto.
  • Name color — Yellow.
  • Season — Autumn.
  • Happy day of the week — Tuesday.
  • Lucky number is 9.
  • Zodiac sign — Scorpio.
  • Element — Fire.
  • Totem animal — Tit.
  • Plant — Carnation.
  • Tree — Chestnut.
  • Mineral talisman — Coral.

Famous people named Alsou

  • Alsou Abramova — Russian singer.
  • Alsou Gazimzyanova is a Russian psychic.

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