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The value of the beautiful name Sabrina — character, family and destiny

The value of the cheerful name Sabrina — career, character and destiny

It is distributed in the Arab countries, where it is translated as “patient”, from Assyrian it is translated as “hope”. Europeans believe this name comes from the Latin name for the river Severn in England.

After the publication of the novel «The Beautiful Sabrina», this beautiful name began to be called girls in Europe.

Affectionate form of the name: Sabochka, Sabi, Brinochka, Bri, Rinochka, Rinka, Sabrinochka, Sabrinchik.

The Islamic name Sabrina is absent in the names of the saints of the Orthodox and Catholic faiths.

  • Depends on the time of the year Sabrina’s birth:
  • Winter — Fantasy, creative.
  • Spring — Unconfident, timid.
  • Summer — Inconsistent, fearless.
  • Autumn — Creative, finds a way out of any situation.

The value of the beautiful name Sabrina - character, family and destiny

Since childhood, Sabrina is a talented child with a rich imagination, successfully implementing her bright ideas. It is important to develop her talent so that he is not wasted.

Able to listen to the opinion of adults and reputable people, takes into account their opinion during the decision. Goes through life easily, she does not care what will happen tomorrow.

On the one hand he needs a company, on the other hand he loves being alone. Controversial nature.

Studying is easy, chatting with the children in class, losing the thread of the topic, then struggles to catch up with classmates. Not enough concentration.

Dependent on the opinions of others, the negative of her for a long time knocks out of a rut. He tries to avoid conflicts and quarrels, expresses his point of view after he listens to the interlocutor.

In the team chooses the side of the majority, so as not to get involved in an argument.

Many things in life are afraid, but overcomes their fears. In adulthood, it changes a lot, sometimes it is aggressive, trying to avoid a company where it is uncomfortable. In such companies, he behaves arrogantly, not allowing anyone to come near him.

In the beloved company becomes sweet, sociable, always come to the aid of friends. Capable of sophisticated revenge and rash acts.

Men can not pass by this spectacular and tastefully dressed woman. Not everyone can conquer it — casual connections are not for her. He prefers a long and serious love affair with one person whom he will fully trust, who will liberate her.

For him, sacrifice their interests and deeds, will move mountains. For her, it does not matter the social status of a loved one.

The value of the beautiful name Sabrina - character, family and destiny

She is fond of floristics, talentedly draws, cooks beautifully. In your favorite work will reach heights.

The main thing for Sabrina’s work is that the atmosphere in the team cannot work where colleagues don’t come out of scandals and intrigues. In an unloved team, Sabrina turns into an arrogant and quick-tempered person.

Interested in psychology, it will make an excellent teacher, doctor. He performs the work conscientiously and on time, but he will not be delayed at work longer than he has been supposed to.

If the prestigious work does not suit her, she can leave for a non-prestigious job, bringing her spiritual comfort.

Sick no more than other children, mainly colds. Often he gets tired, he needs to rest more, to observe the daily regimen, to protect his eyesight, which many of Sabrins fall as adults. According to Sabrina it is easy to understand that she is tired — she becomes sleepy and lethargic.

After resting and sleeping, her energy returns to its former course.

She chooses her husband long and carefully, who will become a faithful and caring wife, an excellent hostess and an excellent mother of their children in common. Marriage at Sabrina is often strong and happy, for the sake of family she is ready to give up her career, she will not cheat on her husband. From family troubles out with optimism.

Helps children choose their own way of life, supports them in all matters.

The value of the beautiful name Sabrina - character, family and destiny

Male Name Compatibility

  • Zodiac sign — Capricorn.
  • Element — Fire.
  • Planet — Jupiter.
  • Mineral mascot — Yantar.
  • Metal — Lead.
  • Totem animal — Wolf.
  • Plant — Immortelle.
  • The tree is Cypress.
  • The color of the name is Red.
  • Happy day of the week — Tuesday.
  • Lucky number — 3.

Famous women named Sabrina

  • Sabrina Lloyd — American actress.
  • Sabrina Ferilli — Italian actress.
  • Sabrina Bryan is an American singer.
  • Sabrina Deborah Salerno — Italian fashion model.

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