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The value of affectionate name Mariana — fate, character and family

The value of the gracious name Mariyana — destiny, character and love

This beautiful by ear the name Mariana was formed from two female names Marya — “beloved” and Anna — “grace”, which generally translates the name Maryana as “beloved by all”.

The diminutive form of the name: Maryash, Marisha, Arisha, Yanka, Mara, Riana.

There is a male version of this name — Marian, translated as “sea”.

According to the Orthodox calendar, Marjana marks the name of Mariaman:

  • March 2 — Mariamna, sister of the holy Apostle Philip.
  • June 22 — the martyr Mariamne.

The value of affectionate name Mariana - fate, character and family

Positive qualities of character: Passion, emotionality, sensitivity, dedication, self-control.

Negative qualities of character: Conflictness, recklessness, tendency to pessimism.

A girl named Mariana is growing as a universal darling, she does not know the word «no.» If in time to do her upbringing, then Mariana will stop rolling a tantrum, demanding her own. Despite the capriciousness, Mariyasha is a cheerful and energetic girl, surrounded by friends, loves outdoor games.

Not without creative talent, good draws, dances, sings, is not afraid to perform on stage. He likes to flirt, imagine, dress up in mother’s clothes, heels, use her makeup and spin in front of the mirror, admiring herself.

In high school, Mariana becomes more serious, devotes more time to study, pleases parents with her attitude towards them. Seriously engaged in one of the types of creativity. Does not tolerate loneliness, trying to surround themselves with friends or relatives.

She selects those friends in her company who, by deed and not words, proved her friendship and loyalty. Traitors never forgive.

As an adult, he looks well-groomed, dresses with taste, loves perfumes, jewelry, is not lazy to style his hair every day and apply make-up. He prefers to solve all problems on his own, without resorting to outside help.

His opinion will defend to the bitter end, even if he understands that he is wrong. Secrets trusts only close people.

Able to find a common language with any person, feels his mood. After a quarrel, the first is to put up, even if wrong.

With the mother close, always come to her aid, support.

Mariana in childhood is prone to catarrhal diseases, as she quickly catches cold in the cold. It is important to observe the regime of the day, eat right, play sports or dance.

The value of affectionate name Mariana - fate, character and family

Even as a child, she will choose a creative profession that will bring her pleasure and will not be routine, for example, an artist, a sculptor, a dancer, an architect, a designer. Usually at work achieves high results.

Becomes the favorite of the team with its open and sociable character.

Poorly tolerates a quarrelsome and conflicting team, does not stand up for long at this job and leaves. For her, the atmosphere of the team is most important.

May take the post of head. Money does not always linger in the hands of Mariana, expenses often exceed revenues, so she should not be engaged in business.

Marjana begins to fall in love with the opposite sex late, after 19 years. She does not immediately succeed in communicating with them, at first she tries to lead her boyfriends, which they don’t like, with time imperiousness turns into softness and tenderness. It can meet several guys at the same time.

Office novels Mariyana categorically does not accept.

Mariana creates a family either right after school or after 30 years, having a good walk. The husbands will choose a financially secure man with a high position in life, who will love her, tolerate the whims and carry on his hands. Life transfers with difficulty, monitors the economy through «I do not want», but tries not to run the shelter.

Responsible mothers go out of Maryashi, watching the children’s studies and urging them on to success.

The value of affectionate name Mariana - fate, character and family

Male Name Compatibility

  • Name color — Green.
  • Happy day of the week — Saturday.
  • Lucky number — 4.
  • Season — Autumn.
  • Libra.
  • Element — Earth.
  • Planet — Saturn.
  • Totem animal — Camel.
  • Plant — Dahlia.
  • Tree — Maple.
  • Mineral talisman — Green jasper.
  • Metal — Tin.

Famous people named Mariana

  • Mariana Polteva — Russian actress.
  • Mariana Naumova — Russian athlete.
  • Mariana Spivak — Russian actress.
  • Mariana Fideleva — Soviet director.
  • Mariana Bezrukikh is a Russian scientist.

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