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The value of the French name Evelyn — character, family and destiny

The value of the melodic name of Evelyn — fate, love and character

The appearance of the female name Evelyn has many options, the most popular is from the ancient French name Eve, which means “life-giving” or “hazelnut”. In England, the popular Evelyn name in their country has its own version of the translation from the phrase “beautiful bird”.

The diminutive and affectionate form of the name: Eva, Evelinchik, Evchik, Evochka, Evushka, Evi, Linochka, Lina, Linushka, Linchik.

In the Orthodox calendar, the name Evelina is absent, girls are baptized under another similar name.

The value of the French name Evelyn - character, family and destiny

Pros: Kindness, curiosity, gentleness.

Cons: Selfishness, cunning.

Evechka grows up as a calm, trouble-free and obedient girl, from early childhood she knows how to please people and skillfully uses it to achieve her goal. To avoid the well-deserved punishment for his act, can deceive or shift the blame on another person. Parents should pay attention to this ability of the daughter, otherwise by the age of transition it will grow into egoism and spoiled, which will be difficult to get rid of.

Evelina easily makes acquaintances and is always surrounded by friends both older and younger, but among them she has few real friends.

She does well at school, not because of her ability to be liked, but because of her curiosity and ability to exact sciences. He has excellent acting data, likes to participate in school productions. There is no conflict with friends, is able to be friends, not boring with her.

He will never lead a guy away from his girlfriend, he will not expose friends for his own benefit. He will not give up noisy parties, likes to visit discos, bars, clubs. He can support any conversation with the interlocutor, whom he carefully listens to and will give him good advice.

She hardly endures gossip, tries to change the subject whenever possible.

An adult Evelyn has no hardness of character, but there is excessive emotionality. She, knowing the softness of her character, achieves the desired goals with the help of acting skills and quite successfully.

He likes to change every day, today is kind, affectionate, tomorrow he is arrogant and unapproachable. Loves a luxurious life, compliments, jewelry, beautiful clothes. Tries to rest in posh places.

Can lend money and soon forget about it. Has the talent not to do the tragedy of the difficulties of life, which successfully overcomes.

A woman named Evelyn retains her natural charm for the rest of her life.

Because of her good health, she is practically unfamiliar with the hospital since childhood, but in transitional age, Evelyn may have problems with the digestive system and skin rashes. She should go on a diet, not allow herself to eat anything.

He suffers from physical flaws, can easily decide on plastic surgery to get rid of them.

The value of the French name Evelyn - character, family and destiny

Thanks to her curiosity, Evelina can achieve great success in the creative field, as well as science, for example, an excellent doctor, teacher, designer, and actress will emerge from it. Evelyn is not interested in career advancement, for her the process of work is more important, the achievement of success.

The work is always fully laid out.

Evelina, due to her well-being, ability to look sexy, easily gathers fans of the opposite sex around herself. Of them, she chooses rich men who give her expensive gifts and carry them to luxury resorts.

In marriage, they refuse to the last.

She will marry a man with whom she will have respect and mutual understanding, who will be able to support her in difficult times and not try to suppress her will. Evelina doesn’t face domestic problems; she overcomes family difficulties with ease and cooks well.

He loves children who can be easily spoiled. Therefore, her husband must be stricter with the children, so that later he will not have to reap the bitter fruits.

Male Name Compatibility

The value of the French name Evelyn - character, family and destiny

  • Planet — Jupiter.
  • The color of the name is Turquoise.
  • Happy day of the week — Friday.
  • Lucky number — 3.
  • Metal — Iron.
  • Zodiac sign — Pisces.
  • Element — Water.
  • Totem animal — Pelican.
  • Plant — Mimosa.
  • Tree — Willow.
  • Mineral talisman — Emerald.

Famous women named Evelina

  • Evelina Bystritskaya — Soviet actress.
  • Evelina Bledans — Russian actress.
  • Evelyn Hall is an English writer.
  • Evelyn Thoma is a French TV host.
  • Evelina Santangelo is an Italian writer.
  • Evelina Khromchenko is a Russian TV host.

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