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The value of a mole on the face of men and women: on the nose, cheek, above the eye, on the forehead, on the temple

What do the moles on the face mean depending on the shape, size and location?

Both moles and birthmarks have a mystical meaning. Their only difference is that the former can appear and disappear throughout life, while the latter are visible immediately after birth and remain on human skin forever.

Signs associated with moles, formed many centuries ago, but so far their veracity is confirmed by those who use them in determining fate.

For the correct interpretation of moles should be considered and those nevi, which were surgically removed or disappeared as a result of injury.

To determine the fate of moles or birthmarks, you need to pay attention to all factors: color, location, shape.

Size means only the degree to which the mole affects the life of its owner. Large are significant; looking at them, it is possible to say with a high degree of accuracy what awaits a person in the future.

Small, barely noticeable moles do not make any sense, and they should be deciphered only in the case when they form a cluster.

The value of a mole on the face of men and women: on the nose, cheek, above the eye, on the forehead, on the temple

The treatment of a mole depends largely on the part of the face on which it is located.

Part of faceA placeValue
Right eyeAbove the eyeA sign of a developed intellect and creative personality. The negative side of those who have a birthmark in a given place is the lack of self-confidence. They rarely complete a job and always doubt the appropriateness of any action.
Under the eyeSymbol of friendliness, devotion. The owner of such a mole is a good family man, he will never leave his wife in difficult times. Among women, a large percentage are mothers of many children.
Closer to the templeIndicates a person with an unstable psyche. He is too irritable, and the range of emotions he experiences sometimes changes from adoration to hate in literally one minute. Men with a birthmark to the right of the temple are very jealous
Closer to the noseIndicates such traits as impulsivity and emotionality. People with a mark in this place are difficult to determine their goals, desires and the meaning of life
Left eyeAbove the eyeIndicator of purpose and practical approach to everything that happens around. There are such persons and lack of — in marriage, they are too frivolous. Getting married and getting married, as a rule, at an older age, and the cause of a quick divorce becomes a trifle.
Under the eyeThese people are helpful, trying to please everyone and in everything. Their well-being recedes into the background if they see someone suffering. They are easy to manipulate than fraudsters use. Girls with such a birthmark marry out of pity, and then never decide to divorce
Closer to the templeThe owner of a mole in such a place is subject to stress and is inclined to blame himself for all the troubles. He spends most of his time reflecting on his feelings and fears. At an older age he is characterized by hypochondria
Closer to the noseIndicates a daffodil or jealous nature. These people put their own interests at the forefront and require special treatment.
NoseOver the bridge of the noseThis person has a highly developed intuition. The decisions that he makes, based on his inner feeling, and not on logic, always turn out to be correct. If you work on your supernatural abilities, you can develop them to the level of psychic
On the tip of the noseSign of levity and frivolity. A man with a birthmark in this place is always very picky about the opposite sex. His darling should have outstanding culinary abilities and beautiful appearance. To himself, he makes a relief in everything and, moreover, loves to stare at foreign women
Under the noseIndicates a sociable person. Such people are ideal managers, salespeople, journalists, teachers and diplomats.
Under the nose in the centerIt symbolizes independence from the opinions of others, integrity and commitment to its own principles. The one who has such a sign is always trying to solve the problem himself and is very reluctant to accept help.
On the nose on the rightSign of an adventurer. Also this person loves to travel and get new experiences. As a rule, it is implemented in the creative field.
On the nose leftThe owner of such a mole always stands out against other people. He is characterized by a bright, catchy appearance and unusual behavior. He has a refined mind and is able to think originally. He constructs his speech so as to captivate the interlocutor, regardless of the topic of conversation.
LipsOver lipAn indicator of generosity and pliability. The main thing for such people is the family and the atmosphere in the house, but they are happy to receive guests and provide assistance to those who need it. Always make a compromise, but will not tolerate the mercantile spirit of friends or relatives
Above the lip to the rightCharacterizes a controversial person. On the one hand, he knows how to be tough, to demonstrate his inflexibility in his decisions, on the other — he is offended by criticism and jokes. The distinctive quality of these personalities is the ability to find a non-standard way out of any situation.
Above the lip to the leftSuch a person has the ability to do anything, whatever he does. Due to the fact that he often withdraws into himself, he is considered unsociable and is attributed to various oddities.
Under the lower lipSymbol of weak immunity and health problems
In the cornerIndicates heightened sensuality. These people react sharply to any events; a phrase said without malicious intent may be regarded as an insult. Men with such a mark are good lovers, but in family life they are not willing to take responsibility for their wife and children.
CheeksOn the right cheekIndicates tirelessness in bed. Outside the bedroom, those whose birthmark is located in the indicated place like to scandalize with or without, and decisions are made quickly, without thinking about the consequences
On the left cheekA sign held by those whom fate itself ordered to link life with creativity and cultural activities. They are immensely talented and can achieve public recognition.
Closer to the eyeA sign of passion and love. Guys are noble ladies, reluctantly marry, and even in marriage cheat on their wives. Women with such a birthmark do not differ modesty. They start an intimate life early and often become the mistresses of influential people.
Closer to the earSuch a mark happens in people with a complex character. Tendency to depression prevents their self-realization, and they take out their discontent with their relatives and friends. If a person engages in self-digging, he becomes a whining and a whiner.
ForeheadAbove right eyebrowIndicates a person with good analytical skills. This person likes to watch the actions of others and calculate them in advance. He will be most successful in politics, military affairs or his own business.
Above left eyebrowPeople with such a mole can boast a developed imagination. Among them are both ingenious swindlers, and science-fiction writers, inventors. Often they are accused of lying, but they distort reality not on purpose, their brain modifies plots and makes their minds believe them.
Close to hairThe symbol of idealists who cannot be persuaded. They are violent fans of religious movements, political figures and cultural phenomena. In addition, people with moles or birthmarks located near the hairline have excellent organizational skills.
In the central partIndicator of spiritual purity. Such people strive for self-improvement, they are not wise by age, and they have no vanity at all. They are persistent in achieving their goals, but never overstep their principles. Get on well with children and animals
TempleKarmic sign. Its owners are able to predict the future, and their dreams almost always come true. Sometimes they talk about their past lives. Sentimentality is characteristic of these people regardless of gender. They have good health, however, they suffer from migraines and high blood pressure.
ChinA mole on the chin is a mark of despots and emotionally cold people. It shows the desire to rule, which is combined with tremendous strength of mind, cynicism and unscrupulousness. If people with a birthmark in this place have a goal, they will stop at nothing in achieving it.
CheekbonesA sign of a born leader. Such a person has all the makings of in order to manage a large corporation or to lead serious military operations. All his life he has been improving in the chosen specialty, but he doesn’t stop at the knowledge of other areas. He is characterized by nobility and high morality

The value of a mole on the face of men and women: on the nose, cheek, above the eye, on the forehead, on the temple

The value of moles also depends on their color:

  • Black — are treated as an adverse sign. Their owners have a constant lack of something and are in the eternal search for happiness, which, it would seem, is already in their hands.
  • Brown — their value is determined by the location.
  • Yellow (honey) — predict a happy fate, success, the accomplishment of all our plans.
  • Red — the planet dominating in a person’s horoscope strongly influences their value. If it is Mars, the owner of such a mole will be purposeful and will be able to achieve the desired despite the circumstances.
  • Bluish green — They do not promise anything good, especially if they are located near the forehead. A poor interpretation of the form and location increases, a good one is weakened.

The value of a mole on the face of men and women: on the nose, cheek, above the eye, on the forehead, on the temple

Triangular moles are a sign of good luck. If they are located on the right upper part of the face, the person will be lucky in love, and if on the left, he can safely buy a lottery ticket or participate in gambling.

Square moles are less common. They testify to the fact that in his youth one has to go through a difficult situation, the echoes of which will haunt all his life.

Only in the declining years the carrier of such a mark will get rid of memories of his terrible past.

Ideal round moles and birthmarks indicate a penchant for witchcraft and esoteric teachings. However, in everyday life, their owners will face many challenges.

It will be difficult for them to adapt in society and find a common language with more mundane natures.

Also, birthmarks or clusters of moles may have a shape similar to some object.

The formTreatment
StarIt promises a joyful, happy and carefree life. Dreams will come true, and the higher forces will patronize the implementation of the most ambitious plans
LipsMan always faces the problem of choice. If this sign is located on the forehead, it speaks of a sharp mind and insight, on the cheek — guarantees success with the opposite sex; over the right century — indicates that a person is elected to carry out an important spiritual mission on earth. A woman with a birthmark in the shape of lips can not be evil and spoiled
CrossSymbolizes a long black stripe in life. In the financial affairs of a person will be accompanied by failure. Eastern occultists associate this sign with unhappy or unrequited love.
ZigzagThe owners of such moles await incredible twists of fate.
BirdIndicates a high creativity inherent in man. If the spot is on the left, it will not be realized due to laziness or lack of faith in one’s own strength. Moles, similar to the head of a bird, testify to the difficult nature and intractability, which will prevent the embodiment of talent in life
TridentSpeaks of ambiguity and uncertainty of everything that happens to a person. If the birthmark has the shape of three points, located side by side, but not merging completely into one, this is a favorable sign.
FlameMen with such a mark of jealousy can bring a woman to frenzy. Women, on the other hand, are prone to adultery, love to flirt with everyone they meet and little care about their reputation.

If the mole itself has disappeared, it means that the person has fulfilled the karmic debt to which she pointed, or by his actions managed to change his fate. The birthmark has turned pale — soon something will happen that will be a turning point and determine further events in life.

A mole appeared suddenly — to new, unexpected turns on the path of life. The simultaneous appearance of several moles suggests that a person deserves a reward from destiny, or, on the contrary, will receive punishment for acting in defiance of it.

Nevus, from which the hair grows, is considered a bad omen:

  • If such a mole is on the left side of the face, it betrays a person prone to bad deeds.
  • Those with whom it is located on the right, the world around is indifferent. They are immersed in themselves, devote time to spiritual development and do not at all seek to contact with other people.
  • If a mole with hair grows approximately in the middle of the face, its owner is forced to choose between good and evil.

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