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The value of moles on the left and right palm for women, men

Birthmark on the palm — auspicious sign. Negative meaning is also found, but it all depends on many parameters: the color of the nevus, its location, etc. In palmistry, this aspect is given special attention — each hill or line has its own meaning.

They also take into account which hand is active, as well as the gender of the owner of the nevus.

An unfavorable sign may be yellow moles, formations with jagged edges, or bumps that are too dark in color.

Moles on the human body often occur suddenly. They are a warning or a message from a higher power.

The appearance of education on the hand may indicate that a person has acquired some character trait or must prepare for an event that will play an important role in his life.

Sometimes moles on the palm, on the contrary, disappear without apparent reason. This means that a person has become free from something or has lost something valuable. Nevi can occur during pregnancy.

In this case, they indicate the features of the future baby, his possible fate.

It is possible to say about people with birthmarks in the palm of their hand that they are constantly self-improving, able to overcome difficulties, change life for the better in any circumstances.

Owners of nevi on their hands have a strong will, lead a solitary life, do not differ in communicability. Often have high self-esteem.

They find it difficult to forge relationships, they often deny the dogmas established by society, and follow the proper rules.

From positive character traits, one can distinguish perseverance, hard work, the ability to clearly set goals and achieve them. If the mole is large, with clear edges, its owners are drawn to nature, they are distinguished by a special energy, they have a craving for learning the paranormal, they are believers, and they strive for spiritual peace.

The larger and brighter nevus, the more intense the impact they have on a person’s life.

The value of moles on the left and right palm for women, men

Palmistry pays close attention to any marks on hand. Essential information is considered on which palm they are located and in the person of what sex.

Interpretation may vary among representatives of different schools. The easiest way is to divide the surface of the palm to the beginning of the fingers into 4 squares. Depending on where the nevus is located, you can make predictions:

LocationLeft palmRight palm
Upper right sectionPossession of the art of strategic thinkingAptitude for analysis, high level of intelligence
Top leftThe ability to inspire and manipulate other peoplePeople are talented, can write music or literary works.
Bottom left of the palmGift of luckOptimists, able to find the answer to any question.
Bottom right palmEasy communication, people can learn a large number of languagesPossess leadership qualities

Pigment spots on the right palm say about the easy and cloudless way of life. It is easy for a person to achieve goals, he does not see any obstacles in his life.

Their karma is pure.

The appearance of moles on the left palm symbolizes the family curses, hereditary diseases. Such nevi means a predisposition for witchcraft or magic.

Such people are often unhappy in their personal lives, or they marry rather late.

Birthmark, located on the back, predicts a happy fate. Such people achieve their goals, but only in the second half of life.

Nevi on the wrist predict success. A person with a similar mark is drawn to knowledge, quickly absorbs information, has good health, and is fortunate in his personal life.

Moles in this place imply perseverance and hard work, often found in conjurers or pickpockets.

If the mark is on the inside, close to the edge of the palm, it can say that the person is quite companionable and lives in prosperity, but has poor health, cannot give up bad habits, eat right, lead an active lifestyle.

Pigmentation, which is closer to the end of the palm, is found in analysts with changeable character. Two birthmarks located nearby, talking about two possible marriages.

The value of moles on the left and right palm for women, men

According to the palmists, pigment spots in girls and men have completely different meanings:

Moles localizationThe manThe woman
Right wristVital will, purposefulness, perseverance, categoricalSelfishness, perseverance
Left wristMorbidityGood health, material independence
Right hand brushPropensity to do business, luckSuccess in life is achieved exclusively in adulthood.
Left brushSuch people achieve everything through perseverance.Significant social position and financial success
Palm of the left handDo not have a personal opinion, often find themselves in ridiculous situationsExcessive frugality, fear of risk
Palm of the right handCreative, gifted, uncommonly mindedThe gift of prophecy, good events in life

A large mole, located in the center of the right palm of men, means that luck accompanies him from the moment of birth. In women, such localization indicates material stability only after she gets married.

Marriage will be concluded not only with the wealthy, but also with the beloved man.

The location of a nevus near specific fingers has a special meaning:

  • Thumb. Dual character, bright life.
  • Pointing. Calm nature, the ability to think carefully about solutions, a lot of failures and as much happiness.
  • Average. People with a wide outlook and creativity.
  • Nameless. Energetic personalities who need constant movement.
  • Little finger. Possess the abilities of a psychic and a developed intuition.

The value of moles on the left and right palm for women, men

According to the palmists, the location of a nevus on certain lines of the palm plays a fundamental role:

LifeSuch marks may indicate poor health, warn of possible dangers.
HeadsNegative symptom may portend an accident accompanied by a head injury.
HeartsLikely pathologies of the heart or romantic disappointments. Owners of such moles may be hot-tempered and prone to aggression.
The sunTrouble, failures in any area
Of fateBirthmark on the line of Destiny means loneliness, material problems
VenusA woman will not be able to have children or get pregnant will be quite difficult
MarsIndecisive and patient person with good health
VoluptuousnessProblems on the personal front because of superstition
IntuitionSign of a successful person
MarriageIn the center of the line — celibacy, in other parts of it — family problems
MercuryDoing well in business
HealthVarious diseases are possible.
The value of moles on the left and right palm for women, men

The next most important nevuses are on the tubercles and hills of the palm. They are interpreted as:

  • Mercury Hill — a person possesses inquisitiveness, ingenuity, cunning, often of a criminal nature. Traders and fraudsters are labeled with a similar sign.
  • Sun Hill — good luck in your career, but there is a risk of losing everything.
  • Hill of saturn — negative sign. Continuous problems, unstable situation in life.
  • Jupiter Hill — problems of a religious or moral nature. Sometimes the pigmentation on such a tubercle speaks of low ambitions of the owner.
  • Lower hill of mars — testifies to hardness, strength, courage. If it is dark, painful and on the active hand, the owner may suffer or cause trouble to someone.
  • Upper Hill of Mars — personifies a growing active energy.
  • Venus Hill — talks about problems in the relationship with the opposite sex.
  • Hill moon — the sign of mental disorders, throwing. The person has a developed imagination and sensitivity.

Bright moles foreshadow a pleasant event. If they arise suddenly, the probability of it is much greater. Often they disappear after the occurrence of the incident.

These can be: pregnancy, career enhancement, wedding, material enrichment.

The bright spot that appeared at birth means a cloudless life.

Red specks warn of a possible catastrophe. You must be careful to drive, avoid unreliable transport companies, pay attention to safety in the production process.

A yellow mole says that you need to visit a doctor. It indicates possible problems with the liver, spleen or blood circulation.

Timely disease can help avoid serious consequences.

Black and brown moles have a positive meaning — the larger they are, the richer the person will be. Too dark moles indicate a tendency to squander. It will not lead to poverty, but it will not allow to make serious capital.

Sometimes black moles are a sign of difficulties and trials.

Characteristics of nevus of different forms:

  • Oval birthmarks personify security.
  • If a nevus has the appearance of a line, he testifies to the dangers.
  • Crescent Moles they have a risk to risk, they are often addicted to extreme sports, they can earn money without losses.
  • Triangular They talk about increased sexuality, the desire to please everyone. Such people are always trying to impress others.
  • Square moles — a sign of deviant sexual behavior. They are often found in maniacs.

Chiromancers have a concept that plays a significant role in establishing the values ​​of marks on a hand, its activity or passivity:

  • The first category is the hand with which the person writes. All the lines and marks on it will tell about the innate properties of character.
  • Moles on the passive arm reflect changes in life. They will help to learn about the qualities acquired over time.

If nevi are the same on both hands, it means that the person does not change anything in life.

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